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How do you get your belongings if the landlord has locked you out?

If landlord will not allow you to get your belongings, and he precedes to lock you out, what recourse do you have? He has not responded to letters and has not closed the lease.

01/03/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #73
How do I find information on an eviction case already filed?

How do I find legal status on tenant/landlord (eviction), summons and court case already filed in the Superior Court of California, Orange County? What is the next step to evict?

01/03/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #77
When an how much can a landlord raise the rent?

The tenants of XYZ Apartments just received notice that Landlord will be increasing the rent in 30 days. Tenant A is a month-to-month tenant who is outraged by the rent increase and thinks that it is unlawful and refuses to pay it. Tenant B has a lease agreement with Landlord, an...

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #125
Can a landlord evict a tenant who he believes is selling drugs?

Landlord is notified that Tenant is engaged in selling drugs and participates in gang activity. Can Landlord evict Tenant

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #152
How much notice is needed for a tenant at will before moving?

There is no written agreement between Tenant and Landlord. Tenant pays rent on a month-to month basis and is considered as a tenant at will. Tenant got a new job, and will be moving. How much notice, as a tenant at will, does Tenant have to give Landlord?

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #154
Does Tenant have to comply with Landlord and allow strangers to enter into his apartment?

Landlord and Tenant have a written lease agreement for an apartment. The lease agreement will expire in one month, and Landlord wants to show the apartment to potential tenants. Does Tenant have to comply with Landlord and allow strangers to enter into his apartment?

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #164
Can landlord change the locks if tenant is behind on the rent?

Tenant is extremely behind in rent payments. Landlord has decided to change the locks on Tenant's apartment. Can Landlord legally lock Tenant out of the apartment?

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #166
Can a landlord legally turn off tenants utilities for non payment of rent?

Tenant is behind in rent and has received a letter from Landlord threatening to have the utilities turned off if payment is not received. Can Landlord legally turn off Tenant's utilities?

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #168
If a landlord purchases a building that already has tenants, can they be evicted?

Landlord just purchased a building that is already occupied by tenants. Can Landlord evict the tenants now that the building belongs to him/her?

01/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #169
Can the landlord enter a tenants apartment if he thinks something illegal is going on?

Landlord has noticed a lot of traffic coming in and out of Tenant's apartment. Landlord fears that Tenant may be involved in illegal activity. Can Landlord enter Tenant's apartment and look around?

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #205
What are landlord's options if two tenants are equally responsible for rent and one tenant moves?

Landlord A leases an apartment to Tenant A and Tenant B. The rent is $800.00 and Tenant A and Tenant B agree that each of them will pay half ($400.00). The following month when rent is due, Tenant B pays $400.00, but Tenant A is unable to pay. Tenant A and Tenant B have a fight a...

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #211
What happens after a tenant vacates due to Pay or Quit Notice?

Tenant A is behind in rent payments and has received a Notice to Pay Rent or Quit from Landlord A. Tenant A does not have the funds available and vacates the property. What should Landlord A do once the property is vacated?

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #212
Can Tenant withhold rent for repairs that Landlord has not made?

Tenant has several needed repairs in apartment. Landlord has been made aware of the problems, but has not made any of the requested repairs. Tenant is very frustrated and decides to withhold rent until the repairs are made. Can Tenant withhold rent for repairs that Landlord has n...

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #213
How long does a landlord have to return security deposit to tenant after lease is up?

Tenant A fulfilled the terms of the lease agreement with Landlord A. Tenant A gave Landlord A 30 days notice, kept the property in excellent condition, returned the keys and left a forwarding address. Tenant A is expecting the security deposit to be refunded, but Landlord A has n...

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #229
How does tenant in military terminate lease without penalty?

Tenant A has entered into a lease and after which enlisted into military service. Can Tenant A terminate the lease without breaching it?

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #231
What action can landlord take against tenant who has not paid rent?

Tenant A has failed to pay rent and has violated other lease obligations. What actions can Landlord A take against the tenant?

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #232
What rights does a tenant have to a roommate without notifying landlord?

Tenant A is renting a duplex. Tenant A and Landlord A entered into an informal agreement with no lease. Tenant A has allowed a friend (Tenant B) to move in without notifying Landlord A. Landlord A finds out that Tenant B has moved in and tells Tenant A that Tenant B must move out...

01/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #233
Does a landlord have the right to withhold your security deposit until they rent an apartment out?

Does a landlord have the right to withhold your security deposit until they rent an apartment out?

01/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #256
If the Landlord Had Someone Sign the Lease For Me Is It Still Valid?

My landlord filed an unlawful detainer action (eviction) against me. She filed a rental agreement as Exhibit 1, stating that I am not in compliance with our agreement; therefore I should be evicted. However, I never saw the agreement before nor did I sign. Her daughter signed it...

01/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #262
In a landlord lease agreement to a business, who is responsible for carpet replacement?

In a landlord lease agreement to a business, who is responsible for carpet replacement when it is not defined in lease?

01/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VT  #264
If I rent my mobile home lot, who is responsible for problems with the sewer's main drain?

I own my mobile home, but the rented lot that it sits on is sinking because of a sewer main that run's off in my yard to the main sewer drain in the street. My home is sinking drastically. The lot owner says it is not liable.

01/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WY  #292
Is there a law for when a tenant moves out that the locks have to be changed?

My daughter lives in an apartment in Tallahassee. She is a student at FSU. At her apartment there were 4 tenants for a four bedroom 2 bath apartment. Each tenant was on a separate lease and only responsible for their portion of the rent. Two of the tenants transferred to another ...

01/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #314
Did I violate my lease when I left my vehicle sitting on a flat for three days while out of town?

I am on a lease that states a flat tire on my vehicle must be fixed within 24 hours. I went out of town on 12-5-06, and I returned on 12-8 06, and my truck had been towed and impounded for a flat tire. Did I violate the lease?

01/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NV  #320
Does a landlord have to have a gas furnace serviced every year and notify tenant of outcome?

Does a landlord have to have a gas furnace serviced every year and give the tenant a copy of the report? If carbon monoxide is shown do they have to disclose that information?

01/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #367
What forms are used to file a nonpayment petition against a tenant in Housing Court?

What forms are used to file a nonpayment petition (dispossess) against a tenant in Housing Court? Forms requested to file are: Petition Notice of Petition Service Copies

01/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #397
What letter should I use for a non-payment of rent notice?

Which letter should I choose for a non-payment of rent notice?

01/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #405
Is a wife liable for a lease that was signed only by her deceased husband?

Is a wife liable for a lease that was signed only by her deceased husband?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IL  #898
Does a life tenancy lease entitle tenants to homestead rights?

Does a life tenancy lease entitle tenants to homestead rights?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #907
Can I be evicted if I have paid my rent in advance?

I rented a room from a lady and paid the rent in advance. Six days before the end of the month, she tried to change the locks. She has now given me a three day notice to quit. What are my rights?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #959

We suggest that you first check the terms of the lease regarding abandonment of the premises...

My tenants are not at the property and no one has been at the property since November. Can I change the locks on the property and put their stuff out.

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MI  #962
Do I have to provide my bank and personal identification information on apartment application?

With a apartment application the landlord wants my personal information. Social Security Number, DL Number and my bank name, Account number. Is that legal, I dont know these people to give them that kind of personal information. Can I leave that blank and give them all the refer...

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IA  #1182
Is it legal to charge 73% per day late charge on past due rent?

Is it legal to charge 73% per day late charge on past due rent? I was ill and this is what I was charged from day one. Also, how long is a lease good for if it does not state the length?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » SC  #1284
How long does a landlord have to return the security deposit after the lease is up?

It is officially February 1. My lease has been over since Nov.1, 2006. I have not received my security and damage deposits. What should I do?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MN  #1292
Where can I find forms for New Hampshire for eviction notice and for demand for rent?

Where can I find forms for New Hampshire for eviction notice and for demand for rent?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NH  #1324
What does a Letter of Intent to the landlord need to include and should it be notarized?

I am having a hard time finding out how to properly write a Letter of Intent from us (the Tenant) to the Landlord. What all can be involved? Does the document have to be “notarized”?

02/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #1392
Is it mandatory in Texas to issue a form for a denial on a rental application?

Is it mandatory in Texas to issue a form for a denial on a rental application? If so, what does it need to state?

02/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #573
Is there a legal form for a tenant at will in the state of Massachusetts?

Is there a legal form for a tenant at will in the state of Massachusetts?

02/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #579
In Illinois how long doe sthe landlord have to return deposit at the end of a lease?

In Illinois, when a tenant moves out, how many days do I have to inspect the apartment for damages before I have to return the security deposit?

02/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #680
If I sublet the apartment to keep for terminating the lease can the landlord still keep my deposit?

I needed to terminate my lease and was told by my landlord I could sublease my apartment. I advertised and gained a new tenant. Now the Landlord informs me he is entitled to keep the deposit I paid when leasing the apartment. How can I find out the law on this? It is not mentione...

02/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IA  #683
What can my sister do about the raw sewage in her yard that the landlord will not fix?

My sister has raw sewage in her house and front yard. Landlord refuses to accomodate her.

02/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #686
If a Judgement has already been entered against me what can I do?

I am the tenant/defendant. What must I do regarding an unlawful detainer complaint which I failed to file answer, and resulted in a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff/landlord. I want to defend myself, but the court clerk told me I can't file anything since I failed to fi...

02/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #705
Can my attorney prevent my landlord from talking to me if we are involved in litigation?

We sent our landlord a formal email telling him that we have hired an attorney and that our attorney has instructed us to have no further communication with him in any manner. He received our email then a half hour later turned around and called us 2 times, sent us 3 emails telli...

02/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #709
In Illinois how long does a landlord have to return the security deposit after inspection?

In Illinois, when a tenant moves out, how many days do I have to inspect the apartment for damages before I have to return the security deposit?

02/19/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IL  #747
How long do I have after my tenants vacate the apartment to pay back their security deposit?

I am a landlord. How long do I have after my tenants vacate the apartment to pay back their security deposit? Also, if their is damage to the property, do I need to deduct the cost of repairs out of their security?

03/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CT  #764
Is my lease still valid if the landlord put the wrong dates making it longer than discussed?

I signed a six month lease for an apartment. The landlord put the wrong dates on the contract making it longer than the six months specified. Does this void my contract in any way?

03/19/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #1738
Does the new owner assume all the obligations of the building when he bought it such as my deposit?

I moved out of my apartment building and I left it spotless when I left. I did not owe any rent. A year or so before I moved out of the building it was sold. It had approximately 15 apartments. I asked for my security deposit back and the new owner said that when he bought the b...

03/23/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #2075
What recouse do I have if the landlord is not renewing my lease?

I rent a house in LA. My lease is about to end on may 1, and last night i got a letter (registered mail) stating that my lease will not be renewed because the owner of the house intends to move in. my lease states that 30 days written notice which they gave. someone told me that...

03/23/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #2080
What recourse do I have against the complex for the structural noises that are unbearable?

We are short-term apt. renters and are on the 1st floor. The problem being that the ceiling makes loud snapping noises in the early a.m. and after sunset when the tenant above walks around her apt. The noise from the snapping is unbearable and the powers that be for the complex ...

03/26/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » SC  #2179
Can the security deposit be withheld if the tenant does not repaint the unit before moving?

Is it the tenants responsability to paint the apartment and wash the rugs when moving out? Can the security deposit be withheld?

03/26/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #2181

Local laws vary, I suggest calling the local tenant's association or housing department.

Can a landlord make me move in 15 days because of criminal activity that never took place. They said I was drug trafficing but I didnt it was the neighbors and I'm being accused.

03/26/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2185
Do I have the legal right to be present for the move out inspection at the end of my lease?

I have requested to be present for a move out inspection the property manager said "I must leave the key on the 31st call the office that day and the maintance person will go into the unit some time the week of the 1st, take pictures and assess any damages, then return any monies...

03/27/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2200
Can the landlord evict one of the tenants on the lease if they were caught with drug paraphernalia?

Can a landlord evict you in 3 days because someone else not on lease was caught with drug paraphania?

03/27/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #2205
The lease is still valid. If there is a default, you can take the position that either the LLC co...

I signed a lease with a Tenant who did not form his LLC until 4 months after the lease was signed. He named the LLC as lessee.

03/27/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #2207
Can a landlord charge a tenant a 10% late charge on the 2nd of the month?

Can a landlord charge a tenant a 10% late charge on the 2nd of the month? Is there some kind of legal grace period on when a late fee can be charged?

03/28/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » GA  #2275
Does Wisconsin Have A 3 Year Tenant Lease?

Does Wisconsin have a 3 year tenant lease?

03/28/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WI  #2290
If a landlord buys a unit, who is responsible for the tenants deposit?

If a landlord buys a unit, who is responsible for the tenants deposit? Is it the current landlord or the previos landlord. and what if the current says he did not receive the deposit?

03/29/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MO  #2304
Is it legal for the realty company to raise rent to clean up parking lots?

I am renting an apartment. It is managed by a realty company. Lately they have been moving alot of different people in and they seem to be having a garbage problem in the parking lot I mean bags of it and furniture being left in the parking lot . Now the manager is threatening to...

03/29/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AK  #2349
What is the next step after serving the tenant with a three day notice?

I have a tenant in one of my houses and has not paid rent going two months now. Five days ago he was serve with a three day notice to pay or quit and he as not responded as of yet. What form do I need to file now? And, do I have to file it with the court, or just serve a 30 day n...

03/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #2385
What can I do if I think my landlord is concealing a mold problem in the basement?

My landlord keeps the basement locked and I think he is concealing a mold problem that may be making me sick. What are my rights as a tenant?

04/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IN  #2426
Can I be evicted from my rental home if it has been sold?

I rent my home which has just been sold. Can the new owner tell us that we have to move out?

04/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #2433
What is the legal rule for eviction of a squatter from your property?

What is the legal rule for eviction of a squatter from your property?

04/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #2434
What rights do tenants have if being harrassed by management and maintenance personnel?

What legal remedies are available under Maryland law when tenants of a mobile home park are harassed on a daily basis by so called management/maintenance personal residing in the mobile home park?

04/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MD  #2448
Do landlords supply stove and/or refrigerator to tenants?

Do landlords supply stove and/or refrigerator to tenants?

04/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #2474
What can I do if the Landlord said be out in two weeks because he sold the house?

What can I do if the Landlord said be out in two weeks because he sold the house? Do I still pay rent this month even though I did not get written notice? How long can I stay within my rights?

04/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #2500
Can my landlord remove my mail from the mailbox?

Can my landlord remove my mail box and mark my mail "not here"?

04/03/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #2561
Is it legal for my landlord to raise my security deposit if he has already raised rent?

I have rented my apartment for 11 years. My rent went up $100.00. Now my landlord want to raise my security deposit is that legal? There hasn't been many upgrade to the apartment since I've been here.

04/04/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #2648
Does recording a lease protect a tenant if the building is turned over to new ownership?

Does recording a lease protect a tenant if the building is turned over to new ownership. We have a two year lease and would to know if building is sold does new owner have right to boot us out before end of lease. Also, the contract of sale will not indicate that the new owner ...

04/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CO  #2657
If it is not indicated in lease, do you have to give landlord a set of keys to your business?

If it is not indicated in lease, do you have to give landlord a set of keys to your business. Also, can the landlord come and go as they please without giving notice to tenant to come in and inspect property.

04/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CO  #2659
If I just brought an apartment complex do I have to keep the old tenants?

If I just brought an apartment complex do I have to keep the old tenants? Can I raise their rent?

04/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NC  #2664
What is the definition of "common area maintenance" items which may be charged back to tenants?

Does the Delaware code re commercial leases contain a definition of allowable "common area maintenance" items which may be proportionately charged back to a tenant by a landlord?

04/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » DE  #2668
Is a landlord responsible for the pest control bill for rodent/varment infestation in the dwelling?

Is a landlord responsible for the pest control bill for rodent/varment infestation in the dwelling? (The tenant notified the landlord and gave him/her one month to fix the problem. The landlord never did anything about it, therefore, forcing the tenant to hire a pest control co...

04/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » GA  #2671
What are my rights regarding my landlord selling the home I am renting?

My roommates and I have a lease that runs out at the end of August. Last week our landlord, who we have an excellent relationship with, called and said that he's selling the house but nothing was said about when this was happening. I came home from work yesterday and there was ...

04/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2693
Is there a maximum amount that a landlord can charge for a late fee?

Is there a maximun dollar amount that a landlord can charge a month or per day when the rent is past the due date?

04/07/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2757
How much can a landlord raise the rent at one time?

How much is a a landlord allowed to raise rent and how much notice must he give and how often is this allowed. We had a year lease and that ended Sept. 2006. We have been on month to month lease now.

04/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #2767
What can I do with the items left by tenant after three day notice is expired?

I served a 3 day notice to comply or vacate on 4/6. I understand the tenant has to be out before 4/10. They have moved the furniture, but there are still other odds and ends there. If the items are still there on the 10th, do I have the right to assume they have moved out and I c...

04/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » UT  #2796
Can a landlord evict me after accepting a partial payment?

Can a landlord evict me after accepting a partial payment?

04/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2814
Is it legal for landlords to charge for last months rent?

Is it legal for landlords to charge for last months rent? It is my understanding that it is.

04/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2816
What happens to the apartment I rent now that the landlord has passed away?

I have been living in an apartment for 3 years. My landlady and I had a verbal lease and understanding. She just passed away and I am not sure of my rights or the arrangements she made.

04/09/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #2848
If a tenant goes to jail, how long do we legally have to keep his belongings?

The Tenant is going to jail April 16th and will be their two years. I was wondering, how long do I have to wait before I legally can remove his stuff and store away. Also, his father lives with him do we have the right to tell him to leave if he does not pay any rent. The rent is...

04/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #2884
What is the difference between arms length lease agreement and a non arms length lease?

What is the difference between arms length lease agreement and a non arms length lease?

04/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2913
Is it legal to split the utility between tenants where there is only one meter for the unit?

Is it legal for me to split a utility bill between tenants when there are 4 units and 2 persons in each unit but there is only 1 meter for the premises?

04/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #2918
Does the landlord have to provide the water and trash if renting a house?

Does the landlord have to provide the water and trash if renting a house?

04/11/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #2989
Where can I find a form to notify all occupance that they have 30 days to vacate premises?

I need a form to notify all occupance that they have 30 days to vacate premises. My Aunt allowed my cousin to live with her he became violent so she left her house. He moved his mother and her boyfriend in. We are putting the house for sale and have to get them out. What is t...

04/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #3007
Is it legal for a landlord to not pro-rate rent?

Is it legal for a landlord to not pro-rate rent? For example, if I were to move out on June 2, is it legal for a landlord to charge me full rent of June?

04/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #3015
Is tenant or landlord responsible for appliance repairs? - Landlord Tenant

If a four year old stove breaks, most likely a fuse or chip, who is responsible for repairs, landlord or tenant? Lease contract does not mention it.

04/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #3024
How long before a landlord must return security deposit in Pennsylvania? - Landlord Tenant

How long is it before a previous landlord must return security deposit in the state of Pennsylvania?

04/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #3040
How can I make my landlord stop vandalism in the parking lot of our apartment complex?

My landlord does not want us to stand out front of our units. Cars are being vandilized in the parking lot at night. He is not taking any action to protect us, such as lights, cameras, fenced in areas. What can I do to protect myself and others without moving?

04/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #3071
What is the State Developement Fee on Tenants?

After expanding my store via the store next to me, and paying for the necessary permits, etc., the borough asked me to pay an additional $30.00 for a State Developement Fee on Tenants Fit-Out. What is that? And why must I pay it?

04/16/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #3117
Can the landlord raise your rent if no improvments have been made to the property?

Can a landlord raise your rent when lease becomes due if no structural changes or improvements have been made to the outside? We have leased the property for 7 years?

04/17/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #3147
How can I make someone move out of my apartment if they are not on the lease?

A friend moved into his first apartment and signed a year lease. He allowed a girl to stay for awhile and he came home from work and she had moved all her belongings in. She refuses to leave and is taking over the apartment and refuses to get on the lease,see the manager,pay any ...

04/19/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #3204
What is the law regarding damages and security deposit once my lease expired?

I gave notice on my apartment and I requested a walk through. The landlord did a walk through a week before my lease expired but did not give me a list of damages. Under California tenant law, he is required to give a list immediately. I called and asked, but he just stalled and...

04/25/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #3317
What recourse do I have if tenant changed the locks without my permission?

After I remodeled my whole house, the tenant has changed the locks without my permission and when I asked for a copy she says no. She has until may 31 to vacate due to a 90 day notice for owner to occupy. what should I do?

04/25/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #3321
What are the full details, pro's and con's for a tenant, of a Triple Net Lease?

What are the full details, pro's and con's for a tenant, of a Triple Net Lease? Where can I find a free example of one?

04/29/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #3402
Can I refude to pay rent until the landlord fixes the sewer problem?

I just started renting a home that apparently has a sewer problem. I have resided in the home for 2 months and have repeatedly asked the landlord to have a plumber come out and inspect the sewer smell that radiates through the house and is particularly bad in the bathroom. The sm...

04/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #3450
Is there a grace period in Nevada for rent due?

Is there such a thing as a grace period for rent due in Nevada or do the landlords just set this to their liking?

05/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NV  #3506
If I fix damages to my rental home that landlord can not afford can I deduct that from the rent?

I lease a house in Bryan, Texas. I have had damages in this house where the landlord will not fix. I have to have damages fixed (to avoid further damages and/or damage to my personal possessions) as landlord claims to not have the money to fix. Am I allowed to subtract the amoun...

05/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #3558
What is the reasonable amount of times a landlord can show a rented property up for sale?

What is the reasonable amount of times a landlord can show a rented property up for sale and also do they need a legal 24 hour notice?

05/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MT  #3586
Can my landlord be charged with violating my privacy?

I signed a 1 year lease with my landlord about 8 months ago, which he just gave me a copy of. Recently he has gone into my home without my permission and went through my home checking things out. The lease states that he needs to get my permission to enter the premises in a timel...

05/06/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #3889
Can my landlord ask us to move because she no longer wants to rent to large dog owners?

I have lived in this trailer park for about 8 husband and I have had our dog Major for 5 of those years. The owner is trying to make everyone that has dogs over 35 lbs get rid of their dogs. When my husband was alive he had a good reason to keep Major because of his men...

05/06/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #3926
Can my daughter be served a three day eviction notice if she is behind on the rent?

What is the eviction law in Kitsap County, Washington State? My daughter was just served with a 3 day pay or eviction notice today. She says that she has been given no earlier notices. Is this legal? She asked the off site manager to let her know if they did not receive the r...

05/07/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #4102
What recourse do I have if my landlord neer disclosed the house I rented is for sale?

I rented a home and signed a one year lease. I've been living there for two months. Yesterday my landlord informed me the house is for sale, and that I will be required to show it to potential buyers. When I moved in and signed the lease, there was no mention of the property b...

05/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #4148
Can I force our friends who live on our land rent free to sign a lease agreement?

My husband and I decided to help some friends with their mobile home by letting them place it on our property for two years to save money so they could buy a piece of property themselves. We said two years and this August will be five years. We want them to move, but they still h...

05/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #4156
Can a landlord charge a tenant for inspection once apartment is vacated?

Per California law civil code 1950 C, A landlord must give tenants a "notice of right to inspect" the premises prior to vacating. Can they charge an hourly rate for this service? What if the fee for it was put in the lease?

05/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #4169

If the leases are recorded, they will be recorded at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office of the c...

I would like to find out what companies lease the offices in the building located at 11710 Plaza America Drive, Reston, VA 20190.

05/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VA  #4210
How can I collect unpaid rent and utility monies before or after the dispossery hearing?

How can I collect unpaid rent and utility monies before or after the dispossery hearing?

05/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » GA  #4283

A rider is an attachment to a document which supplements or changes it. Sometimes a rider wil...

What is the term "rider" mean? If I sign a lease why would I also sing a rider to the lease?

05/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #4389
Could there be legal recourse if our tenant has to move out in the middle of the lease?

We are the landlord of a house in a subdivision. We currently have a one-year lease signed with a tenant (the standard lease drafted by the St. Louis Realtors Association). We just found out the subdivision is submitting a proposal to a commercial investor for a buyout. If agr...

05/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MO  #4398
Can I terminate my lease if a pedofile resides in the apartment complex and I have children?

I live in an apartment which I feel my children are no longer safe. I am not 100% positive but I am relatively sure that a man residing in the building is a pedophile. He has been caught with a twelve year old in his garage (talking about how he would have sex with her). I have t...

05/11/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WI  #4464
What can I do if my landlord is scamming the housing authority?

My landlord has lied to Smithville Housing and told them that gas and electric was included in my rent so of course my rent goes up, so I confessed to his lie to Smithville Housing. I thought maybe they should know that they were being scamed by my landlord. The lady I spoke with...

05/11/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #4465
If a tenant who is renting knows he is responsible for utility bills and does not pay what can I do?

If a tenant who is renting knows he/she is responsible for utility bills and doesn't pay, can we take them to court to recover the costs?

05/11/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MN  #4471
What does "commit waste upon or the detriment of property" mean?

What does commit waste upon or the detriment of property mean?

05/11/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #4502
What can I do if the landlord allows family to use the shops on our rented property?

We are renting a house on 1 acre. There are some shops in the back of the property which is in our backyard. The owner's son has started to work in the shops. We have no privacy in our backyard. Also, we found out that he is on probation because of drugs. When we signed the ...

05/11/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ID  #4521
Who is responsible for payment of the remaining lease if my boyfriend wants out?

My boyfriend and I signed a lease on our apartment together, and one day he decides he wants to leave no notice or anything. Is he still responsible for his half of the rent or am I held accountable?

05/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IL  #4534
What is a standard and reasonable early lease termination penalty?

Our tenants have requested to be excused from their 1 year lease after 3 months. There were problems at the complex that they did not advise us of until they notified us of their wish to leave. They want to move as soon as possible even if that means paying a penalty. It took ...

05/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #4542
What are the eviction procedures for a lease purchase tenant?

We have had a contract in place for the last 10 months for a young couple to buy my husband's former home. On numerous occasions they have not paid "rent" on time and have not carried through on the agreement to provide insurance on the home. They are now two months late on pay...

05/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NE  #4556
What is the proper notice for raising the rent?

My apartment building was recently sold to an individual. My lease is coming up for renewal and they have raised the rent $15.00 and have added a clause of paying for water. Is it legal to raise it that much at renewal?

05/12/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #4570
How do we evict relatives we let move onto our land?

My question is my brother in law and his wife moved their mobile home on our land. There was no contract signed. We have sent them a registered letter to vacate the premises back in December. Needless to say they are still here. I can not be sure but alot of traffic is coming i...

05/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VA  #4651
Do I have any legal obligation to pay rent where I was evicted?

Over 2 years ago, I was renting a room from my cousin and she illegally evicted me by changing the locks without giving me any prior written notice of an eviction. She now claims I owe her for 6 weeks of unpaid rent. The illegal eviction took place April 12, 2005, leaving me home...

05/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MI  #4709
Can my friend be forced to give her pet away by the landlord if he no longer wants pets around?

A friend of mine has been living in her apartment for 10 years, for 8 of which she has owned a small dog. The landlord just informed all tenants that they needed to get rid of their pets by the end of the month (pets were previously permitted). What kind of language on the leas...

05/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #4842
Is it legal for a tenant to install a washer and dryer of his own?

Is it legal for a tenant to install a washer and dryer in the apt when we have no facilities in the building in New York City? Laundry requires very much time and energy to lug clothing to the public laundry mat. Also in New York City, the weather and street dirt requires a lo...

05/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #4847
Can the property manager evict us without reason?

My question is that my landlord has given me a "7-Day notice to cure noncompliance or vacate premises" letter. The reason stated is for behaving in an obnoxious and threatening manner towards the management and staff. However, this is not the case. Both my husband and I have been...

05/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #4861
Can we turn off the water and electric if the tenant does not pay since they are in our name?

We are the landlord and have a signed lease agreement for the tenant to pay water & electric to us by the due date or the services will be terminated. The utilities are in our name. Can we turn off the water & electric if the tenant does not pay?

05/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #4870
Am I entitled to my security deposit?

I lived in a town house for over 3 years. The contract stated no cats. I found a stray cat and kept it in the apartment for about 1 year. When I moved out the manager found out about the cat and kept my security deposit of $700. The manager said she would send money to my new...

05/16/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NE  #4912
What are my rights if my landlord has asked me to move in two months?

My landlord has asked me to move out by July 31 which is approximately 2 months. We pay our rent month to month and there is no legal contract between us and the landlord. He said he has a family member that has had his house repossessed and he said he could move in to our apartm...

05/17/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #5022
My landlord says I have been paying short rent for 14 months and is threatening eviction

What can I do, if anything, after my Landlord waited 14 months to let me know that I was not paying enough rent and threaten eviction, after I have been living here for all most 15 years?

05/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #5177
What is needed and how do you evict someone who is behind on rent?

We have just become landlords, we were given an apartment in an inhertance, the tenant has not paid rent in 3 months and will not pay, what can we do and what do we have to do legally to get him out of the apartment?

05/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #5222
I could not turn on my utilities because the landlord did not obtain a certificate of occupancy?

My husband & I recently moved into a leased house. I went to have our water turned on and the water department stated that they could not turn on our water as the building needed to be inspected and the landlord had to receive a certificate of occupancy. We are already living...

05/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #5240
Can the landlord change the locks, or enter the garage without my permission since I am moving?

My lease was is up the end of May and I am paid until then. I gave written notice to landlord 30 days in advance. Moving out stuff from May 9th and still have the gargage to move stuff out of. The manager keeps pushing to show the place and said she did not have my phone number ...

05/19/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MO  #5253
How long do I have before I can be evicted if I am behind on my rent?

If I miss a few rent payments, and I have a legal lease, in a legal apartment complex how long do I have till the landlord can legally kick me out?

05/19/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #5324
Is it illegal for a landlord to ban you from putting up hurricane shutters in Florida?

Is it illegal for a landlord to ban you from putting up hurricane shutters in Florida, especially if you live in between the ocean and the intercoastal?

05/19/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #5347

The rule against perpetuities is aimed at the control of future interests in property, especi...

What is the maxium length of a rental (home), lease agreement?

05/20/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #5382
How long does a landlord have to notify you of any damages and return of security deposit?

In the state of colorado how long does a landlord have to notify you of any damages and return of security deposit?

05/22/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CO  #5618
If I just signed a lease and moved in and now the house is being sold, will I have to move?


05/23/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #5768
Can a Landlord Force a Tenant to Cohabitate with a Roommate in the same home

My son who is a recovering alcoholic rents a mobile home. His landlord wants to allow another party who has a drinking problem to move in with my son. My son's rent is paid, he has never been late. My son told his landlord he does not want this party moving in with him nor does h...

05/27/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #5983
If a landlord secures last month rent and deposits, are they required to pay interest anually?

If a landlord secures last month rent & security deposits, are they required to pay interest anually to the tenant and if so at what percent?

05/31/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #6082
Can I evict tenants since first rent check was insufficent funds?

Tenant 1st check was NSF. Account closed. They tell me every day we are trying to get you money. They have been living there for 2 days only. What should I do? Can I get them out of there? If yes, what should I do? Where should I go to do so?

06/03/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #6130
Is my lease still valid since the property was not ready when the lease stated it would be?

I am a single mom of a three-year old, hearing imapired child. I signed a lease in mid-May on a duplex and prepaid my June rent; the 12-month lease, and my tenancy, was to start on June 1st. The previous tenant has not completely vacated (it's now the 4th). I now have a key, b...

06/04/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #6156
I am not renewing the lease to sell and the tenant is not making provison to move. What can I do?

My tenents lease is up on the 15th of June. She was given Verbal notice in April that the lease would not be renewed (I am selling the house). She only paid Half of th May/June Rent. Won't return phone calls, shows no sign of getting ready to move. What are my options if she s...

06/04/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » SC  #6158
If the landlord sells the property does that terminate the lease with the tenant?

If the landlord sells the property does that terminate the lease with the tenant?

06/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TN  #6171
How should the utilities of a multi-family house be spilt?

I am renting the 2nd floor of a multi-family house with three (3) apartments - basement, 1st floor and 2nd floor. My lease states the landlord is only responsible for providing heat and not water, electric or gas. There are two (2) electric and gas meters but only one (1) water...

06/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #6276
If the court grants an eviction does the tenant still have to provide notice of move date?

If a landlord files for eviction with the court and is granted possession, does the tenant have to give notice that they are moving?

06/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MO  #6303
If the home I rent is being foreclosed on will I get my deposit of first and last month rent back?

I have a two year lease. I have made all payments on time. I have been in the house for a year and a half on a two year lease. I gave a security deposit the equivalent of the first months rent plus the last months rent. The landlord is loosing the house to the bank at the end of ...

06/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #6399
What are my son't legal rights when the landlord changes the lease after 4 years to benefit himself?

My son & family have dwelled in a family owned home for almost 4 years. Her parents live right next door and fathers brother was willed the home from their mother. He (landlord) lives in Florida and was going to sell them the house. Stipulated in will can only be sold to fami...

06/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NH  #6434
What are my options when my lease of five years is up?

I'm sub-leasing and would like to know my rights. when the lease is up in November,can the landlord ask me to leave if I've been there for over 5yrs?

06/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #6435
How much notice do I have to give legally to evict tenants for non payment of rent?

If renting out my private home and I decide to evict the persons in the home because of late rent payment, non-payment of rent or due to the fact I think illegal activity is going on. Persons were arrested due to drug charges. How much notice do I have to give legally. I was told...

06/16/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #6476
In Maryland, how much can the landlord raise the rent at one time?

My landlord wants to increase my rent and I need to know if Maryland has a law that says what percentage of the rent can be increased. For example is it 5% or 20%.

06/17/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MD  #6483
What are the grounds for which a landlord can legally terminate your lease?

I signed a one year lease in Jan 2007 when my landlord rented me her condo because her husband, who is in the Army, was sent to Kansas. Now her husband has been sent to Iraq and she moved back to California. She can't find a rental that will allow for her dogs so she said she h...

06/22/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #6618
What are my legal rights to the apartment if my roommate wants out?

My roommate and I signed a lease renewal form that starts 8/1. But now my roommate is going to move out and he wants to have his name remove from the lease. The renewal form had to turn in by 6/15. And we did that. I want to keep the apartment but my landlord is saying that I do ...

06/24/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MD  #6651
How many days does the VA law require that I give her to pay the full amount due?

I have a tenant that has not paid her rent, I called her 3 times and went by the resident. I was told by her adult son he thought she mailed it to me. She has not made contact. I want to serve her with a NOTICE to PAY RENT or QUIT but how many days does the VA law require that I ...

06/24/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VA  #6652
Can the apartment complex legally request a key to my storage or else remove my belongings?

If I'm renting a garage on the property which I also rent an apartment and I have my own personal lock on the door, does the management have the legal right to request a copy of that key? The reason I was told hey needed a key was in case of an emergency such as a fire, etc. I wa...

08/31/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #8354
Can a landlord collect first and last month's rent and a deposit?

Can a landlord charge for 1st, last month plus deposit upon signing contract?

09/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #8809
What can my daughter do to have her ex-boyfriend removed from her house?

My daughter is trying to remove her live-in from her home. He was on the first year lease but not on the second year. She has two children by him, he pays nothing towards anything, rent, utilities, food, etc. He uses drugs and has been arrested for visiting a common, no driver li...

09/16/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IN  #8796
Is a landlord able to attach your wages without taking you to court?

After a long battle with our landlord my wife and I decided to buy a house. My wife and I had a verbal agreement with him. Our agreement was he took the security deposit for last months rent and we would pay him for the 2 weeks we lived in the apartment. He has changed his mind a...

09/25/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #9054
Can my landlord keep showing the apartment after we told him we did not want to move?

My friend and I are renting an apartment near a University for 12 months. The lease started June 1 2007. We had gotten a letter in the mail about a week and a half ago that stated if we were planning on staying next school year, to let our landlord know as soon as possible becaus...

10/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MN  #9422
What should I do if I think my kids are sick from mold caused from a leak the landlord will not fix?

I am leasing a townhouse I started my lease Oct, 1st, 2006. Last year last October my windows leaked and my landord only put caulking on it and bought me curtains to cover the water damage. I just found mold growing on two of my windows and I would like to know what I should do. ...

10/04/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #9635
Can I change the lock if I do it at my expense and give the landlord a key?

I rent a trailor in Nebraska and have a one year lease my room mate is moving out and I want to change the lock on the doors to protect my belongings once she is gone. My landlord says I can not change the locks. Can I change the lock if I do it at my expense and give him a key?

10/04/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NE  #9650
If I sign a lease for 1 year can the landlord still sell the house out from under me?

I just found out that a house that I was going to rent has been for sale since 9/21/07. The Realtor told me that the owner of the house intends on keeping it listed and showing the house while I live in it. And, if it sells I will have 30 days to move. If I sign a lease for ...

10/04/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #9665
What can the landlord legally charge you for when your lease ends?

I moved out of my apartment legally. I lived there a little over five years. A new company took over about two months ago. After moving all of my things out, I began the cleanup of the apartment. I got a letter from the apartment manager dated October 1, 2007, this day was on a ...

10/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #9681
Can I legally dispose of the junk that was left behind my tenants?

Our recent tenants lease was not renewed and had to vacate as of 9-30-07. They have left behind a considerable amount of stuff (junk really). They have changed the locks on the house and did not have our permission or did they give us a key to the new lock. They have not yet tu...

10/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MN  #9700
How can my mother remain in the lease that she and her now ex-boyfriend signed?

My Mother is currently renting a house in Waterloo, IA. She has a signed lease with her boyfriend. They broke up this weekend so my Mother informed the landlord that he was going to move out. The landlord told her that she is giving her the until November 1st to move out becau...

10/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IA  #9730
What can I do if I am being evicted after I paid rent because I complained about the conditions?

Today we received a notice to terminate vacancy, we paid our rent. We have made complaints about rodents, mold, ovens that don't work right and in every instance we were told that it was our fault and the management did nothing but emotionally and verbally abuse us and tell us t...

10/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #10041
What is a tenants obligation for the upkeep of a property?

Where can I obtain information on tenant obligation for upkeep of rental property?

10/16/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MI  #10374
Is it legal for the landlord to tell us ho wlong we may run our bathroom fan at one time?

My boyfriend and I rent an apartment, and recently a new upstairs neighbor moved in directly above us. On the first day she complained that our bathroom fans that come with the apt built into the ceiling are too loud for her and she cannot sleep. She again complained by leaving ...

10/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #10486
Is the lease agreement we have with our basement tenant still legal if my wife's name is not on it?

My wife and I are renting a room in our basement. Since it is in our personal residence we didn't think about writing a real detailed lease agreement. I just had the bare basics. The house is owned jointly with my wife, however the lease agreement does not have her name or sig...

10/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #10504
What can I do if I believe the maintenance guy used an office key to break into my apartment?

A little over a month ago, I had my locks to my apartment changed. I took a key, my roommate took a key, and I gave two keys to the maintenance guy to take to the office. Later my apartment was burglarized and my $1500 TV was missing. Immediately on finding this out I went to the...

10/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AR  #10524
Can the landlord refuse to accept payment if you are constantly late and can I be evicted?

If aperson is late with their rent, but pays it late and recieves a letter from the landlord saying they refuse to accept the payment and they are on amonth to month lease does that mean they are going to be evicted? If so how long would they have before they would have to vacate...

10/18/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #10528
Landlord's Obligation to a Tenant at Will

What is the full extent of a landlord's legal obligation to a tenant-at-will whereby said tenant is justified in withholding rent when those obligations are not being met?

10/20/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #10613
Is a verbal agreement legal in collecting unpaid rent from a roommate?

I rented my spare bedroom to a coworker, he stayed for 3 months and then left 4 days before rent was due without paying. We had nothing in writing just a verbal agreement that he would give me one months notice before he moves out so I can find a replacement roommate. Is he liabl...

10/24/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » RI  #10862
How can I fight the landlord to keep my air window unit?

I am living in an apartment complex that does not allow additional a/c window units without a doctor's note stating you need one. I have supplied the doctor's note which said to allow me to have a a/c unit for medical purposes. Can the apartment complex require me to get anothe...

10/24/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OK  #10879
Can a landlord charge for gas when the units are not metered separatly?

Does an apartment community that has 30 units in each building have the right to charge the tenants for water and gas if the apartments are not metered seperately? The apartments have no gas appliances and are heated with electricity not gas.

10/25/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IA  #10924
What rights does my son have since the apartment manager is renovating the upstairs unit?

My oldest son is renting an apartment in Austin TX with a roommate. The apartment above them is in renovation. It belongs to the manager. The problem being is the SMELL of chemicals they are using is SO strong the boys are unable to stay in their apartment. They have complained t...

10/25/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #10929
Are we within our right to sue for the cancellation of the lease?

We leased a house and with 2 months left on the lease, I was transferred (work) and moved into company housing, but we have kept paying our rent as we should. We were informed by the property manager that we would be released from our lease if they could find someone to rent the ...

10/25/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #10931
Who is responsible for exterminating the house I rent?


10/26/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OK  #11002
What is the process for evicting a tenant who is having trouble making the rent?

I own a mobile home outright in Gainesville,Fl but the property is not mine. I am renting it out with the option to buy and the tenant has been paying the land rent as well as the mortgage up to now. Now he is starting to have problems coming up with the monthly mortgage and is s...

10/27/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #11050
Can the landlord evict us if he does not like us?

I have 4 months left on a years lease. I got an eviction notice with a court date 3 days ago. The reasons being that I let my grandson's ride their go cart in the drive way on 2 different occassions, in the gravel drive way. They say it messes up their gravel. There is no damage ...

10/27/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VA  #11059
What can I do to get my 20 year old disrespectful son out of my home?

I have a 20 year old son who is still in high school because he skipped and caused trouble so much they expelled him last year, so this year they allowed him to return and try to gain enough credits for a diplomia, the trouble is he has been using drugs and drinking for sometime,...

10/29/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #11185
What is the process for evicting month-to-month tenants?

We gave verbal notice to out tenants to end the month to month lease. They did not have the rent for October and have not paid as of today. We need to serve written notice. Do I need to do a 30 day notice or can it be less?

10/29/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #11212
What are my rights as a tenant if the property has been zoned commercial?

My husband and I signed a 1 year lease with a rental company. We have been in this house going on six months. I just recieved a letter stating that they recieved a letter in the mail from the commisioners office stating that the property is commercial property only and we have 30...

10/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » LA  #11223
Can my landlord have me locked out if I do not pay in three days?

I failed to pay all of my rent and my landlord served me with a 3 day pay or quit and he says I only have those 3 days to move or the sheriff will lock me out. Can he do that and he is asking me to pay more than I owe him.

10/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #11266
If a landlord gives you an eviction notice how long does the tenant have to move?

If a landlord gives you an eviction notice how long does the tenant have to move? There is no written rental agreement. I'd like to include that the termination notice that I recieved was for two weeks.

10/31/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AL  #11311
If I have not renewed my lease, what type of notice should I give when moving?

I am a tenant and I was on a 6 month lease and the landlord never came to sign a new lease and I have been here two months with no lease. I want to move. Do I have to give notices?

10/31/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #11338
What is the most a landlord can charge for a late fee?

We pay $620 for rent per month but if we are late there is a $10.00 charge for every day, so if we are late for 30 days it's $300. I have heard that the landlord can only charge 10% of what your rent is that month. Could you all let me know if I have to pay this late fee for sept...

10/31/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #11352
What legal recourse do I have against a former tenant who caused property damage?

A tenant just left he punched holes in the wall and flooded the basement and destroyed door. Do I have legal recourse?

11/01/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AZ  #11414
What are the laws pertaining to tenant notices?

What are the laws pertaining to tenant notices? I keep hearing about 3-day, 7-day, 30-day notices, but can only find notices which apply to the eviction process. Please advise.

11/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » GA  #11446
How do I force my landlord to clean up the property because it is a health hazard?

I have a slumlord who will not clean up my apartment building. I have asked him to clean the apartment up and told him that I have had roaches for 5 months. He came and sprayed my apartment with a chemical but they have not gone away. There is garbage all around my apartment and ...

11/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CT  #11467
Can the landlord increase the rent in the middle of the lease?

I live in apt in Oklahoma City. I have a 2 yr lease with 9 months left. The lease expires 7-30-07. I received a note on my door last night that my lease is being resigned and the rent is increasing 12-1-07 due to the cost of maintaining the property. Can the apt management do this?

11/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OK  #11478
Is it legal to sue the landlord for repayment of rent due to destruction of private property?

Is an agreement to pay rent enforceable if both parties don't agree,but one party is forced to pay due to threat of domestic violence and the threat of becoming homeless if payment isn't forthcoming? Isn't true that the threat to destroy more private property if rent isn't paid ...

11/02/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #11490
What is the law regarding roommates?

Landlord moved into our kid's apt, for a few days. Told them to move out, a few days later, none of anything is in writing. She interfered with them moving out, called police. She was told not to interfere, but we were told by police that she IS a roommate, as her clothes and ...

11/03/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NH  #11524
Why is the landlord charging me for water and lights because I choose not to get those services?

My leasing contract has stated that the apartment complex in which I live in will not furnish water and electricity. As a result, the residents are suppose to contact the city and attain an account by which they will be charged for water and electricity. Now, my apartment complex...

11/05/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #11678
If I am late on the rent, can the landlord harass me until I pay?

Last month and this month I've had to pay my rent late. However, instead of sending me something in writing about the late rent my landlord likes to come knocking on my door. One time as early as 6:00 am. Can he call or come by the apartment that early in the morning?

11/06/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VA  #11704
What can be done it a tenant knows pets are not allowed but does so anyway?

What can be legally written within the lease, stating that no pets are allowed and if they are found with a pet in the apartment, what can I hold them to? I had a situation with a prior tenant, they knew pets were not allowed but still did it, at the end of the lease I had pet h...

11/06/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #11761
Can the landlord terminate our lease for no reason?

My landlord has sent me a certified letter terminating my lease in six months. He did not state a reason. My rent has been paid and on time since the one year lease began in 2005. It is now a month to month. I believe it is in retaliation for my demands to do repairs on the apart...

11/07/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #11811
If my tenant does not pay the rent, what are my options to recover the unpaid rent?

I just rented to a single father who has an infant with health issues. He has not paid the rent this month and he is not answering his phone, so I leave messages. He still owes money for last months rent as well. I stopped over at the apartment but he was not there. If he doe...

11/07/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #11816
Is it legal for the landlord to raise the rent when I sign my new lease?

I am currently renting a two bedroom condo for $750 a month. My lease is ending and I will be signing a new one Dec. 1st. My landlord wants to raise the rent to $950 starting Jan.1st. Is it legal for her to raise rent $200 even though im not a new tenant?

11/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CT  #11902
What is the percentage that rent can be raised at one time?

My wife and I rent an apt. Three months ago our former landlord sold the house we live in. Our rent was $275.00 per month. We never had a lease with the prior owners. The new landlord never asked for a lease agreement. In October this year, the new landlord told us that the rent ...

11/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » PA  #11909
How do you determine what is "normal wear and tear" on a rental property?

In 2006 we spent about $45,000 remodeling our house and then rented it to a family that proceeded to damage much of what we replaced. New bath fixtures, cooktop controls, carpet, tile, and others...a total of about $15,000 My question, how do you determine what is "normal wear ...

11/08/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #11910
Do I have any recourse against the property management for not being able to get all my things?

About a week and a half after I was served with a three day notice to pay or get out, and right after the new acting managment had filed eviction paperwork with the courts I was forced to move out with threats of distruction of my property if I didn't move right away. At first it...

11/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » UT  #12021
Am I responsible for late fees if the property manager figured may balance incorrectly?

I went and and paid rent on November 5, 2007. I went in and asked at the office how much it would be since I had some credit due to me. They told me the amount and I wrote the check. They deposited the check and it went through. Two days after paying rent they left a notice o...

11/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NM  #12156
What can I do to protect myself and family for threats by the previous landlord?

I could no longer pay my rent so I told the landlord that I would be out in a couple days which I did. He came to the house in the middle of us packing and moving and stated that I had better replace a mini blind that was broken and he had promised to replace it but never did and...

11/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NC  #12240
What recourse other than small claims court do I have for an illegal eviction?

my husband & I , signed a 1 year lease from year to year and this year has been a bad one, we have been late on the rent a few times. The rent is due on the 1st of the month, but the landlord wants it on the 25th of the month and I told her that some months would be late and ...

11/14/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » AR  #12250
What is the legal amount a landlord can charge for a late fee?

I am a single parent of four children, three that are under the age of three. I am dealing with a landlord that changes the rules on a daily basis. I had worked out an arrangement with her to pay the rent in two payment, due to my pay schedule. Per the lease, the late fee for ren...

11/15/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » IN  #12326
In Ohio can I legally evict a tenant for not putting utilities in tenant's name?

In Ohio can I legally evict a tenant for not putting utilities in tenant's name as stated in lease agreement? If so do I post a 3 day or 30 day notice. I have a new tenant who has not put gas in tenants name it is still in my name. Can I legally have gas shut off?

11/16/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #12379
Can I terminate my lease if my landlord is involved in illegal activity with my roommate?

If I know that the person I lease my house from is involved in illegal activities with one of my house mates and I don't feel safe living there anymore, can I get out of my lease that still has ten months left without being sued by my landlord?

11/17/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ME  #12445
What can I legally do about a tenant who does not pay on time that I can never contact?

I rented my house in Mississippi when I moved to California. The tenant signed a 12-month lease beginning September 1, 2007. She has yet to pay on-time. I allowed her to pay the $900 security deposit in three payments (she still owes $700). Rent is due on the 5th, and November re...

11/29/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MS  #13059
How does the eviction proccess work?

How does the eviction proccess work? Can I be kicked out in 24 hours?

11/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » WA  #13092
Can a landlord evict you because of a verbal dispute in the management office?

Can a landlord evict you because of a verbal dispute in the management office?

11/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MD  #13135
Is there a certain percentage that a landlord can raise the rent at one time?

I was wondering if there is a law for apartment complexes as to a certain percentage that they can raise your rent if you sign with them for the next year. Example, we are paying 649. They are wanting to raise our rent $50.00 monthly if we resign at the end of our lease to stay a...

11/30/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #13145
I need to know the Code that specifies the 24 hour notice necessary for a landlord to enter home

I need to know the Code Section that specifies the 24 hour notice necessary for a landlord to enter a home for an inspection. I cannot find this section and this issue has arisen.

12/06/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #13465
What are my options once given a three day notice?

I am a renter in Kansas. I have been served with a "three day notice to quit and terminate tenancy" It gives me 3 days to pay the rent and the late fee. I will not have the money to pay the rent until the 15th of this month. My landlord will not work with me on this. Can you ...

12/07/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » KS  #13529
What can I do if the landlord lied about the heat working?

I was lied to by landlord that said heat works and is paid for by owner, but no heat.

12/10/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #13619

I suggest contacting the local housing or tenants' association, as ordinances vary by local ar...

I currently live in an apartment located in Connecticut. We just got a huge snow storm. My father & I live 3 doors away from each other in the same building. Besides myself, my father is the youngest person who resides here. There is now currently 10 inches of snow with i...

12/13/2007 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CT  #13863

When a property changes ownership the new owner is bound to the terms of the lease in place un...

Is it legal for a new owner to make me get rid of my dogs after we have lived in the place for two years?

01/06/2008 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #14484
What can landlord do to collect back rent from someone who does not have it?

My niece, single, pregnant, and has 1 child could not pay her rent, she was 3 months behind and has vacated the property. She tried to work with landlord to have her friends do repair work on his rental properties; however, landlord would not work anything with her. She cleane...

12/12/2008 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » GA  #14792
How can I terminate the lease of tenants who are behind on rent?

I have a signed lease agreement in Massachussets with my tenant. They have bad credit, so the terms of the lease agreement stipulate escalating late fees if the rent is more than 10 days late. This was a concession to rent my house to them given the bad credit history. Now they...

12/18/2008 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #14829
How do I evict a tenant that is 5 months behind on rent?

I need to evict a tenant that owes 5 months rent.

12/19/2008 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #14833
Who does the improvements and fixtures on the rented property belong to?

For the past three years I have been renting a one bedroom duplex and recently my landlord lost the property due to continuous miss payment. Without me knowing any of this the bank who now owns the property hired an independent property management company. A rolled-up paper type ...

12/30/2008 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #14880
What is the process for eviction of my tenants?

What are the first steps I need to do to evict my tenant?

12/31/2008 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #14891
What is owner's liability for tenant drug use on premises?

What is owner's liability for tenant drug use on premises?

01/08/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #14950
Tenant Wishes to Terminate Lease With Notice and Forfeiture of Security Deposit

I am having a conflict with a proposed tenant on a 5 year store lease. He wants to be relieved of personal guaranty anytime with 6 months notice and forfeiture of 2 months security. The property is in New York. Is this advisable?

01/14/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » FL  #14989
What is needed to evict a tenant for non payment?

I need all of the forms to file with the court to evict a tenant for non payment of rent.

01/15/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MO  #15007
What is used to determine how much a tenants rent can be raised at one time?

On 12/05/08 I purchased a small building in Pennsylvania. The two tenants have been living there for one year; I need to increase their rent. They are paying $600.00 a month for a six room apartment and I don't know how much to increase the rent. The oil prices are killing me.

01/17/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #15019
If an at will tenant moves and leaves behind possessions, legally what can I do with them?

I live in the state of Massachusetts. A person who rented a room from me left a large majority of his possessions behind when he moved out Dec 1st. What are my obligations to his possessions? He was also a tenant at will, he was not under a lease. Do not know if that makes a di...

01/22/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #15042
Can I change the locks on a tenant who is in violation of the lease and has recieved notice?

Can you legally change the locks on a tenants apartment for non payment of rent after you have given them the 14 day notice of lease termination or do I have to go through the Summary Process Summons form and court? She owes past due amount of $900.00 and owes current rent of $7...

01/23/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #15045
Am I obligated to report someone who is taking advantage of section 8 housing?

I am a property manager for a Section 8 / 202 property in Minnesota. I currently have a tenant who is not living in the apartment but is paying the rent and still receiving subsidy. What are my rights and obligations as landlord?

01/30/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MN  #15108
Am I obligated to pay for the two weeks prior to the start date of the lease?

In the state of VA, we are starting a lease on a home through a (3rd party) Real Estate agent. On the agreement it states we were given 'Possesion' of the house on 2/9/09 and the lease term to begin on 3/1/09. We were told we could start moving in on 2/9/09, which we did. Nothing...

03/03/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » VA  #15422
How to Terminate Apartment Lease When Dealing with Poor Management

I signed a lease at an apartment complex in Clarksville, TN, that expired August 14, 2008, after which it turned to a month-to-month lease. However, toward the end of June, while I was out of the country, the management with which I had signed the lease went bankrupt. A new manag...

03/10/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #15513
Is it still considered subleting if the person is a relative staying rent free?

Is it considered a sublet if the subtenant is a family member living in the apartment alone and rent free?

03/11/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #15549
What is amount that rent on a commercial lease can be raised at one time?

I bought a co-op in 1998 and another in 2002 in the same building. Last October (2008), we where advised by the co-op board that our land lease rent was going up around 115%. My wife and I were shocked. I went back and checked my closing statements. There was a disclosure stating...

03/14/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #15630
Tenant not Paying Utilities that are in Landlords name

What recourse of legal actions or options as a landlord do I have if tenant fails to pay utitilities if the account is in the Landlord's name. Can the landlord have the utilities cut off until payment is made?

03/17/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #15664
What are my options when property managment will not work with me on terminating the lease?

If a management company refuses to cooperate with you when a tenant breaks the lease after eight months from the original term of two years, and refuses to pay the penalty, what options do I have?

03/24/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OH  #15749
As a landlord what are the liabilities of renting to a tenant with a criminal sexual conduct history

In the State of Michigan, is a landlord/owner of an apartment building permitted to lease to a tenant with a criminal sexual conduct history? Is there any disclosure required to other tenants and what liabilities are present?

04/07/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MI  #15909
Can the oil company make me responsible for collecting from my tenants?

My tenants are required to pay for their own oil heat and are each billed separately and always have been. After 20 years the oil company is now saying I have to pay for all tenant oil deliveries and bill them each myself and be liable if they don't pay for the oil. I never agree...

04/07/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ME  #15915
Does the law require a property manager if I live in different state from the property?

If I am renting my property in Oregon and I live in California, do I have to have a property manager?

04/14/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » OR  #15983
How to enforce neighborhood bylaws

We have a common area where a tenant, who is a renter, has set up a large tent and a travel trailer. He was given permission, by a former President of the association, that he could have access to it. He is on an end unit and is our handyman around the units. He stores a vintage ...

04/27/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16155
Does the mother of my child have legal rights to my rented property if we lived together?

Does the mother of my child, who has lived at my address, have to be registered at her legal address for insurance purposes? Also, she has voluntered to leave, and has been gone for 4 weeks with some of her belongings still in my house (which I do not own, but rent from my moth...

04/27/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16163
What action can I take against my landlord for cutting off my water when that is a city service?

We live in a mobile home community. We only pay space rent. We are responsible for our own utilities. The landlord turned off our water without notification, not even a knock on our door. What course of action do we have against him?

04/27/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16197
What are my daughter's rights to fight her eviction?

My daughter has been served an eviction notice. She said her rent check bounced without her realizing it, and was not told the check did not go through. When she went to pay rent she was told that she has been served with eviction notice and refused to accept rent payment. She an...

04/27/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16209
Does the amount of rent paid in the lease have any bearing on its legality?

I am leasing a commercial warehouse space from my wife's family for a symbolic fee of $100.00 (One hundred) a year. The property is in a trust and my mother-in-law is the trustee that signed the lease with me. I have all the cleared checks. Even if I am paying almost nothing, is ...

04/28/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16222
What are my legal rights if there is no lease and tenant is not paying rent as agreed?

I have a tenant who about a year ago started to pay the rent late. A few months later started to pay less than the agreed price. The last couple of months she hasn't even paid half and last two months has been less than $200.00. We do not have a written lease agreement, can I st...

04/28/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16249
Can I garnish a tenant for non-payment?

Can you get a court order to garnishee a tenant or former tenants wages because they failed to pay rent if you can show proof of non-payment?

04/28/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MS  #16287
If I want to rent out a room in my home, what type of lease is needed?

I want to rent a room in my house to an individual. What sort of lease agreement do I need?

04/28/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16314
How do I evict my mother and sister if we have no lease?

What do you have to do if you want your mother and sister to move out of your house? There is no agreement on paper and they refuse to move out.

04/28/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16318
What can I do about terminating my lease early since I am being transferred at my job?

I live in the state of Texas. I have a 1 year lease that I am two months into. The agency that I work for is requiring me to move out the state. I went to talk to the apartment managers and they were not willing to work with me at all. I even provided with them paperwork as proof...

04/29/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » TX  #16355
What are my options to sell a rental property that is occupied with a lease?

I am a landlord of two family homes, not owner occupied. I have run into financial difficulties and need to sell the property to get out of debt. One of the tenants are five months into a year lease. They do not want to allow me to show the house to possible buyers, unless I: A...

04/29/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16434
My landlord sold the property and my lease is not up for another two months

My lease for a room in a private home (not owner occupied) is in force until July 2008. The owner has just sold the home, there is no words in the lease agreement regarding lease termination in this situation. I am told I will probably be required to move out with 60 days notice...

04/29/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » ALL  #16452
New property management company is requiring tenants to sign new lease/terms. Is this necessary?

I have lived in a mobile home park since September of 2005. We did pay our rent in cash but since December of 05 we have paid by check. We recently had a change of management, now they want a few of us to sign a rental agreement valid for 7 months only after which they can let yo...

04/30/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » CA  #16488
What is the maximum increase that a landlord can get on a non stabilized apartment in New York?

What is the maximum increase (%) that a landlord can get on a non stabilized apartment, one year lease, in New York City . Do they have to provide more than a one year lease if asked?

05/04/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NY  #16545
Am I legally obligated to provide my 26 year old a place to live?

We have a 26 year old daughter that lives with us. We have recently found out that she has a serious drug problem and she has willingly gone to rehab. My question is that when she returns from rehab are we legally obligated to let her stay here if she goes back to drugs. I have t...

05/04/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NJ  #16553
What is considered reasonable and beyond wear and tear?

This past weekend, our tenant of 11 years moved. She was a Section 8 tenant and moved in to the apartment after it had been completely renovated and updated after a major fire, so everything was brand new and she was the sole tenant from 1999 to the present. She went on Section...

05/05/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » MA  #16579
If there is no written contract would rent be month-to-month?

My father owns property in Rutherford County, NC that he has rented to a church group for the past 36 months (or so) to be used as a worship center. No written agreement was ever put in place. He has offered the property to them several times for sale but they have been unable ...

05/05/2009 | Category » Landlord Tenant  State » NC  #16589