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What is udufruct whe pertaining to property that I inherited with eight others?

I just received notice that I inherited a property deed in Kiln, Mississippi with eight other equal heirs. One of the 8 has usufruct . What are his responsibilities with the property? Is he solely responsible for all property taxes and expenses while he uses it or are other owner...

02/02/2009 | Category » Joint Tenants  State » TX  #15120
Can creditors make any claims against the house after my wife's death?

My ex-wife is terminally ill. I am the executor of her will. The house she lives in is in her name and her fathers and mothers names and the deed is listed as joint tenancy with right of survivorship. I realize her parents assume ownership at her death and this by passes probate,...

03/19/2009 | Category » Joint Tenants  State » GA  #15697
What form is used to change the deed on my home to read Tenants in Common?

What form is used to change the deed on my home to read TENANTS IN COMMON? It now reads JOINT TENANCY.

04/13/2009 | Category » Joint Tenants  State » CA  #15971
What is needed to ensure I inherit my mother's half of the home we share?

My mother and I are owners of a house. I make all the payments and I am the primary. Do I need a will so my siblings can't claim her half if my mother passes before me?

04/27/2009 | Category » Joint Tenants  State » ALL  #16173
Do I still have rights to the property as a joint tenant even though I do not live there?

I currently own a home with another individual and the property is listed as joint tenants in common with right of survivorship. I am on the deed, title, and mortgage. I am currently working on a buy-out agreement with this individual. By law, am I entitled to have a key to acc...

04/29/2009 | Category » Joint Tenants  State » ALL  #16407
Is there a way to move a mortgage from one property to another if all owners can not sign?

I have a friend who wants to move a mortgage from one property to another - the mortgage is signed by three individuals and and on the mortgage it is written the three names C/O their attorney although their attorney did not sign. Two of the individuals are unreachable, one is ou...

05/04/2009 | Category » Joint Tenants  State » NY  #16537
How would my mother quitclaim property to me if she is a joint tenant?

My grandma has real estate with one other person, joint tenant with full rights to survivorship. She wants to quitclaim her interest to me. Can she break the joint tenancy and quitclaim the property to me? I was told when breaking the deed, it allows the joint tenancy to become c...

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