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What Is A Civil Lawsuit?

What is a civil lawsuit?

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ALL  #885
Can I submit a letter to the D.A., Judge and Attorneys requesting “stay away order” t...

Can I submit a letter to the D.A., Judge and Attorneys requesting “stay away order” to be lifted?

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #888
Do our churches need to post a No Smoking Sign since this law has recently passed in Ohio?

Do our churches need to post a No Smoking Sign since this law has recently passed in Ohio? We have 86 churches in our denomination.

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » OH  #966
How do I file a formal complaint against the jail for how they are treating my handicapped brother?

My brother was put in jail on 2 counts of rape and he did not do it. He has an IQ of a 5 year old. He just turned 17 years old and they are trying him as an adult. He was put into a cell with the harder crime people. He takes medication which they sometimes give him and other ti...

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » LA  #1225
Can you please explain to me what it means when a case is not subject to a Coordination Order?

Can you please explain to me what it means when a case is not subject to a Coordination Order?

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » PA  #1232
What can I do about someone who is harrassing me?

I have been harrassed since Jan. 07 by a woman that I know. I am dating her soon to be ex husband. She persistently called my home, left obscene messages, came to my door late at night. When I changed my phone numbers, she resorted to calling my workplace. Because she is also ...

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #1420
How do I get my personal property from my ex-boyfriend if he will not return it?

My ex-boyfriend moved some of my things out of his house when I was out of town visiting my sick mother. He won't give back all the rest of my personal property. What do I have to do to get the rest back?

02/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #578
What legal recourse do I have to get our antique back?

My wife's grandmother died and left her a family heirloom (dresser) of which we do not know the value. We took it to a bona fide refinisher and carpenter who has scheduled six separate deliveries with us not once delivering our dresser or calling to inform they were not deliverin...

02/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ALL  #717
Can I sue my parents for child neglect and cruel punishment if I am now 46?

May I sue my parents who live in Florida, for child neglect, and cruel punishment towards myself as a child. I'm 46 now.

02/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » FL  #728
What is the legal terminology for someone selling you fake merchandise?

What is the legal terminology for someone selling you fake merchandise? I purchase some furniture and the seller stated that it was 100% leather, but when it was delivered it was pleather (fake leather) and not leather.

03/12/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » AL  #1030
What legal action can I take against the woman my husband has had an affair with?

I have been married for 21 years. I recently found out that my husband is having an affair with our hairdresser. She has abused her position as a service provider in my eyes by enticing my husband. She owns her own shop. Is there any legal action that I can take against her? ...

03/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » FL  #1590
Can a business I owe money to legally notify others not to do business with me because I owe them?

I own my own concrete business and I owe a concrete bill. I am wanting to know if the person I owe a concrete bill to can call the homeowners that I did the work for and tell them that I owe a bill. This has happened and now know the people that I did the work for is saying they ...

03/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IN  #1610
How do I demand the information collected by the company who damaged a historical landmark hotel?

I need to know what form to fill out to demand the information collected by the company who damaged my friends historical landmark hotel when they blasted to put in a sewer system for the town. Are they allowed to hold the findings? The lawyer she has paid has not done anything t...

03/29/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ME  #2310
What form can be used against an individual to recover money?

What form can be used against an individual to recover money?

03/29/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #2325
What steps do I need to take for glass being in my food and chipping my tooth?

There was glass in my food and it chipped my tooth? What legal steps do I need to take to recieve compensation?

03/30/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » VA  #2373
How do I file an appeal on a personal injury case that has been dismissed by a judge?

How do I file an appeal on a personal injury case that has been dismissed by a judge?

04/03/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NJ  #2536
Can I sue my ex for money and energy put into his home?

I put money into a boyfriend's house. I have all the receipts for this. He "made me believe" this was going to be a place we were going to spend our lives together. Recently I found out that he was seeing other WOMEN (many) through out the duration of our relationship. In 2004 ...

04/05/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » WI  #2653
Can you sue someone who is of elected office for poor attitude?

Can I sue a person of elected office of the following please: [1] Failure to enforce state statutes of common Law passed by the State Assembly and signed into law by our Governor ? [2] Incompetence in management of city employees when enforcing state laws or City By Laws. [3] ...

04/05/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NV  #2687
What is time limit for confirmation of arbitration award?

What is time limit for confirmation of arbitration award? The arbitration hearing and award was made in April or May of 2005. In December 2006, the prevailing party filed a petition for “conversion of award” and asking for interest. The Federal Arbitration Ac...

04/06/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » AZ  #2733
Can I sue someone who is responsible for having me terminated from my job?

I would like to know if I can sue someone who has made threats against me, in-reference being responsible for termination of my job.

04/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NY  #2775
Can someone sue for emotional distress?

My ex wants to do legal charges against me for "emotional distress" I told him I was never pregnant. Is it possible he could do this? There is also a friend of mine I have been talking to sence I was 12-13 yrs of age he wants to press charges against him because he was talking to...

04/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » OH  #2795
Am I liable for damage my dog caused to a visitor's vehicle?

My dog scratched and bit the bumper of a brand new car of a visitor to my home. What am I liable for?

04/12/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » TX  #2995
Although not a fault, can I still be sued for hospital bills in an accident?- Civil Actions

My boss was involved in an accident with a bicycle. The rider of the bicycle lost control of his bike and hit the side of the car. There was damage to the car and the bicyclist went to the hospital with minor injuries. My boss did not receive a ticket. The officer determined t...

04/13/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » TX  #3074
What recourse do I have against the neighbor who attached his fence to mine?

My neighbor has attached his fence to mine without my persmission. My fence is 1 foot away from the property line. What recourse do I have against the neighbor?

04/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » GA  #3116
Can I sue the woman my husband cheated with for alienation of affections?

My husband committed adultery. Can I not only get a divorce and full custody, but also charge the other woman for all the pain and suffering she has caused in my home?

04/22/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » TN  #3259
Can the loan company take my property with the Civil Consent Judgment I signed?

I defaulted on an unsecured signature loan and after several attempts to arrange payment arrangements with the finance company I was finally sued for $10,000 last fall. I hired an attorney who continued to try negotiations with the company with no success. I looked at bankrupt...

04/27/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MO  #3371
Can I charge my employer cost related to illness received from uniform at work?

I have recieved Scabies from work, and need to know, can I bill them for having to wash all my clothes, blankets and fabric materials? I was not told that the costume I would be wearing had scabies, and then when I reported it, they just turned the other way, and said sorry. Then...

05/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #4251
Can I be sued for damages caused by my husband in an accident?

If my husband was guilty of a car accident; can I also be sued if I have my own assets such as a home and retirement funds. All are and have been in my name only.

05/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #4262
If my husband is liable for automobile accident can I be sued and my property attached?

If my husband is guilty of a car accident. Can the other party sue me and attach my home and assets? They are all just in my name and were at the time of accident.

05/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #4264
Who is responsible for damages in an accident the person driving the vehicle or the owner?

My Truck was being used by a friend, the insurance wasn't paid and was voided, he was involved in an accident, and now the young man that he hit is saying that there is more damage to the truck than there actually is. I cannot afford an attorney, but I don't want to pay an outrag...

05/09/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » AR  #4305
What can I do if I bought foreign currency over the internet and have not received it?

I bought foreign currency over the Internet. I have not received what I paid for. The seller has been contacted but has been giving me the runaround. What is my next step?

05/09/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » FL  #4326
Is slander a civil or criminal law?

Is slander a civil or criminal law?

05/12/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IN  #4578

There are two kinds of custody: legal custody and physical custody. Joint custody may be eith...

My son was in an accident on a public road. He was operating an ATV and was struck from behind by another driver. The ATV was not insured and the other person’s insurer wants to collect damages. My son is a minor. My ex-wife and I have shared legal custody and I have ph...

05/14/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » VA  #4683
What is the time limit for someone to file a sexual harrassment law suit in Florida?

What is the time limit for someone to file a sexual harrassment law suit in Florida?

05/19/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » FL  #5322

For Circuit Court orders and judgments of the Court of Common Pleas, the Notice of Appeal mus...

What is the time limit for filing an appeal to the S.C. State Supreme Court after receiving a notice of final disposal of an appeal?

05/20/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » SC  #5358
Can I sue the School District administrator for harrassment on behalf of my 9 year old son?

Does my 9 year old son or I have any rights to sue a Smith County School District administrator for harrassment and possibly the school district for failing to resolve the issues with this administrator?

05/22/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NV  #5619
Could my mother be Entitled to Damages Due to Negiligence of a Contractor

The gas water heater in my elderly mother's home had a defective part. I contacted the manufacturer and contacted the plumber that the manufacturer told me serviced their product in our city, in this case Sears. The plumber arrived early this AM and installed the new part. He did...

05/27/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » GA  #5971
Is my daughter obligated to return the engagment ring for her things in return?


06/08/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » UT  #6277

A complaint is a general statement of the plaintiff=s claim. The complaint must describe the ...

What are the benefits to a party who makes a Motion for Summary Judgment? What is the diffrerence between an Affidavit and a Deposition?

07/09/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NY  #7014
What is the difference between an order of protection and a no contact order?

What is the difference between an order of protection and a no contact order?

08/11/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IL  #7871

Federal District Courts hear matters involving federal questions (e.g., violation of a federal...

Explain the subject matter jurisdiction of federal courts

08/14/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » FL  #7924

Federal District Courts hear matters involving federal questions (e.g., violation of a federal...

Explain the subject matter jurisdiction of federal courts

08/14/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » FL  #7926

A class action is a representative action wherein one or more plaintiffs actually named in the...

What does “Notice of Settlement of Entire Case” mean?

08/19/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ALL  #8060
Who is responsible for repairing the glass front broken by my son's bike?

My son accidentally broke a store front window with his bicycle . The owner will not turn it in to his insurance and suggested I turn it in to mine. Should he have to turn it in or am I 100% responsible.

09/12/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » OH  #8634
Who is responsible for the boat I sold that sank?

I sold my boat on 8/20/07 on 8/21/07 the new owners had a exhust hose break and the boat sank. They didn't register or insure the boat. Now they are telling me that because they didn't register it that I still own the boat and that I am responsible for all costs and that they wan...

09/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NJ  #8788
If I right a letter to someone requesting they stop talking about my family can I be sued?

Can I write a letter to one of my son's co-workers and his wife, who are trying to ruin my sons reputation by running their mouths to people in the community and family because he is jealous of my sons coaching record and people are talking about replacing him with my son. I jus...

09/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NC  #8797
Who is responsible for damages to a vehicle that was towed at the business' request?


09/17/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » AZ  #8811
Am I able to file a civil claim against a former employer for a negative job reference?

I resigned from a job after 1 year because of the long commute back forth to work. I registered with an employment agency to get a new job. They contacted my previous employer for a reference which had a "NO comment " policy re: giving refences out to anyone. Instead, a new Pa...

09/18/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MD  #8840
Who is responsible for damage to my neighbor's car done by my son's friend's car?

My son's friend parked in my driveway, cause he ran out of gas. While he walked to the nearest gas station to get gas, his car was left in neutral and rolled down the driveway into the street, hitting my neighbors car that was parked across the street. When he got back, my neigh...

09/19/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » OH  #8870
Can an employee acting under his employer be named in a suit personally by the customer?

Can an employee acting under his employer be named in a suit personally by the customer?

09/20/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » GA  #8896
Can my ex-boyfriend take me to court for having an abortion without his consent?

I was dating a guy for 9 months and we broke up a year ago. Toward the end of my relationship I got pregnant and had an abortion. Ever since we broke up he’s been harassing me and threatening me. His latest threat was that he’s going to file a suit against me ...

09/20/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IL  #8920
Why do I owed money to the store if my son who is a minor was the one arrested for shoplifting?

My son was arrested for shoplifting at a department store. He is a minor. I received a letter from that department store stating that accordance with the state law, California Penal Code Statute 490.5 that I have to pay $475.00. In reading what this law states, I'm not understan...

09/25/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #9059

A person may refuse delivery of an item. However, if the item involves service of legal papers...


10/02/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NY  #9443

A "nominal defendant" is defined as a person who is joined as defendant in an action, not beca...

My sister lives in Merced County California. She has sued a nursing home on behalf of my deceased mother. She names me in the filing as a nominal defendant. What is this?

10/03/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » LA  #9536
How can a defendant determine if attorney's fees awarded are reasonable?

After summary judgment has been given against the Defendant, and Motion to Award Attornerys Fees has been filed, does Defendant have the right to use Discovery and Subpoenas to verify Plaintiff's attorneys fees as to being reasonable?

10/07/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ID  #9788
Statute of Limitations for Medical Malpractice

What types of causes can alter the normal 2 years on the statue of limitations for a medical malpractice case in Indiana to be brought to trial? The surgery that my mother suffered was 13 years ago and she attempted to bring the case to court, but never did successfully due to be...

10/16/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » GA  #10340

Some courts require the parties to certify they are prepared for trial, such as certifying tha...

I just received a letter from an attorney that says.. Notice of trial certificate of readiness for trial?? My questions is what do I do with this? There is no date anywhere do I take it to the county clerk?

10/17/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NY  #10427
Where can I find information on alienation of affectation?

Where can I find information on alienation of affectation?

10/19/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » OR  #10591
Does the State of Michigan recognize Alienation of Affection?

Does the State of Michigan recognize Alienation of Affection?

10/23/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MI  #10773
How can I hold my roommate liable for rent and utilities since he has moved out and is on the lease?

My roommate and I both signed a 6 month lease on a rental Sept 16, 2007. He is moving out to find his own place, leaving me to pay the full rent and utilities. I need to know how to remedy this through the court system.

10/29/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IL  #11159
How Do I Take Possession of Foreclosed Property

How do I get possession from prior homeowner of a property after a foreclosure sale?

12/06/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #13479
Within What Time Frame Can A Foreign Judgment Be Registered In Missouri

Within what time frame can a foreign judgment be registered in the state of Missouri? This judgment has lapsed for more than six years. The Oregon state's statute is that over six years the foreign judgment cannot be filled in that state. Does Oregon's statute apply in Missouri?

12/15/2007 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MO  #13955
Where can I find an answer to a complaint to help guide me in preparing my own to file?

I need to file an answer to a complaint by tomorrow. I can't find the form to use. I am now the appealee in this action. I am a senior citizen and need to file it myself.

02/01/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » PA  #15117
What does 'Interlocutory Petition to Withdraw Appearance' mean?

'Interlocutory Petition to Withdraw Appearance', what does this mean?

02/06/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » PA  #15172
How do you list items of personal property on an affidavit specifically?

How do you list items of personal property (tools) with specificity and particularity on an affidavit for complaint?

02/11/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #15232
What is the meaning of the word Remittitur?

What is the meaning of the word REMITTITUR?

02/13/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #15247
How do I handle a Failure to Appear in Court in Massachusetts?

I am a small business owner and had an issue with one of my vendors. To make a long story short, I did not pay him because I felt there was no reason for a service not completed properly. I missed the court date and I had a voice mail from him stating he had issued a capias for m...

02/20/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MA  #15308
What statute of limitation applies to a debtor suing for title after defaulting on contract ?

What statute of limitation applies to a debtor suing for title after defaulting on contract for deed terms in Kansas?

02/27/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » KS  #15378
How do I file a motion for more time to find a new attorney?

I in a dispute between my brother and myself over a bank account. The bank has put it in interpleader. So far, I have given answers to discovery and also given deposition. I fired my attorney for good reason. While looking for another attorney, the other side has asked the court ...

02/28/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » TX  #15402
How do I file a complaint against the Mortuary for a 17 Day Delay in Cremating my mother?

My mother died recently in 2008. We had made arrangements with a Mortuary in 2001 and had paid them in full. It took them 17 days to cremate her. I have all the conversations documented regarding the treatment of my mothers remains. Should I pursue this?

03/02/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #15413
Does a conspiracy refer only to federal offenses?

Does a conspiracy refer only to federal offenses? Can one be involved in a conspiracy to breach civil law by stealing HOA funds?

03/06/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #15467
What are the liabilities for the adult hotel party I will be hosting where alcohol will be consumed?

I am throwing a private adult (byob) party at a local hotel with approx 100 people. What are my liabilities? Would I be liable for any nudity?

03/07/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » TN  #15475
What is a 'Dispositive Motion'?

What is a 'Dispositive Motion'?

03/15/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #15638
Who would we sue to have our home that was damaged by neighbor's contractor's repaired?

We have filed our complaint in NY State court on our neighbor whose contractors have damaged our home. We did not file against the contractors and one of the contractors is willing to settle by the neighbors attorney who sued the contractor to bring them into the lawsuit does no...

03/17/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NY  #15669
Where can I find an example of a response to a complaint?

I need a form to answer a repondee's motion. I am the petitioner and need the form to answer a motion made by the respondee to terminate home health aide.

03/21/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NJ  #15714
What are the requirements for a plaintiff to bring a successful lawsuit against a defendant?

What are the requirements for a plaintiff to bring a successful lawsuit against a defendant and which court/s can the lawsuit be heard?

03/26/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » VA  #15771
How do I answer a civil action claim for a debt I owed?

I was served a civil action claim for a debt I owed. I am unemployed, receiving benefits, no savings, no property, my car was purchased but not paid in full. I'm not sure what garnishment or liens there could be at this time. Is it best to call their attorney and discuss my situa...

04/07/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » GA  #15912
What is required on the Judgment and cover sheet of a limited conservetorship file?

What is required on the Judgment and cover sheet of a limited conservetorship file?

04/08/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » UT  #15920
How do I answer a complaint Pro Se?

I am attempting to answer a verified complaint (pro se) by a company in FLA (Miami-Dade Civil court). Do I have to answer everything in the complaint, by section and point by point - the sections are: FIrst, the Verified Complaint, then Parties Jurisdiction Venue, Facts, then C...

04/13/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CT  #15963
Setting Aside a Default Judgment in California

After I responded to the unlawful detainer suit, a hearing/ trial date was set by the court , in California county of Orange, Harbor Justice Center, Newport Beach facility on a prearranged medical matter that was dated before the above mentioned hearing/ trial date set and I was ...

04/13/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #15964
How would I get a motion for continuance due to a medical emergency?

I was ill and could not attend superior court hearing dealing with my civil case. I have doctors letters and more. My unlimited civil case was dismissed without prejudice. I need to know how to get my case back on the court calendar back on calendar. What process/ forms/ pleading...

04/19/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #16046
What is my responsibility to the home owner if I damage the home?

If a home owner does not have home owners insurance on their home, what is my responsibility toward that owner if I cause accidential damage to that home?

04/24/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » NJ  #16113
If my wife knows she is going to be sued can she sign her assets to me her husband?

My wife's minor child may be convicted of assault (charged with felony).We know the accused plans on taking her to civil court and sue for a million dollars in damages. Should she quit claim our house to me and remove her name from the deeds plus another investment lot we own to...

04/28/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ALL  #16223
Can I file a civil suit against my husbands ex-wife for harassment?

My fiance and I have lived together for 2 years. His ex-wife keeps taking him back to court for different things. She received quite a bit of settlement in their divorce, but keeps taking him back to court because she states that he hid money, but she accepted the terms of the di...

04/28/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ALL  #16251
When do you file pleadings in a tort case if filing Pro Se?

When do you put in any pleadings in a tort/vehicle case. At the time of filing or after filing at your choice? I am filing pro-se, need assistance in when to file pleadings and other documents, in the event this case goes to trial.

04/29/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » AZ  #16373
What is the legal term for a couple not able to make love due to stress?

What is the legal term for a couple not able to make love due to stress?

05/12/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MD  #16647
How do I get information on new appeals rule XI filed April 3, 2008 No M 230-07?

How do I get information on new appeals rule XI filed April 3, 2008 No M 230-07?

05/22/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » DC  #16756
What is a summons to submit a motion or answer to a complaint?

I loaned my daughter $5,500(from SSD initial lump sum) and was paid back prior to my daughter filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I have been 'summoned to submit a motion or answer to a complaint'. What does that mean? Should I contact the plaintiff's attorney? I am on SSD; I receive $9...

06/08/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MI  #16903
Is there any civil court remedies for extortion in California?

Is there any civil court remedies for extortion in California? What would be the code section?

06/08/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #16906
How Do I Get a Continuance to Respond to Discovery Request in Louisiana?

How should I prepare a Request for Extension to Respond to an Interogatory and request for Admissions

07/08/2009 | Category » Civil Actions  State » LA  #17376
What Are the Due Process Requirements for Adequate Notice?

What statutes and codes clarify stipulations, requirements that a notice of hearing in a VA Court must contain the following time, place, date of hearing? If different times appears on any court notification which create conflict has proper notice been facilitated?Example: 23 per...

03/12/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » VA  #24385
How Do I Get the Gas Company to Repair the Damage They Caused on My Property?

Last year I purchased a house. I came home one day in November and the gas company, Vectren, had jack-hammered a big hole in my concrete driveway and torn up my lawn to replace risers in the neighborhood. I was not notified of this and they just filled the hole in with gravel and...

04/21/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IN  #24694
How can we get a hearing delayed until new legal counsel is secured?

My son's attorney just withdrew from his case because he said we have no confidence in him. He's right. This is a custody situation and the other side has called a court hearing. The problem is the attorney who my son wants to hire ( she has verbally agreed to take the case) i...

05/06/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » UT  #24788
Can a member represent the LLC in civil court or must it hire an attorney?

I am the majority shareholder (83%) in Quantum Labs LLC. Quantum Labs LLC is being sued by FedEx Freight for late payment in Civil Court for $10,830. I personally filed a response to the suit claiming 'Unjust Enrichment' since the last statement from FedEx Freight we received w...

05/20/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » CA  #24879
How Do I File a Motion For Continuance?

How do i file a motion and order for continuance to the Prince George's County Circuit court. Just founnd that I was not botified that there will be a hearing but i will be on travel and unable to attend.

06/14/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MD  #25021
When Do I Need to Tell the Other Party Who I Plan to Call as a Witness?

I am pro-se and want to send interrogatories to wtinesses I would call. Does the opposing party have to know if I only plan to submit to the custody evaluator prior to her report?

07/28/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » MN  #25246
Can I Ask a Judge to Modify a Trust and For Declaratory Relief at the Same Time?

Under Indiana law, may a beneficiary petition the Court under Indiana Code 30-4-3-24.4 or 30-4-3-26 and simultaneously request a declaratory judgement, under Indiana Code 34-14-1-11 regarding the administration of the trust, under one cause number or are these two separate causes...

09/28/2011 | Category » Civil Actions  State » IN  #25506
How Do I Respond to a Motion for Summary Judgment?

What is the name of the form I need to respond to a Motion for Summary Judgment if I do not agree with the motion?

03/05/2012 | Category » Civil Actions  State » ID  #25626