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What is the process for me to adopt my step-daughter if her biological father pays child support?

I have a 12 yr-old step-daughter that I would like to adopt. I have been married to her mother since the child was 2. Her biological father does not see her on a regular basis but still pays the court ordered child support. Is it legal for me to adopt her and what process need...

02/01/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » MS  #1317
Do I need my daughter's biological father's approval for adoption if he is incarcerated?

I have questions about an adoption and name change for my 16 year old daughter. My husband, who is legally her stepfather, has been her provider and father since we started dating in 1993 and were later married in 1995. We have been married for almost 12 years and he is the onl...

02/16/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » TX  #718
If my 14 year old daughter is having a baby and the father is 14, who is the baby's guardian?

I have a minor child (14) who is going to have a baby. The father is also 14. Who is this baby's legal guardian? How do I get guardianship without the father's permission?

03/25/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » MI  #2107
Is there a way to undo an adoption and assume the name of real parents?

I need to find out what the names of the forms are for revocating or undoing an adoption that took place 9 years ago. I am now a legal adult and wish to resume my preadoptive information on my birth certificate and I do know both of my legal preadoptive parents.

04/09/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » OK  #2836
How do I adopt my grandchild if my daughter is willing to participate?

My daughter is thinking about letting her father and I (mother) adopt her baby girl as we are the grandparents. What's the first thing I should do? She is working and starting her career, sadly she doesn't have time for the baby. What do I do?

04/09/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » OK  #2850
Can I do an adoption myself and change my son's last name to my new husband's once he is adopted?

My husband would like to adopt my son. My son's biological father's rights are terminated. We have lived with my husband for over six months, and my son wants the adoption. We would also like to change my son's last name to my husband's last name. I would like to do this without ...

04/11/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » TX  #2947
Where can I find the forms for step-parent adoption in New Jersey?

Where can I get the forms/package for step-parent adoption in Atlantic City, New Jersey area?

04/12/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » NJ  #2993
Can my daughter be adopted my stepfather without biological father's permission?

My 16 year old daughter wants to be adopted by my husband and her stepfather, her biological dad is not in the picture and really never has been nor does he pay child support. My question is, does he have to be contacted for this to take place. We have not seen nor heard of him ...

04/21/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » TX  #3253
Can registered sex offenders adopt children?

Can registered sex offenders adopt children?

05/14/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » WV  #4747
What steps can we take to adopt our grandson that we have been raising?

At present my husband and myself have temporary custody of our grandson, granted in September 2006. Our son had signed over his rights to us before we started the procedure, however the mother refused. Since August 2006 we have heard from her 3 times and not seen her since August...

05/15/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » AL  #4878
What can I do to keep my child if my girlfriend wants to put the child up for adoption?

My friend and his girlfriend are expecting a child together this month. When he refused to marry her she decided she wanted to put the baby up for adoption. He wants to keep the baby, even if they don't stay together. What are his rights as the biological father in the state of T...

06/29/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » IN  #6802
When did the legal custody of our adopted daughter begin?

The state gave My wife and I permission to bring a 3 year old child whom we wanted to adopt into our home in March 2006. We provided medical care, enrolled her in kindergarden and took her to church. In September of 2007 the adoption was final and we were issued a birth certific...

09/25/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » ALL  #9066

Adoptions are generally not "reversible", as long as legal requirements were followed and ther...

My husband and I raised our granddaughter from birth to age 15 and she now lives with her biological mother in another state. We legally adopted her but would now like to have her biological mother be responsible for her. Can an adoption be undone? We really can't afford a whole...

09/26/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » MO  #9092
Can I adopt my son without using an attorney?

My question is I have a stepson from my wifes previous marriage. He today is 3 years old and my wife and I have benn married for 2 years. His father passed away this past summer.I am looking to adopt my stepson but my wife and I are on one income.I was wondering if I could reper...

10/03/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » MO  #9589

In connection with the adoption, a court may order that the adoptee may retain his or her old ...

I am a minor and my father died. My mother married another man and they have decided that he will adopt us. I would like to know if it is possible to keep my deceased father's family name and not take on my step-father's family name or if I have to take it to change it back to wh...

10/17/2007 | Category » Adoption  State » ALL  #10432
Is an Adopted Child considered a Descendant of a Biological Parent for Inheritance Purpose

If a child is legally adpoted and the biological father gave up all legal rights, is this child considered the biological fathers 'issue' at time of the death of the bio father.

03/12/2009 | Category » Adoption  State » NV  #15601
What can I do to provide health insurance rights for my adopted son in Nevada?

I have two adopted boys who were my foster children first. I adopted them in California and have now moved to Elko, Nevada and have been denied medicaid because my husband makes too much money. The boys case worker sent me a paper stating that the federal law states that the sta...

04/07/2009 | Category » Adoption  State » NV  #15911
How do I adopt my niece so she can get education assistance?

How do adopt my niece? I want to adopt her so she can get education assistance under my dependent education assitance from the veterans administration.

04/29/2009 | Category » Adoption  State » ALL  #16447
Can the County Control Where a Child is Placed Before Adoption?

If you are licensed by the state for foster care, can the county tell you legally that you can not foster kids for a private agency temporarily until the adoptive parents in another state can take them to their home state?

07/21/2009 | Category » Adoption  State » GA  #17686
How Do I Adopt a Step-daughter in Wisconsin?

My step-daughter resides in Milwaukee, WI and would like my wife and I to adopt her two children. How do we do this?

07/24/2009 | Category » Adoption  State » MS  #17792
What Forms Do I Need to Care For a Child Until Adoption is Finalized?

I am going to bring a child from Hawaii to Washington state to take care off.this baby is my girlfriend's niece.she is the daughter of my girlfriend's younger brother.I want a know which is the right legal form to use as a temporary form to get the child from Hawaii to Washington...

03/04/2011 | Category » Adoption  State » WA  #24342
How Do I Adopt the Child of My Son's Teenage Girlfriend?

My son under age 18 has a girl pregnant under the age of 18, and she doesn't want child. How would I go about adopting this baby? What do I do next?

04/08/2011 | Category » Adoption  State » WV  #24602