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How does my friend find out if her father or uncle left her anything in their will?

I am trying to find out if my friend's father and uncle left her anything. Both are deceased.

01/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » VA  #64
Does Our Will Made in New York Cover our Property in Florida?

Can my husband and I write our own last will and testament in New York to cover property in the state of Florida?

01/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #66
If I was jointly on my mother's bank accounts, do they pass to me now that she is deceased?

Father passed away Sept. 22, 2005. Mother then came and lived with me in October of 2005 and has lived with me ever since. She sold her house and ended up with almost $54,000. She gave each of the 3 siblings $10,000. In the meantime, when she came to Florida from New York to live...

01/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #71
Who is in charge of a Widower's estate when there is no will made before death?

Who is in charge of a Widower's estate when there is no will made before death, and when there are three adult children?

01/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AR  #76
If a spouse dies without leaving a will does the surviving spouse inherit all assets?

In Mississippi, if a spouse dies without leaving a will, does the surviving spouse inherit all assets of the deceased spouse?

01/04/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MS  #112
Can child have estate reopened if will was found at attorney that was to be executed?

The estate of Parent A has been closed via formal proceeding. Two years later, Child 2 of the decedent finds a will at the attorney's office devising all of Parent A's estate to him. The will was to be executed the week the decedent died. Can Child 2 contest the formally closed e...

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #126
Can A Will Have Two Executors?

The parents of Child 1 and Child 2 changed their will to appoint Child 2 as executor, rather than Child 1. Child 1 is very upset. Can the parents name both Child 1 and Child 2 as excutors of the will?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #128
Can A Parent Disinherit a Child in Their Will?

Parent 1 is not pleased with the way that Child 2 is living and decides not to leave Child 2 anything in the will. Can Parent 1 disinherit Child 2?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #129
Is a will made at 21 still valid at 46?

Party 1 prepared a valid will at the age 21. Party 1 is now 46 years old. Is the will that Party 1 prepared at age 21 still valid?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #130
Party A prepared a valid will and wants to revoke it. How can Party A revoke the will?

Party A prepared a valid will and wants to revoke it. How can Party A revoke the will?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #131
What can one do with property such as furniture that was inherited from a deceased relative?

Party A was left some antique furniture in Relative A's will. Party A does not want the antique furniture and believes that it would be difficult to give it away or sell it. What are Party A's options?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #135
What is an executor of an estate responsible for?

Party A dies of a heart attack. Party B is named as the executor. Party B does not know what it means to be the executor and is not sure what needs to be done. What is Party B responsible for as the executor?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #137
Is someone is appointed executor of a will, are you required to accept the role?

Parent 1 has died and names a family friend as the executor. The family friend does not want to get involved with family matters in fear that it may affect their relationship. Does the family friend have to accept the role of executor?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #138
How do you obtain a copy of a will in which you inherited something?

Party B has been out of the country and was unable to be present for the reading of Party A's will or attend the probate proceedings. Party B is back in the country and would like a copy of Party A's will. How can Party B obtain a copy of the will?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #139
If someone makes a will and later become metally unsound, is the will still valid?

Party A makes a will in sound mind and body. Several years later, Party A becomes mentally incompetent. Is this will still valid?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #140
Does a divorce release someone as beneficary on an insurance policy?

Party A and Party B get a divorce after Party A was named beneficiary on Party B's life insurance policy. After Party's B death, Party A was told that the divorce released her/him automatically as a beneficiary. Can Party A be automatically released as beneficiary or does Party A...

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #143
What happens to someone's property who dies with no will and no heirs?

Party A dies without a will, and is single and has no children. What will happen to Party A's property?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #144
If Someone Dies Without a Will Who Gets Their Property?

Party A dies without a will and has children. Who will get Party A's property?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #145
If someone is married and has children but no will and dies who will get their property?

Party A is married with children and has died with no will. Who will get Party A's property?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #146
If someone dies without a will, who inherits their property?

Party A is a married man and dies without a will. How will Party A's property be distributed?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #147
Can a spouse disinherit another spouse in a will?

Party A and Party B are having marital problems. Party B wants to disinherit Party A in a will. Can Party B disinherit Party A?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #151
Can someone leave their spouse out of their will?

Sue was married to Joe for over 20 years before becoming injured in an accident. As a result of this accident, she suffered from mental problems that caused her to act out. Out of concern for her well being, she went to stay with her family out of state. After staying with her fa...

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #157
How do you make preparations to keep will from being contested?

Party A has several relatives that are looking to inherit money and/or property once Party A dies. Party A has decided who will get what in the will and in insurance policies and does not want it contested. What can Party A do to keep the will from being contested?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #158
If someone who is on Medicaid and SSI dies with no will who gets her property?

A person on medicaid and SSI wants to know who gets her house when she dies. She does not have a Will.

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #177
What happens with my father's home if he died intestate?

My Dad died intestate. What do I need to do about his estate. His home is valued over $200,000. What forms do I need to file and where do I file them?

01/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #180
How do I cancel a Will without writing another Will?

How do I cancel a Will without writing another Will?

01/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #263
What are the legal problems with a do-it-yourself will and testament?

What are the legal problems with a do-it-yourself will and testament? Are they legal in Massachusetts and if so, why would anyone go to an attorney?

01/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MA  #278
What rights do I have as next of kin?

What rights do I have as next of kin?

01/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #293
How do you have someone removed as executor of an estate?

My sister was appointed executor, but she has done nothing except let the house go and cause the property to devalue. Please tell me what forms I need to file with the probate court in order to remove her as executor and have myself appointed as the executor.

01/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #298
Is a Michigan will valid in the State of Florida?

Is a Michigan will valid in the State of Florida? It was written in Michigan when I was a resident there. I am now a resident of Florida.

01/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #312
What form is needed to go to court to submit an injunction to remove a trustee not doing his job?

What form or forms do I need to go to court to submit an injunction to remove a trustee who is not doing his duty with the estate?

01/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #316
What is needed to remove a trustee who is not doing his duty with the estate?

What form or forms do I need to go to court to submit an injunction to remove a trustee who is not doing his duty with the estate?

01/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #354
How can I get a copy of my father's will?

My father passed away in May of 1996. At the time he was married to a lady that refused to show us my father's will. We were told that she has to file it within 10 years. How can I get a copy of his will to see if my siblings and I were on it?

01/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #404
What needs to be done to minimize the legal issues since my mother's health is failing?

Spouse died 20 yrs ago. Survivors were 4 adult children and wife. Wife has lived in home on property all these years. No succession was open at time of his death. She is ill. What needs to be done before her death to minimize legal issues?

01/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » LA  #409
Can a parent leave certain children out of their will?

I have 4 children, do I have to leave all of them something in my will or is it legal to leave 3 of them something and not the fourth without there being a battle?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MS  #612
How do I obtain a copy of my father's will if I inherited something?

My father past away 4 years ago. I am 1 of 4 children. I live in NC and need to know how to find his Will. Also my mother passed way 12/31/06. The only thing I have received from my brother is a Last Will and Testament that is not signed by a Notary and my sister is listed as...

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MS  #839
Is a will still valid if it doesn't contain a witness’s signature?

Is a will still valid if it doesn't contain a witness’s signature?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AZ  #902
What happens if someone in Connecticut dies without a will?

What are the rules in CT if you die without a will. If you are married with adult children from a prior marriage, how much of your estate goes to your new spouse and how much according to CT state law goes to your children? I assume those assets which are set up with your new sp...

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CT  #910
Are we required to pay my deceased father's bills out of our inheritance?

Our father passed away a year ago and we are now told that the money is made out to the daughters, equally, and at the attorneys office to be picked up. The executor said that the bills still need to be paid to her, the attorney and one doctor bill. 1. Is there a set amount...

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WI  #1046
Can I legally disinherit a child from my will?

I am a widow and I want to disinherit my stepson who is in prision, when I make out my will. He caused my late husband and I tremendous grief. I do not want him to be able to get anything after my death.

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MI  #1130
What form do you need to prove you are executor of a will?

What form do you need to prove you are executor of a will. The will was not signed, but was shown to others by the decedent.

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WA  #1146
If I pay back taxes on my deceased aunt's property what form is needed to have heirs sign it over?

My aunt passed away and her land will be up for sale for back taxes this summer. I can pay the back taxes but I need to know if I can take possesion of the dwelling if the other heirs sign some kind of papers transferring their heirship to me.

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » VA  #1161
How long does an executor have before a will is read?

How long does an executor have before a will is read?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #1205
In the case of a will, if named heirs are deceased, do the assets go to the children of the heirs?

In the case of a will, if named heirs are deceased, do the assets go to the children of the heirs, or are the assets divided among the remaining living heirs?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MS  #1207
What is the difference in a durable POA, attorney in fact, and “contingent” as it rel...

What is the difference between a durable power of attorney, attorney in fact, and “contingent” as it relates to a will?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MT  #1331
Is there a form for representative of an estate to sign releasing all information the deceased?

Is there a form for representative of an estate to sign releasing all information regarding the deceased (e.g., medical, work history; social security)?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MS  #1332
Where can I find a form for my step family to sign revoking rights to my mother's business?

I want my stepfather and stepbrother to sign a document stating that they do not want any parts of my deceased mother's small business.

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #1334
Does my stepmother get all my father's property despite what the will says?

My father was married to my mother for almost 45 years. She died in 2002. Dad drew up a will at that time leaving me as executor. My siblings and I were left everything and a deed to the house was drawn up at the same time. Dad remarried in 2005 and didn’t revise th...

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MI  #1351
How can my sister give me half of my brother's estate that she inherited?

My Brother died before he could change his will and leave his property to both my sister and I. My sister is sole beneficiary and wants to share the estate property 50-50 with me. How can we do that?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #1372
On what basis can a spouse contest a will of the deceased spouse?

On what basis can a spouse contest a will of the deceased spouse when the deceased spouse has signed off his rights to share in the estate?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » KS  #1380
Does a Simple Will have to be probated in Probate Court?

If a person has a simple will in the State of South Carolina, when they die, does the will have to be probated in Probate Court - or - does the designated Executor merely execute the will?

02/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #1406
What can I do to obtain a copy of my step-parents will to ensure their wishes have been carried out?

Our parents died and we are step children. I am trying to find the paperwork my step-brother filed because he will not give me or my sister a copy of it. The property was supposed to be sold and all of us except him given a portion of the proceeds because he was given 5 acres bef...

02/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MI  #430
What exactly is a Probate Will in the state of California?

My Mother wants a probate will. She is a joint tenant and 50% property owner with my Father. They jointly own a home worth: $600,000. My Mother DOES NOT trust my Father, and wants her 50% of the equity and his assets to go to me and my sister. I need an exact definition of what a...

02/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #506
What requirements must be met in order to make a valid last will and testament?

What requirements must be met in order to make a valid last will and testament?

02/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #540
Does a person with the power of attorney override a will?

Does a person with the power of attorney override a will?

02/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #557
If a husband dies leaving his home to his daughter, what recourse does the wife have?

If someone dies and has been married to his wife for 20 years, and in his will leaves the house that he shared with his wife to his adult daughter, does the wife have any recourse?

02/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IL  #580
Is it lawful to make a will and leave everything to one child and not include the other?

Is it lawful to make a will and leave everything to one child and not include the other?

02/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #593
Can I be held liable for my mother's debt when she passes if she has not insurance or estate?

When my mother passes away, and she has no life insurance or estate, can I, as her daughter, be held responsible for her bills?

02/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #610
How do you make wills, living wills, and pre-nuptial agreements legally binding?

Can wills, living wills, and pre-nuptial agreements be notarized and/or do they have to be filed in the records of the county of residence?

02/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AZ  #674
If my father leaves me his home in his will would his wife have Homestead Survivorship rights?

My father owned his home/property prior to marrying his second wife. In his will, the property will go to me (his daughter) Would his current wife would have Homestead Survivorship rights.

02/14/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #702
How do I get a copy of my grandmother's will to ensure her wishes have been carried out?

My Grandma had a will and we saw it about 1 year before she died. We think it was changed by one of the siblings. She died about 3 years ago and the items that were on the original Will were sold. Some of those items should have gone to me, according to the original Will. How ...

02/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #722
Where can I find a form that will remove the administrator of my mother's estate?

Where can I find a form that will remove the administrator of my mother's estate?

02/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #726
Am I entitled to any of my deceased husband's pension?

My ex-husband died on 11-02-06. He had remarried in 1993. That wife left him December of 2005 right before Christmas. She rented her own house, and for all intents and purposes was getting a divorce. My ex-husband began to reconnect with his family on the East Coast where he gre...

02/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #727
If a child is adopted by stepfather does she still have claim to biological father's estate?

Mother and father divorce. Mother remarries. Stepfather adopts child. Does the child have an interest or legal right to be beneficiary of her original father's assets if he dies without a will or do the assets go to the state? There are no other possible beneficiaries.

03/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #765
Will my deceased husband's share of his mother's estate go to me?

My mother in-law has a will that names her son to get a equal amount of her Estate when she dies. Her son (my husband) passed away 10 years ago. She said her estate will go to me, and she does not have to change her will to substitute or add my name. Is that true?

03/02/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WA  #772
What type of forms are needed for me to handle my deceased son's affairs such as banking?

My son passed away on Oct. 28, 2006 and he did not have a will. His mortgage company will tell me nothing and I canít close his bank account or cash a $269.00 dollar check sent to his estate without legal papers or a power of attorney. What do I need to do. He has no children or ...

03/02/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MI  #783
How can I do two wills for each spouse that are identical and revocable?

Is there a difference between a "mutual will" for a married couple vs. two individuals who are married using the same form document for their will? I am under the impression that mutual wills are intertwined somehow and are not revocable. I simply want two wills for each spouse...

03/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IA  #1012
What are my rights to the property I own with my husband if his ex wife is exector of his will?

My husband was divorced from his first wife back on January 7th 1999. According to provision number 14, “The husband does hereby covenant with the wife that he shall at all times maintain her as the executrix on any of his Last Will and Testaments. The husband shall pro...

03/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TN  #1604
What type of will does my dad need if all his children are grown?

My Dad is a Widow with 3 children grown and own their own. We are trying to get him to do a will so he won't lose his property to the state. Which Will is best for him?

03/17/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » LA  #1669
Do lawyers have to get involved with the reading of a will?

Do lawyers have to get involved with the reading of a will? Do courts have to get involved?

03/21/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AZ  #2006
Is there an intestate law in Ohio?

Is there an intestate law in Ohio? If so, what is it? or where can I find it.

03/26/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OH  #1023
Where can I find forms to help plan for my estate upon my death?

I am looking for forms or software to record my financial assets, liabilities, safe deposit box location, funeral plans, burial request and other personal information for heirs.

03/27/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WA  #2203
What is a self-proving affidavit in relation to a last Will and Testament?

I have purchased, downloaded, and printed your last will and Testament for the state of Maryland. Included is a self-proving affidavit. We have completed the will's and are ready for witnessing and signatures, notary, etc...but are unsure about the self-proving affidavit on the...

03/27/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MD  #2233
How do I get a copy of my mother's will to see who inherits what property?

My mom passed 2 months ago and my sister is not being fair as far as I'm concerned. She is stating that she gets the house and all contents (3b\room,den,dining room,screened in patio) Two storage units in the back yard all their contents and then her full share of insurance funds...

03/28/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #2240
When will my mother be eligible for widow's benefits?

I need some information on how to get my mother my fathers benefits. My father passed away 8 years ago. He was receiving benefits and so was my mother and brothers but her benefits were taken away from her. My mother just turned 63, When will she be eligible to apply for widows b...

03/28/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #2249
What form is needed for me to file a claim on my ex husband's trust estate?

What form is needed for me to file a claim on my ex husband's trust estate? I have court ordered papers showing arrearage and past due amounts owed.

03/29/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #2306
Does my mother need a new will since she moved to a different state?

My mother moved to Colorado a few years ago. The will she made years ago with my dad (now deceased) was made in Missouri. Does she need to make a new will now that she is in Colorado? She does not wish to make any changes in the provisions of the will that were made previously.

03/29/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CO  #2346
What happens if no will if found and property is dispensed but later on the will is found?

What happens if no will is found and the property is dispensed by an attorney and then several weeks later the will is found? The property has been sold and the seller cannot get it back.

03/30/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IL  #2393
What rights would my half sister have to property my father purchased after my mother's death?

My Father recently passed and my mother predeceased him. My brother and I were the only children of them both. She had previously divorced him and had another child. Later, her last wish was to remarry my father before she passed away and they were remarried. What rights or claim...

03/31/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TN  #2401
What is needed to have my deceased mother removed from the deed?

My mother passed away in December 2006. She and I held property together as joint tenants with right of survivorship. I know I need to prepare an affidavit to have the title changed. Do I need a deed of some sort; perhaps a quit claim deed, or doesn't that apply when someone di...

03/31/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WY  #2408

We assume that the will has been filed for probate. Probate is a legal process that begins wi...

My father in law passed away August 2006. He is survived by 4 children, one of whom is my wife. The youngest sibling is the executor of the estate and currently dwells in the father's house. He is being very secretive of particulars such as how much money is in place and what pl...

04/01/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #2436
How do you revoke a living will?

Would I be able to revoke my revocable living will by so stating "I hereby revoke my living will as of this date -- -- 2007" and then have this statement signed in the present of Notary Public?

04/02/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #2517
How do I go about getting the orignal Will from New York state after the person has deceased?

How do I go about getting the orignal Will from New York state after the person has deceased?

04/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #2531
Who owns the house my father left when he passed with no will?

My mom and dad both passed away with no will. I lived and cared for them for 6 years. An older sibling wishes to sell the property even though I still reside there with my family. The deed is currently still in my father's name. What rights do I have, if any.

04/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #2565
What rights do I have to see my mother's will?

My mom just died 2-2-07 and when dad called the bank in regards to their accounts he found there was a will done by my mom in 1998. The bank mailed him the will but he will not let me or my brother see it. He said that it would make us upset. What rights to we have? and does he...

04/04/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MA  #2619
Who owns property of dead spouse if there was no will?

Who owns property of dead spouse if there was no will?

04/04/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #2624
If someone dies in West Virginia with no will, who does the estate go to?

In the state of WV, if spouse dies and has adult children of only 1 mother, and has no written will, who is the beneficiary of estate if decedent owns property (land and other) that is in both his own name, both names of he & spouse, and just spouse's name? Does everything a...

04/04/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WV  #2634
Do I need a self-proving affidavit to a codicil to my will?

Do I need a self-proving affidavit to a codicil to my will? If so, where can I find that?

04/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OR  #2673
Can a general waiver in a premarital agreement keep current will legal - Marriage

Is a general waiver in a prenuptial agreement enough to legally not have to re-do a will after marriage?

04/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WI  #2682
If I have a will in place and remarry with a prenuptial agreement, so I have to re-execute my will?

If you have a living will, marry, and prior to marriage you execute a premarital agreement, does my will have to be re-executed after marriage?

04/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #2686
What financial responsibilty does the executor of an estate have to creditors?

My uncle has passed away and left a substantial credit card dept. My cousin is the executor of the estate (no car, no property). My aunt is still living and has only a small pension and social security payment. My aunt is not named on the cards and neither is my cousin. What fina...

04/06/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #2696
How do we change the guardians and executors in our will?

Our children are now adults. We want to remove the present guardian and executor to our wills. We want to replace the present representatives. How do we go about doing this?

04/06/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CO  #2714
What needs to be done to complete a life estate?

My friend owns real estate in Fl. and wants to do a life estate which would transfer his property to another person upon his death. What needs to be done to complete this action?

04/06/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #2737
How do I make out a will?

I want to make a will out. Can you please tell me how I go about.

04/07/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #2758
Can my wife being a stepgrandmother leave assets to her step family upon her death?

Can my wife, being a stepgrandmother, give her stepgrandson or stepgranddaughters anything from her will?

04/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #2828
Who may have access to a probated will of a deceased person?

Who may have access to a probated will of a deceased person and is there a time limit on access?

04/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #2830
What would happen to my mobile home that is in my grandmother's name if she were to pass away?

I have a loan on my trailer, it is in my grandmother's name only and not my grandfather. What happens if she were to pass away? Would it be repossed or would they try to get money from my grandfather?

04/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » KY  #2834
How is an estate divided if there is no will?

How is Estate divided if there is no will?

04/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OR  #2875
How can I find out if my deceased father named me as his power of attorney?

How can I find out if my deceased father named me as his power of attorney?

04/11/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » VA  #2938
What is an Affidavit of Heirship or is Probate needed?

Person dies, left will, not contested and leaves all to spouse. Do you still need to probate the will or can you just fill out an Affidavit of Heirship? From what I read, Affidavit of Heirship is for when you don't have a will.

04/11/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #2966
Do you have a form for a self-proved will? - Wills and Estates

Do you have a form for a self-proved will which is a will that has an affidavit attached that contains specific language required by law. The presence of this clause eliminates the need to obtain witness depositions when a will is presented for probate.

04/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » VA  #3026
What is a Waiver of Bond and Nomination of Executor? - Wills and Estates

What does it mean when you are asked to sign a "Waiver of Bond and Nomination of Executor" form by an attorney, representing the executor named in a will?

04/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #3028
Is there a form I can sign giving someone authority to handle burial affairs and remains?

I am looking for a form that will give me the right to handle a person remains after their death. This would be something signed by the person during his/her lifetime giving me the authority to deal with burial, funeral arrangements, etc.

04/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » UT  #3034
Where can I look to locate a copy of mine and my deceased wife's lost will?

I cannot find my deceased wife and I's copy of our last will and testament or living will. Is there a website that I can source this information through? Is it possible to locate where it was filed?

04/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NC  #3041
Where do I begin to look for my deceased father's will?

I live in CA and my father passed away recently, who lived and owned a ranch in Montana, where he died. He had a live-in relationship with a woman there for several years. She claims she doesn't know if he had a Will and if he did, she can't find it. I am one of three of his adu...

04/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #3044
Who gets the money if someone dies who is jointly on a bank account?

Joint with Survivorship (not as tenants in common) Bank accounts. Does the executor of the living co-owner have a right to the funds in the account upon the death of one of the owners?

04/13/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » RI  #3066
Where can I get an affidavit for collection of personal property?

My deceased mother has a 401K and didn't designate a beneficiary, however, I took care of all other matters (daughter). I was instructed by her former employer to send a copy of the estate papers (there are none, as she didn't have a will) or get an affidavit for collection of pe...

04/13/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #3075
Can a will be changed if you know it did not reflect the deceased wishes? - Wills and Estates

I am needing to know if the person who is in the position of Power of Attorney has the final decision on who does or does not receive money from said will? One last request of the individual who passed away was that some who were listed in said will were not going to get anythin...

04/14/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » UT  #3093
Does an executor or representative of your will have to live in Wisconsin?

Does an executor or representative of your will have to live in Wisconsin?

05/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WI  #3688
What rights does my husband have regarding the building is father sold before his death?

Six mouths a go my father-in-law sold a building to a man for a dollar, the man was supposed to fix the building up and put a new roof on it, and when my father-in-law died the man would get the building. The man never did any of this things. Now my father-in-law has died the man...

05/05/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IL  #3808
If you have a legal will is probate court necessary?

If you have a legal will with a specified executor, is it ever necessary to go through probate court?

05/06/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AZ  #3900
What happens when someone dies with no will?

My stepfather died with no will. He had a son, step-son and step-daughter. How does his property get settled?

05/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #4122
My deceased father was listed as my now deceased mother's beneficiary

My father passed away over a year ago, and my mother in the past month. She still had him listed as the beneficiary on her policy. Does the insurance company have to accept an affidavit of heirship (it is only a 30,000 dollar policy) or can my brother and I be forced into probate...

05/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TN  #4241
As a beneficiary of my father's estate, can I see how the money is being spent?

What are my rights as a beneficiary in my father's will. Can I see how the money is being spent, taxes, investments made?

05/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #4282
Where can I locate information on my grandparents will?

Where can I find out information about a will and testament that my grandparents left, but my family does not want to open?

05/09/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #4362
Why has the state asked my mother to locate heir's to her brother's estate?

My mother lives in California. Her brother recently passed away. The state is now involved in settling his affairs; however, they want my mother to locate possible heirs to what remains of my uncle's estate. Is that not THEIR job? Also, why are they seeking out nieces and nephews...

05/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » UT  #4381
Who gets the property when there is no will? - Wills and Estates

If a man is legally married to a woman, which he does not live with, has all of his property in his name only and dies with no will, who gets his property?

05/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #4449
Is it legal that the will left the property to someone other than the spouse?- Wills and Estates

If a man is married to a woman that he doesn't live with and has a will leaving his property, that is only in his name, to someone other than his wife, does she automatically get his property?

05/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #4450
Who would be the heir to the property if no will was left?

My father died in 1993 and my parents owned land in both of their names. When my father died, who are the official heirs? he did not leave a will.

05/11/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #4519
What type of deed if needed for my mother to leave her children her home upon her death?

My Mother has terminal lung cancer and has put a will together with me as the executor of her estate. There is only a home involved that is worth approx. $115,000 although $50,000 is owed on the home. Mother's wishes would be that her home is sold and all belongings and divided ...

05/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MI  #4535
What was the law in 1994 in Louisiana regarding a will?

What was the law in 1994 in Alexandria Louisiana as far as wills. Does the estate go to the spouse and the children by law? Can the estate be left only to the spouse?

05/13/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #4608
Am I entitled to any of the estate of my deceased boyfriend since I hold power of attorney?

My boyfriend recently died of lung cancer I was power of attorney for his health care. He did not have a will, he only has a van in his name and a savings acc. which I am signed on as a pod. His life insurance policy states his daughter as beneficiary. Does that make her sole o...

05/13/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WI  #4641
Does a named beneficiary have a legal right to have a copy of the will?

Does a named beneficiary have a legal right to have a copy of the will/trust after the death of their father? If so, and if the executor/trustee refuses to provide a copy, what is the best way to obtain a copy?

05/14/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #4699
As beneficiary of the estate of a deceased person how do I get a copy of the will?

As a named beneficiary of the estate of a deceased person, what's the best way to find out the specific details of the will/trust if the trustee refuses to provide this detailed information?

05/15/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #4791
Are the children required to pay the debt out of the insurance proceeds they receive?

A person dies leaving a large amount of credit card debt. The sale of assets does not cover the entire amount of debt. The person has life insurance with his/her two children as equal beneficiaries. Are the children required to pay the rest of the debt out of the insurance mon...

05/15/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IA  #4888
What can I do to cease communication with the credit card company about my deceased husband's debt?

My husband died Nov. 2006. Soon after I received a collection notice from American Express in the amount of $8,200. I was not aware my husband had taken out an American Express Card. I sent the collection agency a copy of his death certificate and informed them that he left no ...

05/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #4990
How do I ensure that an asset or property is left to my children when I pass?

I own a house in California which I promised my late husband I would preserve the asset for our children. Now I live in Indiana and want to remarry. Is seperate bookkeeping necessary to preserve the house from being sold by my new husband's heirs when we have both passed on? ...

05/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IN  #4995

In Kentucky, as in most states, a surviving spouse is generally first in line to get any asse...

My husbandís father and mother has passed away and they did not have a will. They had 6 children. One of the children (a daughter) moved in the house. She has lived there for 4 months and will not pay rent. The other children are trying to make her move out they give her 30 days ...

05/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » KY  #5001
Is a non-witnessed holographic will valid in California ?

Is a non-witnessed holographic will valid in California ?

05/17/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #5096
My father passed away with a will that was just typed and signed, so is it still legal?

I have questions about probate? Recently my father passed. A sister of his has his power of attorney. I not sure if this power of attorney is just for medical purposes or for all purposes. There is a will which is not witnessed or filed with any attorney. It is typed and signed ...

05/17/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AR  #5120
Am I or my parents liable for my deceased brother's debts?

My brother (38 yrs. old) died suddenly on 3/9/07 and $1600 past due in rent is owed to the landlord. The roommate had paid his half of the rent to my brother and my brother did not pay the landlord. The roommate had a yard sale and was able to get the landlord $1,100. In an em...

05/20/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #5374
Am I entitled to a copy of the will if I inherited something?

I was left money in someone's will in New York and I received only the page my name was on. I wanted to get a copy of the whole will and was told I wasn't entitled to it. Is this true?

05/23/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #5737
In the State of Tennessee what does a executor do?

In the State of Tennessee does a executor of a will have to show detail of execution of will and financials to the heirs.

05/25/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #5939
What are my obligations to creditors if I am the Executor of an Estate?

I am an executor and need to know how and what my obligations are in reference to creditors of the estate.

05/27/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #5985
You need to open an estate and get appointed as executor or administrator. Executors and administ...

My husband worked primarily in Tennessee. While there about 5 years ago he solely purchased a vehicle and financed it with a Bank. He let the collision insurance lapse stating later to me that he thought the bank would automatically insure it and add the expense to the loan amo...

05/31/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #6078
Is there a Kentucky statute for the executor to prepare an inventory of assets?

Is there a KY statutes # for the executor to prepare an inventory of assets? I was informed at the attorney's office, there wasn't any law that required me to have this information. I am an heir to my Mother's estate. I have never been notified of any court dates to settle her es...

06/06/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » KY  #6201
What if a parent leaves his estate to 2 children and one of the children dies before the parent?

If a parent leaves their estate to 2 children and one of the children dies before the parent does, but the parent does not change the will, what happens?

06/14/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #6443
Would my father's half of my grandparents estate pass to his next of kin since he is deceased?

My grandparents passed away recently and their estate is being taken care of by my uncles. My father passed away 10 years ago and we are his next of kin. Unless it is specifically stated in the will that the estate goes to my uncles (the only surviving children to my grandparen...

06/18/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » DE  #6519
What is the basis for filing "No Administration"?

My father was married to my stepmother and died intestate. He died owning real property, automobiles and other personal property. My stepmother filed a "No Administration" document and I was never notified of the action. I am the sole heir of my father. My stepmother had chil...

06/29/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #6795

KRS 395.150 Compensation of representatives. (1) The compensation of an executor, administrat...

What is the executors fee in the state of Kentucky?

07/08/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » KY  #7003
What is the definition of an augmented estate?

What is the definition of an "augmented estate" when the surviving spouse shall have one-half of such augmented estate?

07/15/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » VA  #7202
Yes, they would serve as co-executors.

In New York State, can a will have 2 executors?

08/19/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #8057

“Per capita” is a Latin term meaning Latin for "by head," meaning to be de...

What do the following phrases in a will mean: a) “share and share alike”; b) “per stripes”; c) and “per capita”?

08/20/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NH  #8084

An executor is generally not personally liable on claims or lawsuits against the deceased pers...

I am executor to my deceased mothers estate. I was notified that a family member withdrew a $12000.00 advance from my mother's credit card account. As executor of my mother's estate, if cannot cover this, what personal liability will I have as the executor?

09/04/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #8418
What can my step-mother do if my father passes without updating his will?

My father has a will but it is not updated to include his present wife. So the estate is to be divided between me and 2 siblings. What could my stepmother do if he doesn't update in time to not include us in the property? Does she have the right to do that? Because he has asked h...

09/12/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #8640
Who is responsible for my father's credit card debt since he passed away?

My father died 3 months ago leaving balances on several credit cards ranging from 7K TO 10 K. He also, unbeknownced to me (his son), mailed balance transfer checks the day I took him to the hospital clearing most of my credit card debt. However the balance transfers take 10-14 da...

09/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MO  #8784
What is the best way for my mother to ensure I will inherit the land I live on that belongs to her?

I have lived in my home for 24 years. The land on which I live belongs to my mother and sister. I have never been asked for rent or payment of any kind, however my mother is getting older and I want to ensure that if something were to happen to her that I will inherit the land ...

09/17/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » LA  #8832
What happens when a husband dies and leaves his estate to his children istead of his wife?

If spouse dies and makes no provisions for wife, and they are married and living together, and he has left his entire estate to 4 children, will wife automatically inherit 30% of estate, including properties owned in Virginia, and any bank accounts out of the state of Fl.? Both s...

09/21/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #8932
Who would get the home if only one spouse dies and they have children together?

If a husband and wife are married legally and has 3 kids together, there are no outside children, once the husband or wife dies are the children entilted to half the house that belonged to the deceased?

09/24/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #8987
How is entitled to my aunt's assets since she passed with no will?

My aunt passed away without a will. She has two surviving siblings and numerous nieces and nephews. The estate is less than $500,000.00 . Who is entitled to the assets? How is the money divided?

09/24/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #9012
If I am a minor can I make a will to leave my possessions to someone other than my parents?

I am a minor, and I wish to make a will. I do not worry that I will die soon, I just live in a dangerous neighborhood and I would like to leave all my savings to persons other than my parents. If I make my own will, is it legal? And will my opinions be taken seriously?

09/25/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #9043
Is a notarized letter stating his last wishes legal in court?

Me and my fiance lived together for 6 years, he passed away this month. During the course of our relationship we accumlated a lot of items together. He purchased a new car which he had insurance the car would be paid for in case he passed away. He left a notorized letter stating ...

09/27/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #9186
What is needed for me to oversee my friends burial when she passes since she has no family?

My friend has asked that I take care of her funeral arrangements if something should happen to her. She has a brother but they are estranged and have been for years. What form do we need so I can take care of the disposition of her remains since she has requested that I do not ...

09/27/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #9216
How can I find out if my father left me any property when he died?

My father that I have not seen since I was four passed away. I am told he had properties but I do not know for sure. How do I find out if he had any properties without getting an attorney. I do not want to pay for an attorney if there is nothing to inherit.

10/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OH  #9591
How can I obtain a copy of my deceased sister's car title and change it to my name?

My sister, passed away on Sep 26, 2007 in Hayward, Cal. She was the owner of a 1989 Honda Prelude. After a thorough search of her residence, I was unable to locate the automobile title for the car. I have two questions; how do I get a dupicate title and what do I have to do to g...

10/10/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » KS  #10010
What is the time frame for contesting a will?

What is the time frame to contest a will?

10/13/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WI  #10210
If my husband dies am I entitled to the house that is in his name only?

I remarried about a year and half ago after being widowed for about 5 years. I owned a home that was completely paid for. I recently sold that home and my husband and I are living in the home he owned before we were married. We have one child together, but neither of us have a wi...

10/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TN  #10373
Is there a time limit for a will to be read

My father died over three years ago in Ohio. We (the children) know there was an original will, but we think he changed it. His surviving wife has told us there is no will. If there is a will, is there a statute of limitations for it to be read? What would happen if there is a wi...

10/17/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #10465
Disqualification of certain persons to serve as executor or administrator

Can an heir be appointed the executor of the Estate if the heirs live outside the state where the estate is located? I live in South Carolina and the estate is in Alabama. We need to know what Alabama State law is on this.

10/18/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SC  #10542
Is there a form called Deed of Distribution by trustee or Trustees Deed of Distribution?

Is there a form called Deed of Distribution by trustee or Trustees Deed of Distribution?

10/23/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MN  #10799
How does a residuary estate work?

My husband is executor of his fathers will. There is a surviving spouse from a second marriage. My husband is to inherit along with grandchildren, his father's residuary estate when the spouse passes. How does that work? What can keep her from willing his estate to her children ...

10/26/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #11018
What should you consider when choosing a Trustee for your will?

I am filling out my will. I am divorced with shared custody of two minor children. I have asked my cousin to be my personal representative. Because my children are minors I need to designate a trustee. I don't know who that should be? Can it be the same person who is my pers...

10/29/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #11197
Does Maine have an

Does Maine have an "enhanced life estate deed", also known as a Lady Bird Deed?

11/03/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ME  #11525
How can you ensure that an executor is fair in their oversight of an estate?

My brother is the executor of our father's estate. I want to make sure everything is fair. I heard there is an executor's fee. Is it a percentage? I've heard $10K.

11/16/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #12407
Persons Who Take Upon Intestacy

In Texas, if a spouse dies without leaving a will, does the surviving spouse inherit all assets, including property that was left to the deceased spouse during the time of marriage?

11/18/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #12473
if there is no will what is the order of priority for distribution of an estate?

In Georgia, if there is no will what is the order of priority for distribution of an estate? (Particular interest in real property.)

11/23/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #12739
If someone has been excluded in a will are they still entitled to profit from real property?

My father died in 2002. There are 6 siblings. Everything went to my mom however she passed in 2006. My father excluded three of us. The will states the other two get all personal property and cash assets. There is real property involved. Are the three that have been written out e...

11/23/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CT  #12746
Should Personal Property Be Included In An Estate

My dad passed away in October and the estate has been opened since 11/26, I have not heard anything from my step-mothers lawyer as of yet. She tells me that everything is hers except the stocks. Should his personal property be included? Items such as jewelry, tools, farm equip...

12/13/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OH  #13843

A person making a will may can appoint more than one executor to share the responsibilities of...

What is the meaning of co executor and would both executors have to sign to make all documents legal pertaining to someones estate?

12/17/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MA  #14039
What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Settling A Will In Texas

Is there a statute of limitations for a will to be settled in Texas? A parent passed over a year ago and the three children (all living and willed equal parts of assets) have not settled the will as of yet. How long do they have to settle the will?

12/19/2007 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #14153
When Should Heirs Be Provided With A Copy Of The Decedent's Will

How long does a lawyer have to provide heirs with a copy of the decedent's will?

01/03/2008 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MO  #14431
Does A Spouse Inherit The Other Spouses Debt Upon Death

My step-father passed away without leaving anything to my mother. Debt collectors have been calling her requesting that she pay her late husband's credit card debt. Does his debt become her debt upon his death? If not, what should she tell the debt collectors?

01/04/2008 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » VA  #14450
Does Minnesota Have An Intestate Law

Is there an intestate law in Minnesota? My sister died in 1995 without a will and we each share half ownership of a parcel of land that our Mother has life time use of. My sister was married at the time of her death and resided in California. They have one child who is 16. If so,...

01/10/2008 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IA  #14615
Am I entitled to money my father instructed the executor to give me before he deceased?

My father passed away approximately a year and a half ago. Before he passed, he distributed money to 3 of the kids. He did not distribute any to 2 other children at that time. Before he passed, he promised these two children they would get equal amounts and told the executor/po...

12/17/2008 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MS  #14825
How to Transfer Deed After Death of Joint Tenants

My sister and I along with two others that have 1/4 undivided interest, and a life tenant were left a home. My sister and I are the only two surviving. How do I change the deed to reflect this? Will we have the right to sell?

12/17/2008 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #14826
What needs to be done before property can be sold to me whose owners are deceased?

I am buying a lot that is scheduled to go to a tax foreclosure auction in 2-1/2 weeks. The lot is in the name of 2 men who are both deceased. Their wives have offered to sell me the lot, but I need to make it happen very quickly so that I can pay off the back taxes and other lie...

12/30/2008 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WA  #14883
Can my husband and I make provisions in our will now for our unborn child?

My husband and I are expecting our first child in early March. We are working on our will now. Can we go ahead and include her in it with guardian information, trust information, etc.? Or, should we wait to set up the will after she's born?

01/08/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #14946
What is a holographic will?

If the holographic will states money to be given to only living brothers & sisters, will that leave nieces & nephews of deceased out of will?

01/09/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AR  #14953
If my father gifted his home to me before his death and I sold it, who is responsible for taxes?

'Gift in Contemplation of Death.'What are the legal/tax ramifications for giver and receiver in the following; My father, who lived in Okla, recently deeded (gave) his house to me because of his rapidly failing health. Ownership of the house was transferred to me. I then sold t...

01/15/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #15004
How can I legally obtain a copy of my beother's will if I was listed in it?

My brother passed away 2 weeks ago; my sister was left as the person to carry out his will. My other brother passed away 2 years ago, so it's only my sister and myself. My brother had three children, they haven't seen each other for over 20 years. Only the daughter started to com...

01/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #15089
What can I do to force my sister to sell her half of the home we inherited?

My father passed away over 3 years ago. Before hid death he gave my sister half of his house and in his will gave her everything which later on he told us she was forcing him to do. But before he passed away he was able to change his will but not half ownership of his house so he...

01/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MA  #15103
How does my wife and I ensure when we die our home goes to our children without probate?

My wife and I are both on the deed to our home. If she and I died together, would our home go to our children WITHOUT going through probate, or do they need to be specifically named on the deed. We have a 'warranty deed' that states 'sold to the said GRANTEES and GRANTEES' heirs,...

02/05/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #15162
Where do I obtain a 'Proof of Will' document for Arkansas?

I took my Last Will and Testament to the courthouse today to have it notarized. I was told that in the state of Arkansas I also needed a 'Proof of Will' document in case one of the witnesses were to die before me. Is this true, and where do I obtain a 'Proof of Will' document f...

02/05/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AR  #15166
How often should one update their will if addresses and phone numbers have changed?

If a will was made twenty one years ago and the addresses and phone numbers have changed, do they need to be changed to be legally viable?

02/08/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #15196
How should my mother add to her will without having to do a new one?

I've got a question to ask for my mom. It's regarding an inclusion she wants to add to their will. Both parents are living and a will was written a few years back with an attorney. Mom wants to make a stipulation that when they both pass, after the sale of their home, that a c...

02/20/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #15312
What is the difference between a will and a living will?

I am 56yrs currently healthy with adult children. I'm divorced, what do I need a will or living will? What is the difference?

02/21/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #15322
Determining whether you need a will or trust

Which legal documents do we need? (will or trust?) Please be as specific as possible. We are unsure if we need a trust since we do not own a home. 1) We have children who are minors and need to make sure their guardians are chosen and stated. 2)We do not own a home and have no si...

03/12/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #15584
Where can I find a will that allows me to keep my assets separate from my new husbands?

I am a remarried widow with 3 children ( ages 11 and 9 yr old twins). I have assets from my 1st husbands death that I need to keep seporate from my new husband and his children. I recieve pensions and benefits, so my husband and I keep our finances seperate. What kind of will d...

03/14/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » UT  #15629
How can me and my husband ensure that when we are both gone our children will get our estate?

If my husband and I have a will leaving everything that we own to each other, and we both have children form a previous marriage, how can we make sure that the children of the last one of us living will get their portion when we die? Example--My husband dies, I own everything, th...

03/17/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » LA  #15658
Is the separate property of a marriage disbursed per a will on death?

Is the separate property as opposed to joint property of a marriage disbursed as per a will on death of one party?

03/21/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #15706
Who gets the money in the bank when my mother in law passes away?

My mother-in-law has $120,000.00 total in to separate banks. My sister-in-law has her name 2nd on both accounts, my wife was told that in the will everything monotarily would be divided equally between her and her sister. Someone told my wife that 2nd on the account gets the mon...

03/26/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OH  #15761
How do you designate a funeral agent to follow your funeral wishes?

If you live in the state of new york, how do you designate a funeral agent to follow your funeral wishes. If it is a health care Power of Attorney form, how would you add language to designate a funeral agent. If you don't designate a funeral agent; who, by law, has the right to ...

03/26/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #15765
Are typewritten testaments or last wills in the state of New Jersey valid?

We are german citizens located in Germany. Our aunt deceased in 2008 at her home in Pamberton. Currently, the testament and last will from her which is completely written by typewriter, it is not penned handwritten, is this typewritten last will valid by law for the state New Jer...

03/26/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #15769
What should I do with old stock certificates that were given to me by a friend who has passed?

What should I do with old stock certificates that were given to me by a friend who has passed?

04/14/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #16007
How do I plan for my estate if I own a business?

Setting up a will for personal assets seems simple, but what do you do with a business? I have a single member LLC for the purpose of real estate purchases, rentals, etc. There are 9 properties held jointly with a partner/friend using my LLC, two in self-directed IRAs, three sing...

04/17/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MO  #16034
What is the best method for ensuring care of our diabled child if we pass away?

I am married with four children. One child (age 6) has hemophilia A and cerebral palsy. We want to know the best method to provide for his care if something would happen to us before he turns 21? He is on medicaid and receives adoption assistance.

04/24/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16115
How can we find out who property belongs to now that mother is deceased?

In Louisiana my father donated property to my brother, it didn't have the correct legal description. Then he turned around and donated it to my niece and son, with the correct description after this my brother had a correction filed. Some of the property still had my deceased m...

04/25/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #16129
What is the best way for me to ensure that I retain possession of the marital home?

I got married to a man who has 3 children from his previous marriage. Now they are older than 25 and my husband and I are paying for a house and have two young children. The deed is in his name. I would like to know if in case he dies, can his first's marriage children claim some...

04/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16149
How long will an action of partition take?

How long will an action of partition take and what would the cost be? This is for settling a will on a house. It has been two years now and the lawyers are not helping, they are just going back and forth, so this seems to be the only way to settle this.

04/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16172
How do I remove my dad's name from the property title because he is deceased?

I own a house that is paid off. My father is still on the property title and he passed away 03/11/2007. In the living trust he had put me as the trustor but never put joint tenancy. How do I take his name off without going through the courts?

04/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16175
I was appointed guardian of an estate of a deceased minor. What does this mean?

If I was appointed to be guardian of an estate of a deceased minor and the child was my foster child. The biological parents are still alive but this is how it is defined on my part and the document I signed from the lawyer. What does this mean and where do I stand?

04/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16188
Am I responsible for a bill to the care facility where my father passed away?

My dad died in a care facility here in Fresno in January. We had prepaid his $5,400 monthly bill and he died 3 days later. After our repeated requests for a refund, they responded with an amount that we considered fair. Now, 5 months later, we have been billed an additional $500....

04/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #16191
Do our adult children need to be listed as beneficiarys if we have a will?

We filled out our Wills for married couples with adult children. Upon our death, can our children get our money from our bank checking accounts with just the Wills, or do they have to be beneficiarys on the bank accounts to get our money? Our bank said they must be put on as ben...

04/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16210
What can I do to sell the home of my deceased mother and father if it is in both their names?

Our family house was in both Mother and fathers names. When our father passed away in 1995, our mother was executor. She completed executors deed to put the house in her name and removed our fathers name.The deed did not get recorded. Our mother passed away in 2006.When sellin...

04/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16276
Who would get my husband's property if he dies while in the middle of our divorce?

My husband and I are legally seperated and finalizing the divorce agreement. What happens if he dies before we file it? Who will get his estate?

04/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16296
I think my brother distributed my father's estate unfairly. What can I do?

My father passed away, with no will. My brother acted as Executor of the estate. He decided, without asking any party involved, to give half the estate to my fathers ex-wife. (2nd wife, no blood relation to his heirs) and split the remaining estate 5 ways. 3 blood decendants and...

04/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16297
My uncle died with no will. Who gets his property?

Last week my uncle died. He does not have a will. He has no other children except a step son who is over 18 but never adopted him. My uncle has a home in New Mexico and in California. Do the homes go to the step son or my uncles brother and sister?

04/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16332
Do we need an Estate Attorney or a Probate Attorney?

My mother passed away in October 2007. My sister wants to put the house in her name. She's living in the house and she's single. I'm married with 3 kids. My mother wanted us to split everything so I want the house in my name. Also, in case anything happens to my sister I'll be ...

04/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16341
What type of will does my mother need when leaving her shares of a shared home to her heirs?

My mother and brother share a home mortgage. My brother recently got married. The title and the loan to the house is both under my mother's and brother's names, which they refinanced after my brother got married. My mother would like to draw-up a will that ensures, that in the ...

04/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16345
I believe my deceased aunt's Power of Attorney was used to change her wishes

It was unknown to us at the time, my deceased aunt's power of attorney (also a heir) changed the beneficiaries on all her cds to his name. Do we have any recourse to get these cds to the persons she originally designated them for?

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16363
What is needed other than a will to prepare mine and my wife's estates?

I went to a lawyer when I lived in Montana during 2004 and made a will and my wife made one too. There has been some changes in our lives, mostly because all our children are over 18 now and we live in another state. We also have a trustee designated within the will. We now live ...

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WA  #16366
My grandma's estate was never settled and now my mom passed, so does my mom's share go to her kids?

My Grandmother died approximately 10 years ago. My uncle was named executor. The estate was to be divided among 5 children, my Mother being one of them. My Grandmother's Estate was never settled. My Mother died in 2003, never receiving her share of my Grandmother's estate. Can I...

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16377
How do I obtain a copy of a will that I was named an heir?

I was named as an heir in my ex-wife's mother's will, but have not received any official notices or copies of the will. How can I go about obtaining a copy and making sure that all is handled properly?

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16379
As a stepchild am I still entitled to inherit from the estate?

My stepfather died in July leaving no will. There is one biological son, one adopted son, and three stepchildren. The biological son says we have no right to anything. My biological mother died in 2006, are we entitled to anything? The biological son has been appointed power of ...

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16419
My stepfather passed away and we are unclear about the working of the will

My stepfather passed away. He had six Kids [three are his, from another marriage, three are my moms from another marriage]I have read it two ways: My mother gets half of joint property, mother gets her half and half of half. Can you clarify?

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #16438
Can my brother prevent the liquidation of my parents home since he has resided there 10 years?

My parents live in Texas and have a will stating that all property is to be divided equally among their birth sons and daughters. My brother, his spouse and adopted, autistic, 10 yr old son have lived in my parents house for 10 yrs or more. My brother pays half of the electric ...

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16444
My sister-in-law used my husband's Power of Attorney to rob me and my children of his assets

My husband died in October, 2007. We were legally married and were living under the same roof until 4 weeks prior to his death from ALS. I was his primary caretaker. In August 2007 he entered the hospital for 2 weeks, then was released in the care of his sister, a RN, who along w...

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16459
Why do I need a will if my children are grown and my wife is to get everything?

I am retired and have $400,000 in my IRA account. I own a $300,000 home, with my wife. My children are grown and my wife is the benificary on IRA. Why do I need a will?

04/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ALL  #16466
What needs to be done to make a will legal other than having it notarized?

We filled out a will and power of attorney for my mother and and had it signed and notorized. Does this need to be filed with a legal agency?

05/20/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TN  #16731
What is Orphan's Court?

I am Trustee of an Irrevocable Bypass/Unified Trust (Testamentary Trust), which was setup in 1992 by my Aunt Anne's husband who died in 1992. This trust was to distribute income to my aunt until her death. According to his will,upon Anne's death, the principle was to be distribu...

05/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » PA  #16799
In preparing a will, how will an attorney determine if the the client has legal capacity?

In preparing a will, how will an attorney determine if the the client has legal capacity? This question pertains to my 88 year old mother who suffers from senile dementia.

05/29/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #16816
How do I ensure that my husband does not inherit my home and that it goes to the church?

My husband left me years ago after I ran out of money. Of the 16 years we have been married we had only lived together for 3 years. He owns nothing. I do not want my husband or my daughter to have any of my assets once I am dead. Both my husband and my daughter have taken almo...

06/07/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AK  #16885
What is the statue of limitations for a last will & testament in Illinois?

What is the statue of limitations for a last will & testament for the state of Illinois?

06/08/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IL  #16897
Are life insurance benefits considered part of a decedent's estate?

I have 2 life insurance policies. One is a personal policy with a death benefit of approximately $160,000. The second is a policy where I work that carries a death benefit of approximately $200,000. Currently my wife is the beneficiary on both policies. We have a will and I h...

06/08/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #16902
Is a Copy of a Will That Is Not Notarized Valid in Idaho?

My husband passed away 2.5 years ago and we had a written up paper stating our daughter was to handle our affairs in the event something happened to us together, it also stated in the event something happened to either of us we leave all our worldly possessions to each other. Our...

06/18/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » ID  #17053
How Do I See A Copy of The Will in Nebraska?

I was sent an interlocutory letter from my grandmother's attorney requesting my signature to confirm I received my inheritance from her estate. Don't I have a right to know the total amount of her estate, who and how much each person received? The letter stated I don't need to ...

06/24/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NE  #17168
How Do I Fill Out a Mutual Will?

Re: Mutual wills for married couple with minor children, Article 7, paragraph C: We wish to establish a trust for our child (or any future children) who are under age 21 (cf fields 37 and 41). _We do not understand paragraph C._ Why would the sample provide ages of 18 and 25 (f...

06/26/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MI  #17207
How Do I Locate the Contents of the Will of My Mother?

How do I find my mothers last will and what assets are to be divided?

07/06/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AZ  #17356
Do I Need to Settle Property Dispute Before Putting Property in a Will?

I have been trying to get my Father to complete his will for years. He has all the signatures needed, but he has a property that was left to both him and his sister. He feels he should get a bigger piece of the money if it sells because of the work he has done to it. Does this ne...

07/13/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #17511
Can the Agent Also Witness a Power of Attorney?

If my mother names me as her Power of Attorney and Executor, can I also sign as a witness?

07/20/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #17669
Is a Testamentary Trust a Separate Document from the Will?

I downloaded the forms to create a Last will and testament for married couple without children. While doing the will I have realized that it will not be sufficient. I would like to set up a testamentary trust. I put language in the will outlining the trust. I feel the trust will ...

07/26/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #17798
Who Owns Property Left in the House of a Deceased?

My mother and stepfather moved into my grandmother's house after she died. My mother has since died. My stepfather has now died. He left his posessions in the house to his daughter. Much of the contents of the house is my grandmother's and mother's. Does this mean that she w...

07/27/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #17830
Is a Will from California Valid in Florida?

We have a husband and wife last will prepared by an attorney in California 12 years ago. Is it legal in Florida?

08/28/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #18295
What is a Self-Proving Affidavit for a Will in Iilinois?

I want a self-proving affidavit to attach to my will. Is is called something else. I can't find a form Can you email a self-proving affidavit form to me

09/07/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » IL  #18470
What Happens in Probate if Assets Are Jointly Owned With a Named Beneficiary?

could you interpret this passage in a will It says if at the time of my death I am the owner joint owner of any real estate which is registered or issued in the names of myselfand another person or persons as tenants by the entirety or as joint tenants with right of survivorship...

09/09/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #18525
What Happens if I Inherit Property With a Mortgage?

My Mother has a home and she is still making payments on. She would like the home to go to me if something should happen to her. If she still owes money on the house, how do we transfer the house to me without me having to refinance the it?

10/05/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #18941
What is the Law on Wills in Montana?

looking for advice on wills, in particular about assigning guardianship of a minor child, and legal ways to protect my live in girlfriends interests in case of my death

10/06/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MT  #18969
How do I acquire my deceased's wife share of our online stock trade account?

I have a joint acct with Etrade. I notified them my wife passed away. They have 'frozen' my account and are asking me to do the following:'- signed LOI referencing the account/SSN of the deceased and stating transfer of 50% of share to Estate and 50% of share to the surviving a...

10/16/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #19125
Can An Ex-Spouse Receive Life Insurance Policy Benefits if Disinherited in the Will?

My father and mother have been divorced 30 years, he had my mother on life insurance policy, which he told me she was not to receive anything, my father spoke with attorney before he died and had everything go to his five children evenly. The insurance company contacted my m...

10/20/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #19191
How Do I Find a Missing Life Insurance Policy?

my mother died 7,30,1996.some of the insurance policywas lost.my mother name,havana reed,havana dixon,havana beene.the policyswas taken out in nashvilletn.my name is fred l reedher son.any help would beappreciate. also check policy with executive life ins. co. trust.

10/31/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #19399
Who has the right to make burial decisions once a principal is deceased?

can decisions made concerning funeral and burial dispositions by the agent be changed by a spouse after death of principal ?

11/19/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AZ  #19708
Can I Delay the Distribution of Assets to Another in My Will?

does a codicil give or can set a time after my death that my husband would settle and give to my sons my share of the estate...i want that to be within 3 months, is that possible? Before he could chanel funds as he is not their father and I do assume that would be the case from b...

11/23/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » GA  #19759
Does a Remarriage or Divorce Make a Previous Will Invalid?

I was recently married. My wife has died this year.Her will and Trust is signed by her previous married name and both she & her ex are both deceased. Is her Will and Trust still valid or did the new marraie negate it?

12/14/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » FL  #20056
Can a Person Make Changes to a Will by Adding Revisions and Initialing Them?

Hi. My name is Malu Cortez, a US citizen living in the Philippines. My brother passed away 4 November in Las Vegas and left a typewritten homemade will. This will was drawn and notarized in October 2006. Each time he made handwritten revisions to the will, he intialed and dat...

12/17/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NV  #20098
Does a Life Estate Deed Eliminate the Need for a Will?

Would using the legal form 'Texas Warranty Deed to Child Reserving a Life Estate in the Parents' avoid the need for a will if all that my mother owns and wishes to grant as inheritance to me is a house?

12/23/2009 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #20164
Will Ohio recognize a will executed in another state even without the original copy?

My father recently passed, he lived in Girard, Ohio. I have a copy of his Last Will and Testament which he prepared in1998 in the state of Minnesota. I am named as sole heir. Although he lived in Ohio, he also had property in Minnesota and his car was registered there. We can n...

01/21/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OH  #20556
How Do I Revoke a Will Without Creating a New one?

How do I cancel a will without writing another will?

01/28/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WA  #20673
Can an Adopted Child Inherit the Share of a Deceased Heir?

In the case of inheritance with a will that lists the living children of the deceased as heirs and disinherits the biological daughter of a deceased child, would an adopted child inherit if the parents were seperated or divorced and the deceased did not know of the adoption? Th...

02/23/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CO  #21120
What are the tax consequences with selling inherited real property?

Are there taxes due on the sale of an inherited home?

03/05/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #21259
What Does Per Stirpes Mean in a Will?

In the will form, Article 6, it says, 'In the event I name more than one person, such persons are to receive such property ___ equally, per stirpes, or ___ equally, or the survivor.' I don't understand the language. Please explain what I am choosing between.

04/05/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » SD  #21689
Can a Copy of A Will Be Used if the Original Was Destroyed?

If there is no original Last Will (destroyed by lawyer). Will the Court accept a photocopy for probate since no original exists? I only have a first generation copy - Is that acceptable to the court because of special circumstances?

05/26/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #22236
How Do I Find Out the Value of My Ex-Mother-in-Law's Estate?

When my mother-in-law died, I had been divorced from her only son for 10 years. There are two adult boys from the marriage. I had been married to my ex for 36 years when we divorced. I saw her will when her son and I were still married and I was to share equally with her son i...

06/21/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AR  #22433
Should I Name Trustee As Beneficiary on CDs and Accounts Held in a Trust?

I bought a Mutual Will for Married Couple with Minor Children. In that Will there is no mention about Life Insurance , CD's or retirement funds. The Section E of the Will says ..'...I direct that my Trustee administer hereunder any funds coming into the hands of my Beneficiaries ...

08/05/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » MA  #22831
Are there any taxes owed when a resident or non-resident alien dies owning property in the US?

Is there a tax on intestate inheritance? How much? A Filipino with properties in CA and Nevada died intestate in the Philippines. What laws shall govern. How about taxes?

08/06/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CA  #22839
Is a Car Considered a Personal Effect in a Will?

Will of...III give and bequeath my household furniture and furnishings, jewelry, clothing and personal effects to my nephew, Richard Crabtree. Question: Does personal effects cover 2 of the three vehicles owned by the decedent?The third vehicle:IIII give my 1964 Chrysler Imperi...

09/22/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » WI  #23232
Who Inherits the Property if One of the Heirs in a Will is Deceased?

when my grandmother passed away her will read that her two children were to split everything in half . What happens when one of them children being my mother has already passed do my siblings and I get her part of the will

09/25/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #23257
How Do I See a Copy of My Deceased Father's Will and Trust?

My father passed away. He told me a couple years ago that he had a Will and Trust and as long as everyone follows his wishes then everything would be fine. However, he said, he is a little worried that ___the girls___ meaning his step daughters, would try to change things. He...

09/28/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #23278
What are the Requirements for a Valid Will in Indiana?

For an Indiana Will to be accepted in Probate, how many witnesses are needed for the Testator's signature? Is a Notary Public's signature also required?

10/05/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #23334
Do I Need to Make a New Will if a Beneficiary Dies?

Oldest sibling is not deceased,so can we make a new webb leaving any assts and all assts divided equally among our two adult daughters?

10/24/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TN  #23472
Does Substance Prevail Over Form in a Will or Trust?

with wills and trusts does form over substance prevail or vice versa?

11/28/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NV  #23711
Do Both Spouses' Assets Count for Medicaid Purposes if One Goes to a Nursing Home?

a irrevocable A-B Trust was set up in 1989 it has a medicaid trust clause that protected the assets of that trust if nursing home is needed. wife who was deeded 2 income properties in 1989, with affidevit stating that grantor , husband was retaining no reserved interest in prope...

12/04/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #23756
Can I name someone other than family to handle my estate or affairs if I cannot?

if i'm not married but do not wish my family of orgin to make decisions on my behalf (i'm over 18 yo) in the event something should happen to me or to gain anything from my passing away, how would i go about legally appointing someone else to do handle such matters on my behalf?

12/30/2010 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NM  #23906
What Happens to Assets Like 401K's Not Named in a Will?

The Last Will and Testament doesn't clearly expalain how to distribute 401K and insurance payments, checking, savings and safe deposit box assests.

02/06/2011 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » TX  #24162
What Happens to a Child's Share of an Estate After the Child Dies?

if children are named in a will and one dies after the wil is probated can the children or the remaining spose recieve her part in alabama

04/04/2011 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » AL  #24558
Can the Same Person be Named Executor, Trustee, and Beneficiary in a Will?

Can the same person be named as Executor,Trustee and as a beneficiary in my Will/?

05/31/2011 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NY  #24939
Are Expenses of Administration a Debt of the Estate?

Question: A clause in my downloaded will states that all debts will be paid from the residuary estate. Do debts include 'expenses', i.e. expenses of administration? This is a smaller estate - there are no taxes due - but I am curious - should the last clause say 'debts and exp...

06/21/2011 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » CT  #25070
How Do I Force the Executor to Show the Heirs the Will After Someone Dies?

My deceased parents had a living will devised in 1990 approximately and my mother died in 1992. My father recently passed away this year and I asked to see the living will and the sibling who was/is the executor of my father's estate refuses to disclose information regarding his...

09/04/2011 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » OH  #25454
How Do I Agree With My Girlfriend to Leave Estates to Our Children After We Both Die?

My ex-wife and I were divorced 21 years ago and we reunited one year later and have been together (un-married) since. We have three children all adults with two married. We would like to leave all assets to the survivor of the two of us and then, after both of our demise, equally...

02/11/2012 | Category » Wills and Estates  State » NJ  #25613