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Is my landlord liable for the upkept of a rented mobile home lot?

I own my mobile home but the rented lot that it sits on is sinking because of a sewer main that run's off in my yard to the main sewer drain in the street. My home is sinking drastically. The lot owner says he is not liable.

01/10/2007 | Category » Mobile homes  State » WY  #329
What can I do about the dealer that did not put up my mobile home correctly causing severe damage?

I bought a mobile home from a dealer. He was also paid to deliver the home and correctly place it on the lot. My home is breaking in two and when I call him he hangs up on me.

01/12/2007 | Category » Mobile homes  State » OK  #393
Can I claim the mobile home if it is not moved since I own the land?

The owner of a manufactured home did not purchase the property on which the home is located. I own the property. If the homeowner fails to remove the mobile home, can I charge the owner a fee to leave it on my property? If the homeowner does not pay, can I assume it is abandoned...

04/13/2007 | Category » Mobile homes  State » TX  #3092
How can we have a mobile home moved that does not have a clear title?

Joe owns a lot. He allows his daughter and son in law to park a mobile home on the lot. They get divorced and file for bankruptcy. The lender forecloses on the mobile home but does not reposess it because the appraisser claims that it is not worth hauling away. The mobile hom...

05/17/2007 | Category » Mobile homes  State » CA  #5102
What contract do I use to sell my mobile home with a lease purchase option?

I have a mobile home that I would like to sell with a lease/option to purchase contract. It is already set up on a lot and will be sold with lot. Which contract do I use; the stationary manufactured home or the mobile home contract offered?

02/06/2009 | Category » Mobile homes  State » TX  #15170