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How do you adopt a child that is not an adult?

Parent 1 and Parent 2 have raised Child A for 12 years. Child A is now 18 years old, and wants Parent 1 and Parent 2 to adopt him/her. How do Parent 1 and Parent 2 adopt Child A as an adult?

01/04/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » AL  #118
What can happen if a foster parent gives the children to the parents?

If a Foster Parent gives the child to the Parent without the Courts knowledge and the Parent dies, may the Foster Parents exercise their guardianship rights as foster Parents.

01/05/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » AL  #174
Where can I find a form to transfer guardianship of a minor from California to Missouri?

I need a form to transfer guardianship of a minor from CA to MO. Was granted order fixing residence outside of CA but unable to find info on what to file now that I am in Missouri. Local lawyer has no idea what to do.

02/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MO  #884
What is a guardian ad litem and what powers do they have?

What is a guardian ad litem and what powers do they have?

02/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #1129
Can a granddaughter apply for power of attorney over her grandmother?

My mother-in-law has suffered a severe stroke and is medically incapable of making decision. Her only next of kin is my daughter (her granddaughter). Can she apply with the courts for guardianship or power of attorney?

02/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » NC  #1253
How does someone become guardian et litem for an adult?

I need information on how to become a guardian et litem for an adult.

02/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #1311
How do you relieve someone of their guardianship duties?

My son lives in NJ with his aunt and uncle. They have guardianship over him. This was done agreeably last August in order for my son to attend school there. He is coming home to Florida to finish school here next year. What do I need to do to discharge my in-laws from guardia...

02/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #1323
What type of form is needed to have control over my elderly mother-in-law's affairs?

I'm not sure what form I need. I have an elderly mother-in-law who is incompetent and is totally cared for by us. She is unable to do anything for her self. Can you tell me what form we need? There is also the possibility that we will need information on placing her in a nursing ...

02/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » GA  #1338
What is needed for my son to give me guardianship of my grandchildren?

My son and his ex-girlfriend had been together for 16 years. They have three kids together. She walked out. She was using drugs and still is. She left behind, at the time, a 5 year old, 9 year old, and a year old baby. She has seen the kids maybe a total of 5 times. She is no...

02/08/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » IN  #582
How do I go about obtaining guardianship for an aunt who is 89 years old and has Alzheimer disease?

How do I go about obtaining guardianship for an aunt who is 89 years old and has Alzheimer disease? Would I become responsible for her bills?

02/13/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » IL  #682
What Is A Guardian Ad Litem And What Powers Do They Have?

What is a guardian ad litem and what powers do they have?

02/13/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » AL  #695
How do I go about obtaining guardianship for an aunt who is 89 years old and has Alzheimer disease?

How do I go about obtaining guardianship for an aunt who is 89 years old and has Alzheimer disease? Would I become responsible for her bills?

02/19/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » IL  #748
How do I get a form for a power of attorney for my mentally handicapped adult children?

How do I get a form for a power of attorney for my mentally handicapped adult children?

03/16/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » VA  #1637
How do I terminate my guardianship of a minor?

I am guardian to a nephew. It was the right choice when his mother died. However, circumstances have changed 3 yrs later and I am failing to be the best person for him. He has concerns for nothing in his life. I cannot go on like this anymore. I am looking for another family m...

03/19/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MA  #1734
Can someone who has full guardianship of a child decide they no longer want the child?

A couple was given Legal Gaurdianship of minor child with Full Control to raise child. They knew prior that he had mental health issues, now they do not want to raise the child. My question is can they just decide to no longer raise him and walk away from child?

03/28/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #2257
How do I change custody of my grandson to his sister?

How do I change custody of my grandson to his sister?

03/29/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #2303
What papers are needed for me to have custody of my grandchild?

I would like to know if there are legal papers to fill out for custody of a grandchild?

03/29/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » OR  #2322
What can we do to get custody of our children back from someone we thought was a friend?

We gave guardianship to a couple of people who we thought were friends and now they are denying us any rights to see our child what can we do? We can't afford an attorney we are on a limited income.

04/05/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MO  #2680
How do I get guardianship of my younger brother?

I have a brother who is 14 and lives in NC. My parents are living in very poor conditions and my brother wants to live with me in WA. My parents are reluctant to let him leave. How can I get guardianship for him?

04/08/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » WA  #2773
How do I get guardianship of a minor who is living in my home with no contact from the parents?

My daughter, who is 15 has a baby who is 2 1/2 months old. The father of this child, who is 15, has been kicked out of his home multiple times, has had truancy filed on him twice during the course of the 2006-2007 school year & is currently not enrolled in school at this time...

04/09/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #2851
If my husband and I were to die, what papers would we need on hand to give custody to grandparents?

If my husband and I were to die, what papers would we need on hand to give custody to a certain set of grandparents?

04/10/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » GA  #2885
How do I keep guardianship of my grandchildren if they do not want to live with thier mother?

I am the guardian of my three grandchildren, ages 13, 11 and 6. My son passed away after a fight with cancer in 2002. His ex-girlfriend left him with the children when he was sick (and she left him many times before to care for the children). My son had sole custody of the chi...

04/17/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » IL  #3148
Is a 15 year old able to choose who he wants to live with?

A child wants to leave his aunt's house and move back in with his mother. The aunt has custody of him. Can he tell the aunt that he is moving back to his mothers? He is only 15 year old.

04/19/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MD  #3216
Can A 15 Year Old Decide Where He Wants to Live?

A child wants to leave his aunts house and move back with his mother. They have custody of him. Can he tell them he is leaving if he is 15 years old?

04/19/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MD  #3217
What is needed to show guardianship over a minor?

I live in Florida and my little godsister is coming to live from the Caribbean Island. Will a notarized letter from her mom stating that I will be taking care of her serve as proof of guardianship. What is the proper procedure in the state of FL for guardianship?

04/20/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #3236
Must a person be an attorney in order to provide guardianship services?

I know that courts appoint guardians, but must a person be an attorney in order to provide guardianship services, or can anyone properly trained or experienced do this?

05/01/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » VA  #3484
Can the court appoint someone guardian who has not home or job?

My sister suffered mental illness and was divorced from her ex 13 years ago. Her ex has the custody of their two kids now ages 20 and 17. A month ago the kids were kicked out by the step mom while the father was out of the country for 5 months and no where to be contacted. The k...

05/04/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #3712
What are my legal rights to protect me niece if her father is abusing her and my sister?

I have a sister who is in an abusive relationship. The abuser is an alcoholic and has repeatedly physically hurt my sister. I took the child out of the home today and am very reluctant to bring her back to that situation. I am wondering what my legal rights are as her aunt. Am I ...

05/08/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MI  #4221
Do I have to send my niece back to her mother once the temporary guardianship ends?

My 16 year old niece was sent to live with me, with temp guardianship papers that expire soon, to complete her sophomore year in high school, which she was failing in Washington State. Now she does not want to return home to her mother. She has shown remarkable improvements bot...

05/14/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MS  #4694

Texas guardianship law provides that a court may appoint a guardian of a person who has become...

Is it possible for a person from Louisiana be the legal Guardian of their mother in Texas?

05/21/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #5452
Would I be able to get full custody of my grandaughter based on her momther's behavior?

In July of 2006, I went to court in Georgia and obtained legal custody of my 22 month of grandaughter.(Audrey) She had been placed in foster care after being severely injured by my daughter's male "roommate". My daughter was not home of time of injury (2:30am) but when social ...

05/23/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » VA  #5736
Can a Legal Guardian move out of state from the legal parent

My daughter is legal guardian of our great grand son who is 6 mo old. Can she legally move out of the territory away from the legal mother with the child.

05/26/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » IL  #5969
Does a soon-to-be stepmother have legal rights to the child?

My divorced son has shared custody of my adorable 9 yr. old grandaughter. He is now engaged to another woman, who is living with him. My concern is with this woman who seems to think that she has all the power to make decisions concerning my grandaughter. Some are OK, but most...

05/27/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » CA  #5982
How do I obtain legal guardianship over my nephew?

My sister is a teenage mother who is not able to provide for her newborn. My husband and I are financially secure, have two children, both work and have full medical coverage. With my sister's consent, my husband and I are interested in obtaining legal guardianship of our nephe...

08/27/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » WA  #8255
Do we need to file any additional paperwork for guardianship if we moved to another state?

My wife and I have legal guardianship of our niece when we were living in New Mexico. We have since moved to Idaho and have been told that we do not need to file any additional paperwork to transfer the guardianship to our new home state. Is this accurate?

09/17/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » ID  #8820
How can a person be guardian of someone in another state?

I have been a caretaker of a mentally handicapped woman who has lived in Florida for over 30 yrs. Her legal guardian, who has always lived in Florida, is recognized by the state of Indiana as being her guardian(of her person only as of 2001) and is still recognized today. How c...

09/18/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #8848
Does guardianship have to be appointed by the courts to be legal?

I downloaded a form to give temporary guardianship of my child to my parents. Must guardianship be appointed by the courts to be legal? Is the form I downloaded a legally binding document?

09/24/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » CO  #9019
Where can I find forms to give my sister guardianship of my teen daughter?

My 15 year daughter just moved to North Carolina with my sister. I was wondering what form I need to use stating my sister has guardianship over her. I need a form for school entrance purposes.

10/03/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #9603
How to get temporary non custodial non parental custody of my boyfriend's son?

I need information on how to get temporary non custodial non parental custody of my boyfriend's son, who I've been raising for the last 3 1/2 years. His father and I might be splitting up...he has sole custody right now, the child's biological mother is in jail. I've been taking ...

10/03/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » PA  #9608
How do I return guardianship if the minor now lives with his mother?

My husband and I had legal guardianship of our nephew and we need to remove the status. He has returned to live with his mother and currently is living with his adult sisters. What form do we need to file?

10/04/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » AZ  #9659
Can my boyfriend's parent be my legal guardians?

I am 16 and my boyfriend is 20. Our parents know each other and approve of us dating. One of my questions is, can my boyfriends parents be my legal guardians without it being you know " weird" because of many problems at home. Like today my sister attacked me over a pair of shoes...

10/05/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » PA  #9701
How do I get guardianship of my grandson until my son moves back to town?

My grandchild is one year old and is in CA.The parents are not married. The mother has a history of drug addiction. She is fresh out of a detox institution. My son is willing for me to take the child and bring him to AZ to care for him, as he plans to move here within months. How...

10/05/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » AZ  #9754
Is the Guardian Ad Litem held liable financially for the debt of the guardianee?

Is the person acting as a Guardian Ad Litem held liable from their own assets for the debts incured from a lawsuit if the elderly person has no assets?

10/26/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » UT  #11017
How would I gain guardianship of my father who has Alzheimers?

What are my chances of gaining legal custody of my Alzheimers father who's wife is alcoholic and is verbally abusive. They reside in Pennsylvania.

10/26/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » NY  #11040
What is my son's aunt asking for when she wants guardianship for insurance purposes?

My son's Aunt from his father's side wants guardianship for insurance purposes What exactly does that mean? "FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES". I trust her dear by flesh, etc. but confused on what exactly is she asking and what rights do I have as a MOTHER(preferred) not with my son out of...

10/30/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » AZ  #11243
Can I keep my grandson and not return him to his mother since she has neglected him?

My grandson is with us now visiting. We are expected to return him to his home this week. His mother has been reported to CPS on several occations and now our family doctor has gotten involved and also reported her to CPS for not seeking medical care for him due to an illness. ...

10/30/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #11260
At age 17 can I choose my guardian?

At age seventeen am I able to choose the guardian I live with, or live with a friend?

11/04/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » VA  #11611
What does plenary guardian of person and estate mean?

What does plenary guardian of person and estate mean?

11/05/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » PA  #11662
How would I obtain guardianship of my mother since her health is failing?

My mother had cranial surgery for an aneurysm several years ago. The primary deficit now is memory impairment, confusion, and impaired judgment that has caused her to complete various forms that left her with no medicl insurance, interfered with her income, and now is threatenin...

11/07/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » NY  #11852
How do I become legal guardian of my two younger sisters if I have my parents permission?

How do I obtain a form to be a legal guardian of my two teenage sisters? I do have my parents permission. If you could help me with this subject by sending all related information about the whole process.

11/09/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #11934
What is the difference between a plenary guardian and a plenary guardian of estate?

What is the difference between a plenary guardian and a plenary guardian of estate?

11/12/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » PA  #12089
What is needed for me to become guardian of my older elderly brother?

I have an elderly brother who is in a nursing home. Do I have to live in the same little town to be his guardian? I am about 4 hours away?

11/16/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #12417
How do I gain legal guardianship of my nephew who is living with my family?

How do I gain legal guardianship of my nephew who is living with my family until he finishes school?

11/19/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » MO  #12529
Is there a way my older brother can gain custody since my parents are physically abusive?

When I was 6 years old my parents got arrested for a felony and my grandparents got full custody of me. After they were released, my brother and I were sent back to live with them After about three years they got custody back. Now at the age of sixteen they both have become extre...

12/07/2007 | Category » Guardianship  State » GA  #13510
How can a grandparent or aunt gain guardianship over child?

How can a grandparent or aunt gain guardianship over child?

12/04/2008 | Category » Guardianship  State » MA  #14744
How do I apply for Guardianship if I already have Power of Attorney?

Wife has Alzheimer's. The PA I have is dated AFTER she was diagnosed. I need proper forms to apply to the courts. To which court do I apply for Legal Guardianship?

01/08/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #14947
Is Power of Attorney enough to show I have guardianship of a child?

The mother of a four month old is in the County Jail for at least two years. The father is on probation, recently got into trouble and bonded out, they will probably revoke probation orders in very near future. Father has had custody of child since born on 9/4/08. The father wa...

01/24/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #15059
What are the responsibilities and liabilities of a legal guardian?

What are the responsibilities and liabilities of a legal guardian?

01/24/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » NC  #15060
How do I give guardianship to my parents of my 10 year old?

I am the legal father/guardian of three children. My oldest, who is 10, was adopted from Bakersfield, California at birth. I am unable to give her the care she needs and wish to transfer guardianship to my parents. What do I need to do to accomplish this?

02/03/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » WA  #15135
Are there any agencies that could assist me in the guardianship case of my adult daughter?

I have been Conservator for my daughter since she was 9 years old, she is 27 now. approximately 10 years ago the examiner told me she was retiring and that there was no more accounting due. 10 years later I was contacted by a Judge stating that the accounting is still due. I m...

02/03/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » NY  #15147
How Does Someone Terminate Legal Guardianship?

My husband and I have been legal guardians to two of our grandchildren for the past five years. One of the children has aggressively threatened my husband and myself with a knife and verbally stating that he will kill us. He was placed in juvenile detention and later a mental fac...

02/25/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » KS  #15353
Is my niece legally required to return the auto she was gitfted by guardian of late relative?

This concerns an elderly couple living in Arkansas. The husband died and wife was declared incompetent. Their guardian's signed over the family auto to a niece before the incompetent wife passed away. The wife passed away soon after. A year passed and the sister of the now decea...

03/10/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #15537
Getting a Power of Attorney of someone who is unresponsive due to medical conditon

My dad lives in New York and I live in Florida. He is in the hospital and very sick with cancer. He is on life support equipment and unresponsive. However, according to the hospital he has already named me as the person who will make medical decisions for him. How can I get a Pow...

03/11/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » NY  #15547
What rights does the mother of my grandson have to his school records if we have guardianship?

We have had limited guardianship of our grandson since 2000. What legal rights, if any, does his mother have as far as school or medical records. His mother is contacting the school demanding school grades/records. She lives out of state. What kind of rights does she have?

03/11/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » MI  #15556
How would my wife get a legally binding Power of Attorney for her daughter who is ill?

My wife wants to have power of attorney to make medical and legal decisions for her daughter who is mentally challenged and has the mental capacity of about a twelve year old child. The daughter, my step-daughter, is living in a group home, but has serious physical illnesses such...

03/17/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » MD  #15668
What are my legal rights to my granchildren while my son is incarcerated?

My son is in jail.We hope he is getting out of jail soon. His kids went with other grandmother I lived in another state, and my son wanted me to take them home to the other state. I was told it would be difficult since I lived in another state. I moved to this state where the kid...

04/27/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #16146
Can an ex-girlfriend get guardianship/custody of my child?

Can an ex-girlfriend get guardianship/custody of my child?

04/27/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #16150
How to give legal guardianshp to a relative

I would like to know how to give legal guardianship of my daughter to her aunt?

04/27/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #16158
How do I get guardianship over my elderly mother for purpose of applying for medicaid?

My mother has been diagnosed with dementia and has been placed in assisted living home. Medicare will pay for the first 21 days but we need guardianship to apply for medicaid. There is one week left to accomplish this action but I am being told that I need $2,000 to do this, but ...

04/28/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #16284
Can I sign Gauardianship of my 19 year old to my parents for medical/school purposes?

My daughter is 18, almost 19. My question is can I give up guardianship to my parents who live in Illinois. We are hoping she will get in-state tuition there. Also we are looking at her losing our tricare health benefits soon. She has type one diabetes. Our income is too much t...

04/29/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #16436
What type of guardianship is needed for my 16 year old while I am out of the country?

My husband and I will be out of the country for 6 weeks leaving our 16-yr-old daughter in the care of her 18-yr-old sister. What kind of guardianship papers should we put in place for occasions requiring parental signatures, such as school permissions, drivers permit, doctor visi...

04/29/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » ALL  #16437
What if I am appointed consevator but can not fullfill the duties?

How do we reverse an incorrect adult petition? I filled an adult petetion without the facts. I asked for a consevator on the petition by misake. The ward already had her finances handled by family members, including her husband. The court assigned my aunt a consevator, when th...

05/04/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » GA  #16531
What are the requirements to file for Guardianship of a minor child in Florida?

How do you get guardianship of a minor child in Florida when both parents are alive and want me to become guardian of a minor child? Will I have to hire a lawyer or can I file the papers myself and how do I get the forms?

05/05/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » FL  #16576
Am I obligated to pay child support to wealthy guardian?

Five years ago I signed 'Guardianship' statement authored by my daughters wealthy grandfather and his wife. I have seen my daughter only once since then; now out of the blue I have received a demand from the state of Washington for child support. What are my options? I signed ov...

05/18/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » AZ  #16702
What is Parental Guardianship Consent form GC-210P?

I have a parental guardianship agreement that I have to sign, and have come up with language protecting my visits that have taken place over many years with this guardian to be. (son is in a group home). My question is on the Parental Guardianship Consent form (petition for Appoi...

05/20/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » CA  #16723
In Texas, can my son simply sign over custody of my granddaughter to me?

In Texas, can my son simply sign over custody of my granddaughter to me? Her mother is completely out of the picture.

05/26/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #16779
Is there a form I can fill in the blanks to give someone custody of my child?

Is there a form I can fill in the blanks to give someone custody of my child?

05/26/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » MO  #16780
What legal documents are needed for the care of my handicapped niece?

My brother in law requires us to take care of his daughter; she will be living with us totally dependent on us for food, clothing, shelter, medical, etc. She is 16 years old and mentally handicapped. Legal guardianship is not an option. What legal documentation will we need in ...

06/03/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » MD  #16854
How do I establish guardianship of my mother who has dementia?

Dad died; son needs guardianship for mom and guardianship of assets and house. Mom has late stage dementia.

06/07/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » IL  #16889
In Texas, How do I Get Guardianship of a Minor?

My sister-in-law died 3 years ago and left behind a then 4 year old boy. Since then, my elderly mother-in-law has been caring for him. They live in Mississippi. They are moving in with me soon in the state of Texas. What do I need to do to obtain guardianship? The child's f...

06/09/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » TX  #16915
Can a Sibling Force Me to Care for My Parent?

Does a younger sibling in Florida have legal options to force me to move our older parent to New Jersey where I reside? If so, do I have legal options to prevent this or prevent my sibling from deserting my parent? They have lived alone in separate residences in Florida for many ...

06/11/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » NJ  #16932
How Do I Create a Guardianship for my Adult Child in Arizona?

I have a daughter that is 40 but has the mind of a 13 year old. How do I go about becoming her legal guardian?

06/16/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » AZ  #17008
How Do I Establish Guardianship of a Minor in California?

My daughter would like to move to Florida and leave her two children with me their grandfather. What type of form would I need to be able to fully care for them during her stay in Florida?

06/23/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » CA  #17142
How Do I Establish Guardianship of a Minor with Down Syndrome in Alaska?

Before and after my 17 year old son with Down's Syndrome turns 18 how do I petition the Alaska court for legal guardianship that will be good here and in other states?

07/09/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » AK  #17413
Can the Guardian Change the Life Insurance Beneficiaries?

Can the guardian change the life insurance beneficiaries after they recieve guardianship?

07/23/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » IN  #17719
How Do I Establish Guardianship of a Minor in California?

My granddaughter is 15 1/2 years old. Her mother is bipolar and is divorcing her second husband. My granddaughter is my daughter's first husband --they share custody of my granddaughter (GD). GD does not get along with her mother and her dad is moving away. She wishes to rem...

07/29/2009 | Category » Guardianship  State » CA  #17867
How Can i Make Sure My Children Aren't Split Up When I Die?

I have full custody of all three of my children. The older two (17, 12) are from my first marriage, and my youngest (5) is from my second. What can I do to ensure they are not split apart if I were to die?

01/07/2011 | Category » Guardianship  State » OR  #23964
Can A Court Force a Guardian to Remove Himself from Assets Held Jointly With the Ward?

How can you force someone who was made Guardian of the Estate of my mother and Plenary Guardian of my mother,which in both cases was my brother, when all existing powers of attorney were made void by the judge , to hand over all CDs that were held in common with my mother on a jo...

01/08/2011 | Category » Guardianship  State » PA  #23970
How Do I Establish a Guardianship for a Minor in California?


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How Does a Grandparent Get Temporary Custody of a Grandchild Whose Parents are in Jail in Ohio?

How does my 22-yr old daughter on heroin voluntarily sign over custody of her 4-yr old daughter to me (paternal grandmother) before she goes to court on 2/17/12 with the child's Father's sister who filed for custody? The father is in jail for another year.Can I get legal forms I ...

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