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What forms are needed to prepare for a special needs child to be cared for upon parent's death?

Party A is the parent of a special needs child. Party A is sick and is concerned about the welfare of Party B (the special needs child). What can Party A do to make sure that Party B is taken care of?

01/05/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » AL  #161
What type of trust do I need to help oversee my children's monetary gifts from their grandparents?

I want to set up some form of a trust for substantial monetary gifts received for my children from their grandparents. They have UTMA accounts set up already. I want to have some control over the new funds until the children have finished college. What type of trusts are available?

01/12/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » AL  #412
How can two individuals own property with rights to survivorship if one wants to put in a trust?

Currently, 2 individuals hold title in a piece of property as joint tenants with right of survivorship. One of the individuals wants to put their interest into a revocable trust. Can the trust and the remaining individual hold title as joint tenants with right of survivorship? ...

02/01/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » AZ  #960
How would I notify someone that a relative passed away leaving them a trust?

If you need to send a letter to someone informing that person that a relative passed away; and that the relative left a trust in their name with restricted rules and regulations, what kind of letter would you send?

02/01/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #1230
Does a revocable trust have to be filed with the county in which one resides?

Does a revocable trust have to be filed with the county in which one resides?

02/12/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » ALL  #668
What form would I need to challenge how my sister has handled my mother's trust?

What is the first form or forms I would need to file to challenge my mothers trust? What are they called? My sister in law is trustee\executor and I feel things are not right.

02/19/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #743
What is Miller's Trust and is there a form to download?

What is Miller's Trust and is there a form to download?

03/30/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » GA  #2376
Is there a specific type of trust called a Spendthrift Trust?

Is there a specific type of trust called a Spendthrift Trust or do regular trusts just contain a spendthrift provision?

04/04/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » MI  #2598
Does the name of the trust have to be that of the grantor of the trust?

Does the name of the trust have to be that of the grantor of the trust or can the name of the trust be that of the beneficiary of the trust? Also, if there is a spendthrift provision in the trust, does the name of the trust have to include the word spendthrift?

04/06/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » MI  #2698
How would I protect my husband's income in the event he has to enter a nursing home?

I can't seem to find anyone who can give us this information, but here is my question. My husband is quite ill and should he, at sometime, have to go into a nursing home in the near future, would the nursing home take all of his income which is: Social Security, a retirement pens...

04/08/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #2794
Where can I find the forms for doing an Income Cap Trust (Miller Trust)?

Where can I find the forms for doing an Income Cap Trust (Miller Trust)?

04/09/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » AZ  #2815
What is a land trust when selling a home?

I am currently selling my home FSBO and received and offer from an investor to purchase the home using a land trust. I've never heard of this before. Is this a safe way of selling a home and exactly what is it?

04/10/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » NV  #2871
How could my aunt change the irrevocable trust set up by my grandfather?

My grandpa left me an irrevocable trust. How could my aunt change it? I received his part when my dad died but he left an identical one to be distributed upon the death of his wife. A few months before grandma died my aunt had it changed somehow. I got nothing. We are talking at ...

04/29/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » WI  #3421
Where can I find information regarding Pennsylvania’s gift act pertaining to an irrevocable...

I would like to get some information regarding Pennsylvania’s gift act pertaining to an irrevocable trust and how it relates to the responsibilities of co-trustees or co-fiduciaries. Please state the applicable statute that applies.

04/30/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » PA  #3431
When my brother passes would I have to pay probate costs as beneficiary of his estate?

My brother does not own real estate. He only owns a car and has about $450,000 in 401k & $100,000 in life insurance. I am the named beneficary of these 2 accounts. When he dies, will I have to go to court and pay probate costs on these funds (he has no will at this time? ...

05/12/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » VA  #4524
In a living trust, can the trustee and beneficiary be the same person?

In a living trust, can the trustee and beneficiary be the same person?

06/11/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #6345

Suggested places to look include a safe deposit box, under the mattress, between pages of book...

My father died 3 a half years ago. I believe very strongly he had a trust account. He was highly invested all his life, and spent 30 years hiding it from my mother who is a big time gambler.Since his death there have been many inuendos about there being a trust but when I have as...

09/15/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » NJ  #8777
Can I obtain a Miller Trust that can be used in Tenneesse?

Can you explain the miller trust? Can I obtain a Miller Trust that can be used in Tenneesse?

10/05/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » NY  #9706
Can a trust be set up for the difference in a property being sold?

When a trust fund is set up for children is it a certain amount at the time the will is made? Or can it be a "left over amount", like when property is sold? Can it change before the child reaches the approprite age to receive it? Can someone else touch it? Is it stated anywhere ...

11/02/2007 | Category » Trusts  State » MA  #11509
What is the legal definition of Constructive Trust as it relates to a fiduciary duty?

I'm seeking a clear definition of the legal term 'Constructive Trust' as it relates to a fiduciary responsibility.

01/12/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » IL  #14976
What is needed to start a truste fund for a deceased friend's child?

We have a group of friends that would like to establish a 'trust fund' for the daughter of a deceased friend. Her mother is financially irresponsible, and we would like to do this for her future needs like college, wedding, or home. I have been researching this and it seems a lit...

01/15/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » MI  #15001
Can a house, car, some stock, and a 401k be put into a trust?

Can a house, car, some stock, and a 401k be put into a trust so no one can force you to hand your assets over because of a lawsuit?

01/25/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CO  #15063
Is a paragraph in a trust revokable?

When I have a Trust and am the Settlor and Trustee and I want to revoke paragraph 6B of my original Trust and rewrite it, can I do that? Is it called a Codicil or Addendum? Does it then go through Probate, even though the original Trust doesn't. Is there a form that I could use f...

01/31/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » NV  #15112
What type of transfer documents do I need to transfer the trust to my name as sole beneficiary?

My parents, grantor of a trust, both passed away last year. I am the sole beneficiary of the trust and the last living trustee. What type of transfer documents do I need to transfer the trust to my name as sole beneficiary? I need all documents to complete transfer. I have al...

02/04/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #15154
Can a House in Trust Qualify for a Reverse Mortgage or Be Sold ?

My mother wants to put my house in trust. I am 63 and the house is in my name, but she keeps asking me to put it in a trust. Doesn't that keep me from selling it and/or getting a reverse mortgage?

02/11/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » GA  #15230
What living trust should I use if I am separated, and have adult children?

What living trust should I use if I am separated, and have adult children?

02/27/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #15383
What is the advantage/disadvantage of a trust over the traditional will?

What is the advantage/disadvantage of a trust over the traditional will? My wife is living and we are the biological parents of three living adult children. Please provide comprehensive reply to my question. That is, why I would want a trust vs. will.

03/02/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » WA  #15411
How can my mother set up a revocable trust to bypass probate with out great financial costs?

My mom (age 90) is looking into setting up a revocable trust so we can bypass probate with out great financial costs. She has a will but we have learned that due to new MI laws that isn't enough. One lawyer recommended to her charges close to $1000 to set up this trust. Is there ...

03/16/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » MI  #15643
How Many Substitute Trustees may be appointed in Colorado?

Can 8 people be the Substitution of the Trustee?

03/18/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CO  #15676
To terminate the now irrevocable trust what forms are necessary?

Aunt died 5/21/08, I am POA and TTE (and one of two heirs) for her trust which does not exceed fed or Wis State dollar limits. 2008 Taxes filed already. To terminate the now irrevocable trust what Forms are necessary and when must they be filed with fed and Wis state?

03/23/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » WI  #15722
How would the funds from the trust be disbursed if my wife is the only living heir?

This is a question for a trust in the state of PA. My wife is a benificary of a irrovocable trust setup by her aunt's husband at the time of his death 1992. (Her aunt is a blood relative.) The aunt was entitled to the trust income every year until her death. Upon the aunt's deat...

03/23/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » PA  #15738
What is needed to create a trust?

I need a trust to protect my children from probate, taxes and a possible forclosure in my name only. The property in question belongs to my mentally ill son and has been in my name to protect him. What forms can I buy. My sons property is in Ohio, I live in Florida.

04/08/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » FL  #15919
What are the requirements for naming a revocable trust ?

Is it okay to name a revocable trust whatever you want or does it have to be in the name of the persons creating it? Are numbers in the name okay?

04/16/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #16032
If my father's home is owned by the family trust, does that give his present wife any ownership?

My father set up a family trust in which he indicated that his present wife would have the right to continue living in the house owned by the trust until her death or voluntarily leaving the house, whichever occured first. Nowhere in the trust agreement does it state the term Li...

04/24/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #16117
What is the procedure for a revocable trust?

Wills in NC must have two signatures and be notarized to be enacted. Is the procedure the same for a revocable trust or is there a recording of the trust?

04/27/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » NC  #16165
Are royalties considered a non-probate asset?

Are royalties considered a non-probate asset?

04/27/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » ALL  #16213
I am drawing a new trust and am unsure of who to list as property owners

I have been given a life estate in three properties by my husband now deceased. I am drawing a new trust. When I have my husband's name removed from the deed, should I put my name as a user of the property or my husband's son as the eventual owner? Also amendments made when my h...

04/30/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #16490
What can I do if I believe my brother has abused his power over the famliy trust?

My father developed a trust, naming me and my brother as co-power of attorney. My father died in 2003. My mother has had alzheimers since 2000. My brother has been very secretive about many things involving the trust as has the trustee, at US Bank. I have been summarly exclud...

05/10/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » MO  #16623
Is my husband entitled to property I inherited if we divorce?

If my father gives me a grant deed (only in my name) to his home while he is in the hospital (its now in his revocable trust and 100% paid for) can my husband take half if we get a divorce? I'm in California and I have 5 kids so my dad wants to make sure I am okay in his passing.

05/10/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #16626
How do I get my deceased mother's annuities to pay if there was a Medallion Signature Guarantee?

This question has two parts and concerns Medallion Signature Guarantees. My mother died recently, naming me and my brother as beneficiaries on her annuities and successor trustees on her trusts. (1.) I was asked to fill out a form by the annuity company to continue to receive an...

05/20/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » WA  #16725
If a home is held in two seperate trusts equally, who is responsible for upkeep?

Is there a law in CA, that states, if there are 2 trusts which each contain 50% of a house, that both trusts are responsible for 50% of all fees pertaining to the upkeep and sale of the house? If so please let me know where to find this law.

05/22/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » AZ  #16754
What is needed to convey current deed to a trust?

I, a widow, have quit claim deed in my name. Revocable will/trust agreement provides for trust. Which form is necessary to convey present deed to trust (deed).

06/21/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » MA  #17097
How Do I Modify a Trust or Will of My Father in California?

I believe my brother now has the durable Power of Attorney on my father's trust. He was 3rd in line as trustee. He now handles my father's trust affairs and is drawing the trust down before it reaches the inheritance where he then becomes the executor of the estate. I can't te...

06/23/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #17156
What Are My Rights As Beneficiary of a Trust?

What are my legal rights as a beneficiary in a trust? My brother is trustee. He will not give me any accounting reports, notice of administration etc. Can I seek any legal remedies?

07/04/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #17327
What Forms Are Needed to Appoint a Successor Trustee?

I am adding a Successor Trustee to a trust. I am not the original trustee but am now the sole trustee. I am wondering which forms to use from the US Legal Forms shown on the page below. Do I also need the 'Consent of successor trustee' form?

07/08/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #17390
Will a Trust Avoid Probate and Estate Taxes?

In North Carolina would the Living trust avoid probate and taxes that would be incurred with just a Will?

07/20/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » NC  #17663
Is Taking Out a Loan Considered Disbursing Funds?

If a trust fund states that no funds are to be disbursed until a specific time, would an investment which results in a mortgage and taxes be considered disbursing funds?

07/27/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » TX  #17824
How do I transfer real property to a living trust?

I and my wife plan to transfer our home to a Living Trust. Which form do I need to do this transfer of real estate?

09/09/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » TX  #18548
How Do I Get Refinancing for Property in an Irrevocable Trust?

My husband and I recently had an irrevocable trust drawn. The Judge signed it 1/1/09. We did this as a precaution for our children in case of an untimely death. Since then, we tried to refinance our home, our only real asset, to make improvements only to find out that there doe...

10/07/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » PA  #18982
What Do I Do When the Beneficiary in a Deed of Trust Dies?

Our family trust is co- owner of a trust deed that is ready to pay off. Some of the beneficiaries in the assignment of deed of trust have passed away. How is this handled in the reconveyance?

11/02/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #19425
What can I do if I have suffered due to the misstatements made by financial advisor of a trust?

had a lawyer who acted as a fiduciary for my mothers trust, whom mistreated the guidlines of trust , which is not the topic . the said lawyer during his time hired a finacial adviser to help us with what I do not know . I wanted to take my money out of said finacial advisers hand...

11/20/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » AZ  #19712
How Do I Create a Special Needs Trust?

I have a friend who is 53 years old,is mentally challenged, brain damaged from birth, and had been on SSI for several decades. His mother died about 3 years ago and had pending Worker Compenstation clains. Recently, my friend is getting $2000 to $3000 from 1 lawsuit. There are 4 ...

12/02/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » AL  #19873
Can I Transfer Partnership Assets into a Trust and Have a Partner Be a Trustee?

Hi, my name is Brian Heinz. I have 2 questions.1) I have 2 Nevada Family Limited Partnerships. Bith hold Real Estate Assets. My wife and I are presently both General and Limited Partners of both Partnership. 95% LP and 5% GP interests. I want stronger asset protection than what m...

12/26/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #20188
Do I Need to Record a New Deed if Changes are Made to A Trust?


12/29/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » MI  #20232
How Do I Create a Testamentary Trust for a Disabled Child?

I need to set up a testimentary trust to protect the money we would like our son to have without jeoperdizing his eligibility to continue to receive social security disability and medicare and medicaid benefits. He is 34 years old and brain damaged from a single car accident. We...

12/30/2009 | Category » Trusts  State » NY  #20244
Can I Demand to See a Copy of The Trust?

How do you get and atty that some one has had write a trust on your life, but will not give you a copy of same. I know state lawin NC, but i have two such cases, and it is drving me up the wall, I haev ask this to sevearl attys and they all reject my request for fraud. or...

02/02/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » NC  #20756
How Do I Change the Trustee of My Trust?

I have a trust drawn up by my late husband who passed away 2007. His trust was transferred into a trust for myself. Donna Smith Revocable Living Trust. In the trust is the home that I still own in Oregon (rented now) and a piece of land in Oregon. Before he died, he had the atty ...

02/09/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » MO  #20888
Can a Declaratory Judgment Be Requested Before a Trustee Files an Accounting?

can a order for declaratory relief be petitioned by a special needs beneficiary to compet an accounting if 60 days had not past since the request for an accounting against a trustee a case number is 2651215 I am the trustee of a special needs trust, the beneficiary is filin...

02/16/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #20991
How Do I Prevent A Trustee from Evicting Me from Trust Property?

My husband died before he could give me use and possession of the home we live in. it was in his trust name. (life tenant) How can I get temporary use and posssession before his daughter who is trustee can evict me, before I raise the funds to buy the beneficiars out

02/16/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » MD  #20993
How Do I Terminate a Trust in Wyoming?

Parents have an irrivocable living trust. One lives in a nursing home in Lander, Wy, and the other in assisted living in Riverton,Wy. They would like to do away with the living trust since their situations have changed so much and have a simple will to take the place of the trus...

02/22/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » WY  #21099
What is the Difference Between Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts?

Define 'Revocable Trust' and 'Irrevocable Trust'; what are the advantages and disadvantages of each The question is applicable to the Delaware address. My mailing address is 2514 Little Kate Road, Park City, Utah 84060

03/09/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » DE  #21313
How Do I Change the Real Estate Described in a Trust?

I've since sold my house and said house was the address listed in my Revocable Living Trust. Now that I don't own that home and have since purchased a new home (5 years ago), I've completely forgotten to remove the old address and list the new one. What do I need to do at this ...

04/13/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #21775
Can I Create a Trust to Protect Property from Medical Debts in Texas?

need help protecting minimum family assets against potential debt collection (medical bills) --would a family trust help? asking on behalf of a relative living in Texas - I need legal information specific to Texas

04/28/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » GA  #21933
How Do I Transfer an Annuity into a Trust?

our will is outdated. we sold all properties that was in the will and bought an annuity. this will have to be paid out in three years. how can we put this money in a trust for our children. we have four and only want it in one daughter's name to handle the distribution at our de...

05/27/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » FL  #22250
How Do We Change the Way the Assets of a Trust are Divided?

Our father's will stipulated that funds from a trust account were to be dispersed 50/50 to my brother and myself when the beneficiary is deceased. If my brother or myself are deceased before the trust beneficiary the entire proceeds go to the surviving heir. We have mutually ag...

06/01/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » WA  #22283
How Do I Set Up a Trust to Protect Assets from Medicals Bills and Creditors?

I would like to establish a type of trust appointing my (2)18 year old childrenand have my property deed changed into that trust name. My objective is protect my assets from being seized by any judgments for compensatory damages, medical bills, etc. from a third party. Would it b...

06/05/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » NJ  #22318
Do I Need to Change My Trust if I Moved to Another State?

I setup a living trust in California in the 70s or 80s. Will it be honored now that I live in Arizona, or do I need to have it updated to reflect that I am an arizona resident now?

07/17/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » AZ  #22688
Can I Leave My Home in Trust to the Trustee?

I have a Living Trust. I want to add to it stating in case of my death, my partner will continue to live in the house listed in the trust. If she is the trustee of the trust do I need additional documentation?

07/21/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #22719
Whose Name Goes on the Bank Account We Are Putting Into a Trust?

We purchased a Special Needs Trust (US-00646). We are setting up a bank account for the beneficiary and need to know if the account is set up in the Beneficiaries name or the Trustee's name. The trustee will be the only person able to access the account. Home phone 302.653.0276

08/22/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » DE  #22980
Is There a Penalty if a Trustee Doesn't Follow Trust Instructions?

I have a pritty good sized family Trust from my parents & in it they stipulate that I only receive $3000 per month from it. I am wondering if my sister who is the executor gives me more that that if there would be any reprocussions on eather side, she said she has the obligat...

08/26/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #23017
Can a Marital Trust Be Terminated in the Assets Lose Value?

i am the suriving spouse of a marital trust ,after the death of my husband do too the financale mealt down i have lost over half of our assets ,i paid out a specil request of money to his beneficaries amounting to $200,000 ,the income of a promissory note now worth nothing beca...

09/09/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #23128
Can I Transfer a Management of a Trust to A Corporate Trustee in Another State?

can a trust with a corporate trustee in penn. be transferred to corporate trustee in south carolina?

11/09/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » SC  #23591
Do I Need to Revoke or Cancel My Old Trust Before I Create a New Trust?

I created a revocable living trust 10 years ago and it is obsolete now. If I create a new living trust will it supersede the old one and make it null and void?

11/22/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #23688
How Do I Remove a Home From a Trust?

We set up a trust in California & put our home in Colorado in that trust. We now live in Colorado & want to take our home out of this trust. How do we do this. We are currently making out a new will that isn't a trust.

12/01/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » CO  #23744
How Do I Tell if a Trust is Revocable or Irrevocable?


12/13/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » MA  #23811
How Do I Terminate a Trust in Texas?

I want to know if I can 'disinherit' myself from an irrevocable will. It was created when I was a kid and as a remainder trust goes to my brothers upon my death. I am now age 60 with lots of money and I want to get rid of the Trust now.My brothers are in agreement to let me termi...

12/20/2010 | Category » Trusts  State » TX  #23851
What remedies are available if trustees have breached their duties?

I am the beneficiary(as is my brother ) of a marital trust set up by my father.As my stepmother was 25 years younger than my father,I was told by my father and his attorney,that a marital trust was the best way to hold on to the family properties as it would be impossible to pay...

01/07/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » SC  #23954
How Do I Refinance Property That is Held in Trust?

I am trying to refinance my house in CA to take advantage of lower rates. The house is in an A(revocable) and B (irrevocable) trust, which replaced the standard revocable trust, that was set up for tax protection, after the death of my wife. I am the trustee. I have read the po...

01/25/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #24078
How Does a Trustee Transfer Property to a Beneficiary When the Settlor Dies?

I am the named trustee for a friend who passed away last November. How do I get the settler's daughter's name on the deed to the house? The daughter is the named beneficiary.

01/27/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » FL  #24091
What is the Process for Appointing a New Corporate Trustee?

The beneficiaries of an irrevocable trust at PNC Bank Wealth Management would like to know the procedure the trust department uses to terminate an irrevocable trust with all interest and principle released to the beneficiary and moved to another firm without incuring legal charge...

02/15/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » PA  #24229
What happens to the funds in a Millers Trust when the trustor dies?

We have a Millers trust account for my father and he has now passed away. We have settlement on his property coming up and am not sure if we should deposit the monies from the sale of the property into the Miller trust or his regular checking account. What do you advise?

04/07/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » DE  #24591
Can a Trust Prevent Foreclosure?

Is thier a land trust that can stop home forclosures or bank auction for a while as long as the trust remaines active

05/07/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #24792
How Do I Create a Trust for My Pet in Wisconsin?

I have a son who I wish to disinherit and want to set up a trust fund for my favorite rescues and maintenance for my surviving pets. What can I do legally to bring this about.

06/10/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » AL  #25005
How Can We Leave Our Property to Divide Among Children of Two Marriages?

My wife and I, each married before, would like to combine our estates in a trust for our respective children with 2/3 going to my children and 1/3 to hers. If we do this, can we deed our home and two rental properties to our children, retaining life use, to avoid inheritance tax...

06/15/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » WI  #25036
How Do We Transfer a Home Into a Trust?

what form of Deed must be used to tranfer home title to a Living Trust the home described in a Bargain and Sales Deed with covenant against Grantor when purchased

06/23/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » NJ  #25081
What Type of Trust is Used for a Disabled Adult in Order to Protect SSI Benefits?

I'm am the personal rep for my fathers estate which requires me to set-up a trust for my surviving brother. My brother has downs syndrum and I am his legal guardian. The total amount of the trust will be _$3500.00 and I dont want to jepordize his SSI. Can you suggest a USLeaga...

06/28/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » MI  #25110
Does Putting a Home in Trust Take Away Protection for the Lender?

Does putting our home into a N.C. trust take away creditor protection?

07/08/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » NC  #25156
How Do I Create a Miller Trust?

I am applying for ALTCS and need to set up a Miller's Trust. Local attorneys charge about $500 for this. Can I file this myself without an attorney? If so do you have directions and a template and if so how much? Thanks.

08/10/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » AZ  #25310
What Papers Need to Be Filed When a Grantor of a Trust Dies?

Do I have to u[date Family Trust.? My husband died.

08/14/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #25327
Do I Have to Pay Rent for Occupying a Home I Inherited as a Trustee?

my borther and I are co-trustees of 2 inherited houses: a family home in san francisco, ca and a summer home. I continue to live in the family home after my father died in 2008. I offered to purchase the san francisco home by paying him 50% of the difference in appraised value...

08/26/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » CA  #25404
How Do I Correct the Misspelled Name in an Affidavit of Successor Trustee?

I am listed as First Successor Trustee in an 'Affidavit of Change of Trustee' to my family's revocable trust, my elderly father having resigned as trustee and given my two brothers joint trusteeship. QUESTION: My name is listed incorrectly in the document. What do I need to do...

08/30/2011 | Category » Trusts  State » TX  #25432
Does a Trust Need to be Filed?

I am considering using for completing a 'Living Trust'. Do I have to file the completed documents with a state or county agency. How do I know that these documents will be accepted?ThanksCharlie Newman

04/18/2012 | Category » Trusts  State » OR  #25660