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Can a bank charge of fee to cash a check drawn on that bank if person cashing does not have account?

If a check is presented at the bank on which the check is drawn, can the bank refuse to cash it unless the holder pays a fee to the bank? I can understand a fee if the check is drawn on a different bank, but I thought a negotiable instrument was an unconditional order to pay a s...

04/21/2007 | Category » Banking laws  State » CO  #3246
What happens with a joint checking account when one person dies?

My ex husband recently passed away. We have been divorced for 2 years, but we had a joint checking account that he did not close out because he did not want to have to change his direct deposit information. What happens to the checking account seeing how my name is still on it? ...

05/03/2007 | Category » Banking laws  State » KY  #3642
Are Both Spouses Required to Sign to Open a Joint Bank Account?

Before a spouse passes away, can money in a savings account be opened in the other spouse's name as long as the account read Mr. or Mrs.? Once this done, does this new account become community property in Louisiana?

02/12/2011 | Category » Banking laws  State » LA  #24209
Can a person cash a check made payable to a business in Missouri?

Does Missouri have a statute or bank policy that disallows a bank to permit an individual to cash a check made payable to a business.

05/06/2011 | Category » Banking laws  State » MO  #24787
Can I Bank in Foreign Currencies?

what banks deal in foreign currency and what is the tax,cost per bill and proceedure

05/17/2011 | Category » Banking laws  State » NM  #24850