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Where can I find information in filing in small claims court?

Where can I find information on "how to" file a small claim in the state of California?

02/01/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » CA  #1289
How do I forece escrow company to replace check that expired before I cashed it?

I refinanced my home in 2003. Earlier this year I received a refund check. I misplaced the check and found after it was void. I called the escrow company to turn in check and was told would receive a replacement check. Two weeks have passed and I am getting the run around. Need...

02/08/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » CA  #566
How long before a hearing is set for a new claim in small claims court?

If I file a small claim, how long does if usually take for the court to respond?

03/28/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » CA  #2293
How do I go about suing someone in small claims for about $800 damages to my vechicle?

Would like to know how to find the legal forms to file a small claim on an motorist that was involved in motor vehicle accident, that was not insured at the time of accident. $800.00 in damages was done to my car and I would like to recoup the damages.

03/29/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » TX  #2344
Can small claims court help me recover the money owed to me?

I am planning on filing a small claims against a person for owing me some money and not willing to pay me. The person who owes me the money does not have any personal property where I could recover my money. Could I tell the judge to put a lien against his license until he pays m...

04/01/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » GA  #2451
Where do I file a small claims in the Los Angeles, Ca. area?

Where do I file a small claims in the Los Angeles, Ca. area? What is the procedure? Do I go to the court for forms and what is the fee for filing?

04/03/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » CA  #2584
Is it worth it to take someone to court over $120 they owe?

Would it be worth it to take someone to court for $120.00? (Small claims count)

04/06/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » NJ  #2724
Is an oral contract legally binding?

I found a used car I wanted to buy on the internet. I met the seller at his house with 2 of my friends. I bargained from $5200 to $4500. We shook hands 3 separate times and closed the deal. This was done in front of my friends and the seller's wife. He even told me that he would ...

04/06/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » WA  #2727
What forms do I need to file small claims for repayment of money loaned?

What forms do I need to file small claims for repayment of money loaned?

04/09/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » MN  #2804
What is the process to sue an uninsured motorist who hit my car causing damages?

My car was parked and severely hit by an uninsured motorist. I want to sue her , what do I need?

04/11/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » AL  #2928
In what county do I file a small claims lawsuit against a contractor who owes me money?

I work at a heat and air distributor. A contractor (the customer) has purchased several thousand dollars worth of heat and air equipment, and refused to pay for it. The business is located in one county, while the contractor resides and does business in another county. Most of th...

04/24/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » OK  #3295
What is a Dismissal with Prejudice in Small Claims Court?

In small claims court what is a Dismissal with Prejudice on a bench trial. Where I am the defendant and the plantif did not show?

05/25/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » UT  #5948
What to do about damages being sought in teen shoplifting case?

I have a 14yr old child who was caught at a Macy's dept. store ,along with several other kids, shoplifting. Now my child didnt actually steal anything, the only thing she was caught doing was removing the tag off of a bracelet. My child was not found with any merchandise on her, ...

05/26/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » TX  #5967
What is the difference between no response and a denial on small claims paperwork?

What in the difference between a defendant's no answer and denied answer on small claims paperwork?

09/20/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » CT  #8895
Can new evidence be introduced in small claims court on appeal?

I was a defendant in a small claims case, where the motion had no merrit, therefore the case was dismissed with prejudice. The plaintiff has appealed the decision. My question is: does this mean he is appealing the decision of the Magisgtrate based on facts already submitted, ...

09/20/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » MI  #8921
What can I sue for in small claims court?

What can I sue for in small claims court?

11/15/2007 | Category » Small Claims  State » AZ  #12328
Can you file a small claims lawsuit against someone in another state?

Can small claims be filed via the internet & processed via the internet & a server in all states? I was asking as an individual if a small claim suit can be executed say from Arizona to Florida via internet using possibly a server (with pay) to collect a debt owed?

01/23/2009 | Category » Small Claims  State » AZ  #15047
What are the requirements to sue in small claims court?

I retired from the University of California (01/01/09) and a lump sum pay off ($71000) was sent to Fidelity Investments to go in my 401k. 01/16/09.I had contacted a Fidelity Retirement Counselor in November, 2008, and told her I did not want my new money to go in the any of the d...

01/23/2009 | Category » Small Claims  State » CA  #15057
What is involved in issuing a subpoena for an out of state witness in a Small Claims action?

What is involved in issuing a subpoena for an out of state witness in a Small Claims action?

03/12/2009 | Category » Small Claims  State » TX  #15608
How do I answer an appeal in small claims court?

We won a judgment in Small Claims Court for the return of our live dog. The Defendant has now appealed the decision, which now goes to the Civil Courts Of Superior Court in Indiana. Can you tell us what forms we will need to file with the court? It states as follows 'The Plain...

03/13/2009 | Category » Small Claims  State » IN  #15620
What is the requirements of expert witness in small claim court?

In medical malpractice suits, I know that an expert witness must be provided by the plaintiff with proper notification of his/her credentials within a certain time before trial. However, in small claims court in Texas, does this requirement pertain? In other words, I have filed...

04/06/2009 | Category » Small Claims  State » TX  #15900
How do I collect from the warranty company if I feel they have not honored my warranty?

I got a new home four years and three months ago. Kitchen cabinets have a five year warranty (NC Manuf). The finish is chipping off after one year. I called manufacturer and received no response. Second year I had factory representative out and took pictures. He said that he 'had...

04/29/2009 | Category » Small Claims  State » GA  #16461