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Are there situations that damages triple when your civil rights have been violated?

When your constitutional rights have been violated pursuant to 42USC 1983 doesn't the amount of damages "triple"?

02/01/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » KY  #1198
Can a convicted felon own a firearm for hunting purposes?

Can a convicted felon(non-violent crime) own a firearm to hunt with after time is served and probation is over in Mississippi

03/26/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » MS  #2153
Is partial birth abortion legal in the United States?

Is partial birth abortion legal in the United States?

03/29/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » LA  #2338
Does my in-laws need my permission to have a fundraiser in my late husband's name?

My husband died of cancer last year and his parents are dragging things out to the point that not only I but others in the community are getting tired of listening to them. They refuse to let him rest in peace and this is hurting my children. I voiced my opinion and the tables ...

04/04/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » IL  #2627
What is the penalty for removing mail from someone's mailbox?

My girlfriend's landlord has been taking her mail out of the mailbox from the house she is renting and holding on to it. The landlord has admitted to it on a saved voicemail. What are the penalties for mail theft? And, what steps should she take against the landlord?

04/17/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » RI  #3167
If the police ask you to take a polygraph do you have to?

If the police ask you to take a polygraph do you have to?

05/05/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » IN  #3851
It is legal for a police officer to question a child without a parent being present?

It is legal for a police officer to question a child (15 year-old) without a parent or legal guardian present, regarding a bomb threat?

05/14/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » TX  #4739

There is no state or federal law which prohibits police from questioning a minor without paren...

What can be done if the police questioned my 13 year old son? I was not called for permission nor was I notified that the police officer talked to my son.

07/11/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » MI  #7103

In 1972 Congress passed the Educational Amendments. One section of this law, Title IX, prohibi...

Is it legal for a public school teacher to refer to soccer as "a stupid communist sport for girls?"

08/28/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » ID  #8276
Do I need consent to record a meeting of two people?

Is it necessary to have both parties consent to film a meeting consisting of two people. Is SC a Dual Consent state?

10/14/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » SC  #10260
Do I have the right to vote if I am a convicted felon?

Do I have the right to vote? I am a convited felon.

11/08/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » OH  #11911
When you get stopped for speeding do you have the right to see the police radar?

When you get stopped for speeding do you have the right to see the police radar? If so when does the officer have to show you?

11/21/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » UT  #12655
Can anyone tape record your conversation without your knowledge?

My question is, can anyone tape record your conversation without your knowledge? Can they record you on the phone without your knowledge? Can they use it in court if they set you up to do so?

11/30/2007 | Category » Civil Rights  State » MS  #13090
Is it a violation of civil rights for police to identify on paperwork was school a juvenile attends?

I am writing a school paper on how there is no relevance of the police to have a check box on what school you go to because with that information they send your case to the school and the school adds their own punishment... can you explain the legality of this... it is a public i...

12/11/2008 | Category » Civil Rights  State » CO  #14789
What are the laws surrounding wheel chair access in a private parking area?

What are the laws surrounding wheel chair access in a private parking area?

02/13/2009 | Category » Civil Rights  State » WA  #15243
Is it legal for Rec Football League to Forbid a Coach from Scouting on Public Property

Is it legal for a Recreational Youth Football League to forbid coaches from 'scouting' another football team's public game, being conducted on public property? The League is threatening the violating coach with removal from the league.

03/10/2009 | Category » Civil Rights  State » ALL  #15510
How do I protect my family from CPS?

What are my rights against CPS (Child Protection Services) harrassing me and my family in Texas, and we moved and it has followed me to Arkansas. I have already complied with the CPS long ago over the same exact issue and aligations. I proved that who ever called (they will not t...

05/04/2009 | Category » Civil Rights  State » ALL  #16547
Can the Police Write Down My License Number and Threaten to Write Me a Ticket?

can a policeoffice tell someone on the streets thats hes gojng to give you a ticket also he goes around harassing people .after he told thiis guy that he was going to give me a ticket the next week i was at the park he wrote down my tag number

01/12/2011 | Category » Civil Rights  State » FL  #23991
How can I sue court employees for civil rights violations pertaining to my daughter?

I am lookiing for a civil rights attorney to file a lawsuit against many people for violation of due process rights in the family court. Daughter was molested by dad and he has full custody- she is now 16 and wants to live with me.Never had a hearing or trial in over 7 years - po...

01/27/2011 | Category » Civil Rights  State » CA  #24098
Can a Judge Be Sued in a Civl Rights Lawsuit?

I'm trying to analyze and understand the words of 42 U.S.C __ 1983 or Civil action for deprivation of rights. It reads in part :- '...Suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken ...

03/11/2011 | Category » Civil Rights  State » NY  #24382
What constitutes a fair legal system?

What is the purpose of a fair legal system? Ithought one of the most important purpse was to protect then weak - the people who can be easily exploited. Am I wrong?

05/20/2011 | Category » Civil Rights  State » MI  #24877