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Should I have an alternate "true lawful attorney" for my Power of Attorney?

I have named my wife as my "true lawful attorney" in my Durable Power of Attorney. Should I name an alternate in case she is unable to act in this capacity? If so, how?

01/03/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MA  #97
How do I fire my attorney and do I notify the court?

Do I need to file a Motion to Withdraw from counsel if the attorney that I retained has not yet filed any documents in the court, and would my unused portion of the retainer then be reimbursed to me?

01/04/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #114
Is a Power of Attorney enough to be able to sell the home of the deceased if there is a mortgage?

Person A named Person B general Power of Attorney. Person B had been caring for Person A who just recently became deceased. The Power of Attorney has a clause stating "This Power of Attorney is not affected by the subsequent disability of the principal." Person B is now wanting t...

01/05/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #123
What Are The Requirements to Become Power of Attorney?

My aging father is an abuser of narcotics. What do I have to do to become his power of attorney? He is very uncooperative.

01/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AR  #248
How long is a Durable POA and Health Care good for?

How long is a Durable POA and Health Care good for? Does it expire?

01/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TN  #251
Who Can Be Granted a Power of Attorney?

Who can be granted a power of attorney and who cannot?

01/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #255
Is a Power of Attorney legal if a family member takes it upon himself to get a power of attorney?

Is a Power of Attorney legal if a family member takes it upon himself to get a power of attorney, and has the principle sign even though the principal is already incompetent?

01/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #270
How do I give a limited power of attorney to someone?

My brother is terminally ill in a hospital in California. I am the only blood relative and I live in Texas. I plan to go to California in the event of his demise, but now he is incoherent and unable to sign any papers. How can I give a limited power of attorney to a friend in Cal...

01/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #271
How to get a power of attorney for my father who is already incompetent?

How to get a power of attorney for my father who is already incompetent?

01/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » OH  #284
Is it a requirement to record a Power of Attorney within California?

Is it a requirement to record a Power of Attorney within California? If so, whom do I record it with?

02/01/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #1000
Can the attorney-in-fact of a power of attorney resign?

Can the attorney-in-fact of a power of attorney resign?

02/01/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #1061
Can there be co-agents on a power of attorney such as sisters?

Can there be co-agents on a power of attorney or can there only be one named?

02/05/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #436
Does a durable power-of-attorney effective upon disability expire upon the death of the grantor?

Does a durable power-of-attorney effective upon disability expire upon the death of the grantor? Do all power-of-attorney documents expire upon the death of the grantor?

02/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #609
What are my rights if I share attorney in fact on a durable power of attorney for my mother?

If my sister and myself are both appointed attorney in fact on a durable power of attorney for my mother, what are my rights?

03/16/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #1599
How do I relinquish the Power of Attorney for my parents and appoint my sister?

I have the durable power of attorney for my parent and have been for the past 17 years. I would like to relinquish this honor to my sister and would like some information as to what the process is for doing so.

03/16/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MI  #1634
Can a name be added as a secondary healthcare power of attorney after the form has been activated?

Can a name be added as a secondary healthcare power of attorney after the form has been activated? For instance, if the healthcare power of attorney is travelling, can someone else be added to act in the interests of the principal? The principal may or may not be considered comp...

03/28/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » WI  #2261
What legal form do I need to have control over my alcoholic mother's finance's?

I have a mother that drinks alot and, really have bad judgement on everything. She lets my younger sister handle her money for her, but my sister does not do anything for but scream at her. She needs dentures, eye glasses, Dr Appts and cloths. So, what legal form do I need?

03/28/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NC  #2263
How does one properly execute a general Power of Attorney after it has been notarized?

How does one properly execute a general Power of Attorney after it has been notarized? What is an "Agent"?

04/02/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MD  #2468
What form do I need to relinquish a Power of Attorney?

What form do I need to relinquish a power of attorney that I have to the persons family member?

04/04/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #2644
Where can I find a Power of Attorney form for bank purposes only?

I'm trying to get a power of attorney form. This form is needed for bank purpose. I want my son to be on my account for the purpose of paying bills and writing checks.

04/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TN  #2818
How do I get a Power of Attorney for my mother who has had a stoke?

We are told that we need to get a power of attorney for my mother who had a stroke. How do I get it and why do I need it? Do I need to consult an attorney?

04/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #2843
How do you fix a misspelled name on a Power of Attorney?

My mom has power of attorney for my dad. The person that did the forms mispelled her name only by the first letter. How can we go about fixing that form?

04/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #2845
What type of power of attorney form would I use to take care of my grandson?

What type of power of attorney form would I use to take care of my grandson. My son would like to give me his parental rights by power of attorney until he is back in town and able to care for his child.

04/11/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #2985
What is needed to care for my elderly mother's financial needs and make medical decisions?

My mom has the beginnings stages of alzheimers and I need to take care of her financials and medical decisions. What is needed?

04/13/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #3083
Can two persons have a "Power of Attorney" from the same person at the same time and be legal?

Can two persons have a "Power of Attorney" from the same person at the same time and be legal ?

04/17/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » SC  #3137
Is a Power of Attorney in one state good in another state?

I have a power of attorney in Florida. When my friend moves to New York and needs another person to have power of attorney for business in New York- is my power of attorney in Florida invalid? I am also her executive and trustee of her revocable living trust and have helped her ...

04/25/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #3304
Am I responsible for paying my mother's bills if I am her power of attorney?

I have my mother's durable Power of Attorney. She is 79 and has dementia. Two years ago we had to file bankruptcy for her because she didn't pay her bills. The referee for the bankruptcy would not finalize it because she continued to not pay her bills. The only way he would s...

04/28/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » OH  #3394
Can there be two powers of attorneys at one time?

Can my mother have both my sister and myself as powers of attorney at the same time?

04/30/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » OK  #3473
Can I relinquish the Power of Attorney over my father to my mother?

I have a durable Power of Attorney for my stepfather who is in a skilled care facility. My mother was unable to care for him at the time, but has since decided that she can take care of his business. His physician has declared him too incompetent to make a decision on his own beh...

05/01/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » SC  #3489
What is involved in transferring power of attorney to my daughter?

What is involved in transferring power of attorney to her daughter?

05/05/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #3846
How do we keep my husband's siblings from taking advantage of his elderly mother since he has POA?


05/08/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NH  #4276

We are unaware of any law in Wisconsin preventing an out of state resident being given power...

We are Florida residents and our father resides in Waukesha County in Wisconsin. My husband currently has a sister in Wisconsin has Dad’s power of attorney and is executor of his estate. Dad would like my husband who lives in Florida to also be have power of attorney an...

05/10/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » WI  #4386
Can you Contest a Power of Attorney Appointment?

Can the person appointed to be "Power of Attorney" for someone be challenged?

05/10/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MN  #4428
How do you make a Power of Attorney legally binding?

Does a Power of Attorney have to be filed with an attorney to be effective or does it just have to be filled out, signed and notarized to be in effect? This would be a Power of Attorney to handle my mother's personal business such as finances, bills, etc. while she's in the nursi...

05/14/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #4673
Is there a way to force my sister into telling us where she has our mother?

My younger sister cares for my 95 year old mother who has alzheimers. She has not allowed me or my older sister to see her for about four years and now I don't even know where my mother is. Is there a way I can force her to tell me where my mother is living or if she is still liv...

05/15/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AR  #4762
What is my sister in law liable for as the attorney in fact for my mother in law?

My sister in law is an agent for my mother in law. What is she liable for financially and can she risign at any time? Who takes over if the principal is not capable?

05/15/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MN  #4803

The validity of a power of attorney in another state depends on the law and/or procedures of t...

Would a Power of Attorney that was written in Florida be valid in the state of Ohio?

05/17/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » OH  #5032
What type of Power of Attorney is needed for the bank to allow me to sign for my mother?

My mother wants to give me power of attorney to me to be able to choose a mortgage and sign contracts for a loan on the house we live in. The bank will not accept my Durable Power of Attorney for my mother.

05/27/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NY  #5972
Can a lawyer add a name as a Power of Attorney without asking?

The lawyer who drew up a Power of Attorney for my mother inserted his wife's name as the back-up, in case neither my brother nor I could function. Is this a recognized practice? If so, shouldn't he have asked first? If not, what should we do?

06/05/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NY  #6198
Do you need a durable power of attorney for a joint bank account?

My father-in law's mental state is beginning to deteriorate due to dementia, why would my mother-in law need durable power of attorney if their bank accounts are joint? She already has a patient advocate for health.

06/06/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MI  #6202
How do you change your power of attorney?

if I give a person power of attorney and I decide to designate someone else later must my lawyer notify the first person that they no longer have power of attorny?

06/20/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #6547

A power of attorney is an instrument containing an authorization for one to act as the agent o...

Can a person acting as attorney-in-fact legal for someone (i.e., has power of attorney) take payment for services rendered?

07/09/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » WA  #7009

If the power of attorney legally authorizes a particular act, the agent cannot be held persona...

Is an agent appointed as power of attorney responsibile for debts obtained by principal?

08/03/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » WI  #7691

A foreign power of attorney is typically enforceable as long as it complies with state laws. F...

My parents are trying to give me legal Power of Attorney over their affairs. They live in South Africa at the moment. We have the documents filled out but we are not sure if it is legal to have them notarized in South Africa. Would that be honored here in the States? Or is th...

10/03/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #9561
How can I revoke a power of attorney when I do not know where it is stored at?

How can I revoke a power of attorney when I do not know where it is stored at?

10/04/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AK  #9642
What type of Power Of Attorney needs to be used in Virginia for real estate transactions?

What type of Power Of Attorney needs to be used in Virginia for real estate transactions? Durable, General, Limited, etc.? Must the Power of attoney be recorded or can it be recorded as part of the realestate transaction?

10/04/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » VA  #9670
What personal liability will my daughter have if I make her my power of attorney?

What personal liability will my daughter have if I make her my power of attorney? Is there liability beyond financial liability for her? Can she be sued if my in home aid, whom she will hire as my POA is hurt while taking care of me in my home? Is she personally liable for any...

11/01/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #11425
How do I gain Power of Attorney over my grandmother who has dementia?

What kind of form should I use if you have a grandparent in the nursing home and she has dementia? My mother was her legal guardian but she has passed. What can I do to become power of attorney over her?

11/01/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » GA  #11435

Assume Jack Sprat appoints his wife, Mary Sprat, as his agent in a written power of attorney. ...

If I have a limited power of attorney for someone to assist him in clearing up fraudulent accounts with credit bureaus and creditors, how do I sign the documents/ affidavits? Do I sign my name since I am attaching copies of the Limited POA to the creditor or do I sign his name?

11/27/2007 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #12925
Can a US Citizen Appoint a Relative Living Overseas a Power of Attorney

I currently live in Australia. I was born in Alabama and am a US resident. My brother who resides in Alabama has cancer and wants to grant me power of attorney (along with my brother who resides in Alabama). Can I be an agent under this law even if I live overseas?

12/10/2008 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #14782
How do you change Power of Attorney from one person to another?

I have general Power of Attorney for my former step father, who is now incompetent and living in Florida ( I live in GA). His biological daughter is now with him and needs to get Power of Attorney to help him with his affairs. How do we do this?

12/11/2008 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » GA  #14788
Should I file the Durable Power of Attorney for both of my living parents?

I have been assigned Durable Power of Attorney for both of my living parents. Should I file it with any particular entity to record it and validate it?

12/30/2008 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #14889
If I am Power of Attorney over my parents, can I be liable for their unsecured debt?

I am Power of attorney for my parents and I am a signer on their personal checking accounts. What is my liability for their unsecured debt?

01/09/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #14959
Can my brother relinquish his Power of Attorney to me since he lives so far away?

My brother has Power of Attorney for my Mom who just passed away. It would be much easier to settle everything If I had it because he lives so far away. How can he relinquish it and give it to me?

01/25/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #15065
What does a Power of Attorney allow me to do?

Does this Power of Attorney language I commonly see draw, accept, endorse or otherwise deal with any checks or other commercial or mercantile instruments for my benefit have to do with my checking account?

01/29/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #15100
What state's Power of Attorney should I use for financial purposes?

I live in New York state and want to grant durable Power of Attorney to an individual in North Carolina, allowing him to conduct certain financial transactions on my behalf relating to specified investment accounts. The investment bank in question is also headquartered in North ...

02/23/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NY  #15337
Do I have to have the exact date for Revocation of Lost Power of Attorney?

When revoking a 'Power of Attorney,' it asks for the date, which I do not have. I misplaced my copy. Can I just put the year or put June 1, 2006 - August 30, 2006. Do I have to have the exact date it was signed by me? My ex-husband and I signed a 'PARENTAL CONSENT FOR RELEASE O...

03/01/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NC  #15405
Special Power of Attorney in Oregon

I own a hotshot business and would like to create a special power of attorney with my wording and give permission for my agent to do only certain tasks that pertain to the business. Is this possible?

03/06/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » OR  #15471
Does power of attorney give you right to ownership? - Power of Attorney

I am a part owner of a home in Connecticut, along with a brother and 2 sisters. Our mother (92 yrs) is now in a nursing home after living in this mentioned home for many years. Our brother, a Massachusetts attorney, has a power-of-attorney, for our mother, that he obtained years ...

03/10/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CT  #15530
Power of Attorney for passing mother who is still legally married

My Mother recently passed leaving no power of attorney over her finances, she is married but has been separated for over ten years (not legally). Is it possible for me to become power of attorney over her finances although she is still married in the state of Georgia.

03/11/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #15552
I would like to file a lien against my mother's home until I can sell it?

I have taken power of attorney for my mother's financial accounts to pay off up to $50,000.00 of credit card debt. I would like to file a lien at the court house to protect myself until I can get her house sold and get reimbursed for the bills I have paid. Can I use one of your...

03/13/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #15619
How do I get Power of Attorney for my sister who is mentally unstable right now?

My sister tried to commit suicide yesterday and has been admitted into a psychiatric facility where she is still in the 'mental breakdown mode'. Her husband is planning to use this against her for the divorce that is up and coming. She has three minor children; therefore, I need ...

03/16/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CO  #15647
What is needed for my to become guardianship of my handicapped niece?

My niece is paralized on left side because of a tumer. She has no interest in anything, what do you think of power of attornery for her? She doesn't have much money right now but she gets disablitity.

03/21/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #15717
What action can I take against my sister's if I believe they abused thier Power of Attorney?

My 2 sisters and I are all beneficiaries to my fathers estate, who passed away 1yr ago. It was not until after he died I found out they took him to another attorney and had him make them Power of attorneys, I also found out after his death, they took him to a bank, and had him ta...

03/22/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CT  #15721
What is a 'qualifying Power of Attorney' as it pertains to bail bond?

What is a 'qualifying Power of Attorney' as it pertains to bail bond?

04/02/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #15853
Is there a way to challenge a Power of Attorney if it is beign misused?

Is there a way to fight a power of attorney if you believe it was done to gain access to an elderly family members money?

04/04/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #15883
As Power of Attorney can my wife change the locks on her mother's home without families permission?

My wife has Power of Attorney for her mother. Her half sister is on the papers only if something happens to my wife. Can my wife change the locks on her mother's house and tell her sister to return her mothers car? The sister is doing what she wants and not recognizing. My wife's...

04/06/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MD  #15892
New Durable Power of Attorney Statute in Massachusetts

In regards to Chapter 201 B of the General Laws of MA, I am nearly done drafting a Uniform Durable Power of Attorney document for my Mom. My brother-in-law, an attorney, has provided guidance. He says several sections of Chapter 201 B were repealed and replaced with new wording...

04/12/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MA  #15958
Who can issue Power of Attorney for an incapacitated person?

My boyfriend of 22 years was severly injured on 27 February. He is paralzed and suffered a stroke and consciousness is still questionable he cannot speak or react to questions. In order to proceed with the power of attorney document, we need to know who can authorize power of at...

04/13/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #15961
What can I do if I believe my sister is abusing her Power of Attorney over my mother?

My sister and mother both reside in Ozaukee County, WI. My sister has Power of Attorney for Health Care and all other matters (financial, etc.) for my mother, who is in an Alzheimer's group home. We are concerned that my sister is usurping her position and she refuses to add me...

04/13/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #15978
What type of Power of Attorney is needed to allow someone to rent a home for me?

I Now Live In Houston, Texas and I Own A Home In Milton, Florida, that I need to rent. I have a friend there that will help me write the lease agreement, but I guess I need to give her limited Power of Attorney to act on my behalf. So, my question is, what form will work for me o...

04/20/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #16066
As Power of Attorney am I responsible for showing how I spent my mother's money caring for her?

I have taken care of my elderly mother for 6 years as her Power of Attorney for property and health care. Following her death, my siblings are fighting over the fact that I spent her monies caring for her. I was the only one who cared for her and do not feel I need to prove how ...

04/23/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #16110
Can my brother force me into giving power of attorney to him?

My Power of Attorney says I can delegate any or all of the authority. Is it transferable or assignable? My brother wants (is trying to force) me to give it to him. Is this allowed?

04/24/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #16120
How would I get a Power of Attorney for my husband who is overseas for financial purposes?

Can I get Power of Attorney papers drawn up online? My husband is in Iraq and I am trying to get a loan that he is okay with but they require Power of Attorney papers or his signature.

04/24/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #16123
Does a Health Care Power of Attorney nullify any Living Will Form

In the State of North Carolina, does a Health Care Power of Attorney negate any Living Will Form that might be signed at a later date in a hospital setting?

04/27/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NC  #16157
Can I resign as Power of Attorney for my mother?

A few years ago I was appointed a power of attorney for both health and property for my mother, but would now like to resign as power of attorney and turn it over to my sister, who is listed on the power of attorney document as the alternate power of attorney. To resign, must I d...

04/27/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16206
As Power of Attorney will my husband be responsible for his father's credit card debt upon his death

My husband has General Power of Attorney over his fathers finances, i.e. pays his bills etc.. His father has a large credit card bill and my question is: upon his death, will my husband be responsible for paying back the balance? My husband is not listed on the credit card accoun...

04/28/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16241
What is needed for my brother to show he is Power of Attorney over my ill father?

Our father is in assisted living care. My brother that is appointed executor to his will needs to show he has power of attorney as stated in our fathers will. We need proof that he is power of attorney for our father. What do we need to prove that besides what is stated in our fa...

04/28/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16283
What forms are needed for my dad to get Power of Attorney over my mother if they are married?

My dad needs to have power of attorney for financial reasons since my mom recently had a stroke and is unable to make decisions in regards to daily living situations. I need to know what forms he will need to get power of attorney on behalf of my mother. They are legally married...

04/28/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16306
Is a Power of attorney in spanish, notarized in Arizona valid in Mexico

Is a Power of attorney in spanish, notarized in Arizona valid in Mexico? Does it need to be filed for every single person individually?

04/28/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16321
My daughter has Healthcare Power of Attorney, can she put my wife in a nursing home against my wish?

If my daughter has a Power of Attorney for health care issues for my wife that has never been notarized, can she sign to have my wife transferred to a nursing home against my will?

04/29/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16415
Is my mother's Power of Attorney and Will valid if she moved to another state?

Our Mother has just moved back to Michigan from Flordia. She had a will and power of attorney filed in Flordia. Are these good in Michigan, or will she have to have them redone or amended.

05/03/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MI  #16522
How do I revoke my current Power of Attorney and make a new one?

I want to revoke my present POA and give that responsibility to my wife (we are presently legally separated). Do I need to do anything special?

05/04/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ALL  #16544
Is there a form the doctor can sign verifying my father is not of sound mind?

We have a durable power of attorney for my father and we took the document to his physician to attest that he was in fact no longer capable of acting on his own behalf. She indicated that she would be willing to sign attesting to that fact, but that usually there is a single form...

05/04/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #16559
What power is given in a Durable Power of Attorney regarding my IRA's?

This question is about 'Durable Powers of Attorney for finances and the power he can be given regarding IRAs. My documentation says he may select payment options and possibly borrow from it. What about making withdrawals from my IRA's to pay medical bills and other bills? This...

05/11/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #16645
Is there a form that will my husband can sign that would give me permission to sign his check?

My husband and I are getting a divorce. He is in Disability and I am on Social Security. He is going to another women but wants his checks to still come to our house. Can I get permission to sign his checks?

05/15/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #16684
How do I dissolve a power of attorney that I signed and How do I dissolve a will?

How do I dissolve a power of attorney that I signed and How do I dissolve a will?

05/19/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #16715
A power of attorney is a legal document appointing another to act in the maker’s place ...

Hi, My name is Helen Brouwer. My husband is 94 years old. And he is too old, weak and sometimes unhealthy to decide. I want to know how to set a power of attorney for medical and financial reason.

05/22/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #16757
What forms are needed to change beneficiaries on all my bank accounts?

I have received the form, VA-P003A, and want to know if the agent would have the power to change beneficiaries stated by the principal for any or all money market, certificate of deposit, or savings accounts. Please let me know if this power would apply to any of these.

05/27/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » VA  #16793
What can I do if I feel my sister has abused her Power of Attorney over my mother?

My sister lives in California. My mother had a stroke in Florida where she lived. My sister took my mother to California for the last 3 years during which time she had my mother make her power of attorney and then deemed her incapable of making any decisions for herself. My si...

05/27/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #16796
Does a Power of Attorney make you responsible for another's debt?

My son's partner (not legal) was suddenly became seriously ill in NYC while attending school there. (They are California residents) The partner is unable to attend to his financial matters and my son got a power of attorney to pay his bills etc. What are my son's liabilities? Is ...

05/29/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #16815
How often does a Power of Attorney need to be updated?

I hold a durable Power of Attorney for financial management, executed September 2008. Recently a title company said it was out of date for the closing about to take place. It was no big deal as the co-owner is now able to be present. But how can it possibly be out of date? Am I r...

06/04/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » VA  #16868
Can an Incapacitated Person Sign A Valid Contract During a Lucid Moment?

We have a Durable Power of Attorney for my Mom. We asked her doctor to 'activate' the DPOA per Massachusetts Law by providing a letter certifying that Mom is no longer able to manage her own affairs (the doctor did so). The DPOA was signed, witnessed, and notarized on 5/27/09. ...

06/19/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MA  #17083
What Form is Used in California to Prove a Principal's Inacapacity?

My husband, who has alzheimers, has a trust. I have a Power of Attorney. Two doctors must sign as to his incompetence. What form should I use for this purpose?

06/20/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #17087
Can A Bank Refuse to Accept a Power of Attorney?

My father executed his Power of Attorney on 11 May 2005. It was prepared by a lawyer. My stepmother is named as his Attorney-in-Fact. I am his daughter and was named his alternate Attorney-in-Fact. His wife is incompetent to manage his affairs now due to Alzheimers. I have t...

06/29/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MD  #17252
What can I do if I believe a relative abused the Power of Attorney over my aunt for his own gain?

I have an aunt that almost froze to death in February 2003. A cousin took a durable Power of Attorney and he and his wife paid my aunt $1.00 for her land on March 6, 2003 as a quick sale. Is there anything I can do about it 6 years later?

07/05/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » WV  #17335
How Do I Modify A Power of Attorney That is Being Abused?

How does my friend, who is cognitively intact, but has a husband dying of cancer, decrease the control her son has over her through Power of Attorney. He is abusing this power and she was rushed and almost forced into signing. She would like to have his help on financial manners ...

07/07/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MI  #17371
What is an Attorney in Fact?

In the proxy forms, I want to appoint a non-attorney to represent me at a meeting, but the language say 'do hereby constitute, appoint and name-as my true and lawful attorney and agent for me-. If the person is not an attorney, should I take that word out of the language and jus...

07/08/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #17381
Does a Power of Attorney Need to be Witnessed in California?

In California, does a durable Power of Attorney need a notarized or will two witnesses suffice?

07/10/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #17479
Can I Name Two Agents in a Power of Attorney?

Can I list both of my sons as agents on a POA, not one first then the second, but the two as one son or the other son?

07/12/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NM  #17500
Can an Agent in a Power of Attorney Disobey the Wishes of the Principal?

Is there any kind of power of attorney under which if the principal's wishes conflict with those of the agent, the AGENT's decision will govern? If so, can that type of POA be ended by the principal or by a court?

08/11/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #18044
Can A Bank Refuse to Accept a Power of Attorney?

under what conditions can a financial institution refuse to accept a ligitiment POA request for info re status of an account with their co.?

08/19/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #18158
Can I Keep a Home Free From Claims of the State for Nursing Home Care?

I am due to inherit an estate fo my dying brother and his wife. She has dementia and I am afraid I would have to put her in a home sooner than later, would the state take the house if I cannot make the facility payment? my brother will live maybe a week longer. I need to know if...

08/24/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NC  #18238
How Do I Change the Successor Agent in A Power of Attorney in Illinois?

My wife is disabled and I have POA over her affairs. I need to change the designated backup POA person. How do I do this?

09/01/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #18376
Can a Power of Attorney Made in the US Be Used Overseas?

I gave a 'General Durable Power of Attorney Effective upon execution' on Dec 12 2008 in front of Notary public Jeanne Robinson Carroll county Maryland, to my sister. The purpose was to act on my behalf with regards to bank matters of my deceased mother. Such matters were to be ex...

10/31/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MA  #19401
Is a Power of Attorney Created in California Good for Use in the UK?

Will a Calif. limited power of attorney be valid in the Unite Kingdom or the European Union? My daughter is doing a study abroad next January in the U.K. and vacationing in Germany, and her school recommends she execute a power of attorney in case of emergency. She is 21.

11/03/2009 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #19442
How Can I Get a Person With Alzheimers to Give Me a Power of Attorney?

Dad was mom's POA. Daughter was dad's POA. Dad just died suddenly. Mom has alzheimers. How can I be moms POA

01/06/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MI  #20325
In Florida, how do I obtain the authority over veterans benefits for a disabled adult

My ex husband lives in Fl. and I live in MA. He is in the hospital in Fl. and is not able to handle his affairs. I need a POA so I can help him get info re veterans benefits. His son lives in Wyo and his daughter in AZ. Should I have him sign a general POA for me to get info re...

01/15/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MA  #20467
Which State Law Should a Power of Attorney Comply With if The Property is in Another State?

I am seeking a Limited Power of Attorney for a Florida resident who will be refinancing property located in New York, the agent is the Principals daughter. I read on the web that the Limited Power would be permitted to designate property outside of Florida and I am looking for su...

02/03/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NJ  #20769
Can I temporarily allow friends care for my child in North Carolina so I can move to Florida?

I need to move from Florida to North Carolina. My daughter is turning 17 in April and would like to finish the school year here in Sarasota County Florida. Her farther and I are estranged and has very little interaction with my daughter. Is there paperwork I can fill out to le...

02/05/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #20804
How Can I Revoke The Agent's Authority for Abusing a Power of Attorney?

My mom passed away a few years ago and my siblings selected me to handle our father's finances. When my father went to live with my father, she received DPOA. Even though she has DPOA, I have still handled his finances.When my mom passed away, she left me and my sister as benefi...

02/06/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » FL  #20820
Does a Durable Power of Attorney in Georgia Need to Be Witnessed?

I'm I required to have a witness present when I sign a durable Power of Attorney Form?

03/29/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » GA  #21587
Why Do I Need to Sign a Real Estate Transfer Tax Form in New York?

My mother has Alzheimers, she live in Yonkers Ny, I live in CT....my brother ( 1of 4 siblings) is going to be made Power of Attorney, all siblings are fine with that, although yesterday he asked me to sign a REal Estate Transfer Tax form, Grantor being my mother and Grantee me b...

04/03/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CT  #21649
Can More than One Agent Be Named in a Durable Power of Attorney in Wisconsin?

Under the Wisconsin General Durable Power of Attorney is it possible to name more than one Attorney/Agent for an individual (like a brother/sister?). I know the form allows for a substitution--but can it be set up with two designated Attorneys/Agents? Thank you.

04/03/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » IL  #21651
What remedies are there if a bank will not accept a durable power of attorney?

how can you make a bank honor a less than five year old copy of a durable power of attorney?

04/09/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ID  #21731
How Do I Stop Huband's Co-Agent in a Power of Attorney From Exercising Authority Over Our Son?

My husband appointed myself and his sister as power of attorney while he was deployed overseas for 10 months. His eldest son is 15 (from a previous marriage) and lives with my husband's parents. I was told that my sister in law was given power of attorney because she takes care o...

05/05/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MO  #22021
How Do I Replace My Sister as My Mother's Power of Attorney?

My younger sister wants to resign from being my Mothers POA, she cannot handle the responsibilities of it and I have already had to fix the financial situation for my Mom while she is still in the Nursing Home. I live in the state of Vermont and have no intentions of moving to P...

05/20/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » VT  #22175
Is an Agent Liable for Nursing Home Bills When the Principal Dies?

is agent of power of attorney responsible for debt of principal after principal dies my husband and i had power of attorney for my aunt who just died in a nursing home owing over 8,000 to them. are we responsible for this debt

06/29/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #22510
Is a Power of Attorney Valid if the Agent Lives out of State?

My mother made a power of attorney in IL, with my brother being the agent living in KS. Is that still valid in WA?

07/30/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » WA  #22794
Can the Agent Change a Power of Attorney?

can my original power of attorney be changed or contested by the person i originally gave power of attorney to

08/08/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » LA  #22855
What Will Happen if I Resign as My Mother's Agent in a Power of Attorney?

I have a Durable Power of Attorney for my mother. She has been declared incompetent since granting me power of attorney. She did not name a successor. What would happen if I reliquished my Power of Attorney at this point?

08/21/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #22976
How Do I Contest the Agent's Acts Under a Power of Attorney?

my brother was given poa. what criteria would i need to contest this as there are obvious financial irregularities and he refuses to provide details. The parents' money bought a house, motorhome, etc. with a view to take care of them in exchange. their entire life's assets wer...

08/31/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MT  #23068
How Can a Wife Keep Property at Death if the Husband Has No Will?

My Grandmother has a power of attorney over my Grandfather and she was wanting to know if this will still be in effect even after the death of him? If not he has children that would try to get everything that they could. If him and her wanted everything to go to her after his dea...

08/31/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » SC  #23072
How can I get power of attorney from my father who is becoming disabled?

My father is becoming disabled. My mother does not have his best interest in mind. Can I get power of attorney in PA?

11/03/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » PA  #23552
Can a Power of Attorney Require Two Signatures to Approve an Action?

Can a Power of Attorney in KY be set up to require two or two of three signatures to approve an action?

11/13/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » KY  #23632
How Do I Sign Documents as the Agent Under a Power of Attorney?

My son is in prison and has given me his POA. Do I sign his name and am I as his POA legally responsible for any of the documents and/or contents he has me sign in front of a notary? Thanks

12/01/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #23745
Does a Power of Attorney Take Precedence Over a Trustee's Authority?

Does a full durable POA over all finances and trusts, give theagent named in the POA full control over all bank accounts, eventhose in the name of living trust?

12/23/2010 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CA  #23871
What can I do if my husband's agent under a durable power of attorney is mismanaging his assets?

My daughter obtained a Durble Power of Attorney for my husband (her father) in May 2010, after he had been diagnosed with Alzheimers Dementia in June 2009. He's been on medication and under medical care since that time with progressive deterioration of mental capability. She wa...

01/23/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » VA  #24066
Can I Be Sued for My Mother's Debts if I'm Her Agent Under a Power of Attorney?

My mother recently gave me a general power of attorney to handle her legal affairs. My Mom is over 70K in debt. Upon her death am I responsible for and do I have to incurr her debt because I have her power of attorney.

03/15/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AL  #24413
Can I Take My Mother Out of a Nursing Home Against Her Agent's Wishes?

My aunt is in the nursing home, and someone else has power of attorne over her. She helped raise me when I was a teenager, my cousin got power of attorney over her without me. My aunt want to go home with me, and I want her to, what options do I have. Can I over go that power o...

04/26/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » VA  #24722
What remedies are available if an agent with power of attorney abused power?

My sister has been my mother's power of attorney for 2 1/2 years. Her and her husband have not worked in 5 years but have been going on trips, they now are able to put their daughter in college, they are no longer in foreclosure on their home and are all of a sudden living the g...

05/06/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » CT  #24786
Who Signs a Power of Attorney?

Does a durable POA notarized require witnessness? If I have to use POA in future for my husband, do I sign my name or his name

05/21/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » MS  #24881
Can a Principal Create More Than One Power of Attorney?

My mom granted me durable POA this week, was notarized and filed at Craighead County courthouse. Can my brother obtain a separate POA by coaxing my mom into signing? If so, which document becomes valid if we disagree on future action on her behalf?

05/22/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » AR  #24886
What State's Form Should be Used for a Power of Attorney?

My mother lives in New Mexico and own real estate in Texas. She is 84 years old and wants me to take over selling her house in Texas and I live in Dallas, TX. Will a durable Power of Attorney be the form I need? She wants me to have business and medical Power of Attorney to cond...

06/15/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » NM  #25030
How can we tell if a general power of attorney has durable provisions in Texas?

My mother has a general power of attorney in Texas that states ' This general power of attorney shall not terminate on disability of the principal.' Is this general power of attorney thus operating as would a durable power of attorney?

07/25/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #25233
How Do I Resign as Agent Under a Power of Attorney?

I have been appointed statutory durable power of attorney by my mother. I have been acting as her agent for nearly a year now. She is under hospice care and requires 24 hour nurse care which is being paid for by her income and savings. The savings will run out soon forcing me ...

08/03/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » TX  #25272
Can a Mentally Incompetent Person Change a Power of Attorney?

can a person deemed medically incompitent change his power of attorney

08/21/2011 | Category » Power of Attorney  State » ID  #25380