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My mother passed away in 2013. my sister inherited a home but now wants me to have it. What taxes?

My mother passed away in 2013. My sister inherited her house but I have been living in it since before mom passed. My sister has now agreed to turn the house over to me. The home is a condo appraised at 110,000. What kind of taxes am I looking at to get the house in my name?

10/27/2016   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Florida   |   #25771

How Do I Agree With My Girlfriend to Leave Estates to Our Children After We Both Die?

My ex-wife and I were divorced 21 years ago and we reunited one year later and have been together (un-married) since. We have three children all adults with two married. We would like to leave all assets to the survivor of the two of us and then, after both of our demise, equally to our children.Please advise type of will we should use.

02/11/2012   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: New Jersey   |   #25613

How Do I Force the Executor to Show the Heirs the Will After Someone Dies?

My deceased parents had a living will devised in 1990 approximately and my mother died in 1992. My father recently passed away this year and I asked to see the living will and the sibling who was/is the executor of my father's estate refuses to disclose information regarding his estate, the living will and especially details of funds disbursements of my parents estate etc. I ...

09/04/2011   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Ohio   |   #25454

Are Expenses of Administration a Debt of the Estate?

Question: A clause in my downloaded will states that all debts will be paid from the residuary estate. Do debts include 'expenses', i.e. expenses of administration? This is a smaller estate - there are no taxes due - but I am curious - should the last clause say 'debts and expenses will be first paid from the residuary estate' and what are the repercussions for stating it th...

06/21/2011   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Connecticut   |   #25070

Can the Same Person be Named Executor, Trustee, and Beneficiary in a Will?

Can the same person be named as Executor,Trustee and as a beneficiary in my Will/?

05/31/2011   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: New York   |   #24939

What Happens to a Child's Share of an Estate After the Child Dies?

if children are named in a will and one dies after the wil is probated can the children or the remaining spose recieve her part in alabama

04/04/2011   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Alabama   |   #24558

What Happens to Assets Like 401K's Not Named in a Will?

The Last Will and Testament doesn't clearly expalain how to distribute 401K and insurance payments, checking, savings and safe deposit box assests.

02/06/2011   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Texas   |   #24162

Can I name someone other than family to handle my estate or affairs if I cannot?

if i'm not married but do not wish my family of orgin to make decisions on my behalf (i'm over 18 yo) in the event something should happen to me or to gain anything from my passing away, how would i go about legally appointing someone else to do handle such matters on my behalf?

12/30/2010   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: New Mexico   |   #23906

Do Both Spouses' Assets Count for Medicaid Purposes if One Goes to a Nursing Home?

a irrevocable A-B Trust was set up in 1989 it has a medicaid trust clause that protected the assets of that trust if nursing home is needed. wife who was deeded 2 income properties in 1989, with affidevit stating that grantor , husband was retaining no reserved interest in property and it was filed.property not in trust but owned solely and willed to children with herand only ...

12/04/2010   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: New York   |   #23756

Does Substance Prevail Over Form in a Will or Trust?

with wills and trusts does form over substance prevail or vice versa?

11/28/2010   |   Category: Wills and Estates   |   State: Nevada   |   #23711
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