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Can I Sell a Tenant's Property After the Tenant Moves Out?

Our tenant, who was on a month to month lease, sent an email on 3/4/14 stating that she vacated the premises as of 3/2/14. She did not give 30 days prior written notice, therefore violating the terms of the Lease. She stated that she had movers come in and move everything out and leave the keys for us in a drawer in the kitchen. When we went to the home yesterday, 3/5/14, the...

03/06/2014   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: Arizona   |   #25739

How Can I Get Rid of Abandoned Property in Texas?

How do I legally dispose of property left in my shed for 4 and a half years? Have spoken with owner repeatedly and he won't come for it. There's also a van and small utility trailer. He said it would only be for 3 months.

08/23/2011   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: Texas   |   #25392

How Long Does a Tenant Have to Get Property Out After Evcition?

after papers are served in nj how long before he must take all his belongings out of the house

05/17/2011   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: New Jersey   |   #24855

May I keep a propane tank that came with property bought when lease on tank had ended?

I just purchased a home that was foreclosed on. The home was last occupied in July of 2008. There was a propane tank on the property when purchased the house. I am being told by the company that leased the tank to the previous owner that they are owner of the tank. The previous owner notified them that he was terminating his contract in 2008. My position is that the tank was ab...

04/28/2011   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: California   |   #24744

How Do I Get Rid of Abandoned Property in Florida?

I'm a Private Investigator in Florida. In September 2008, I contracted with a client to perform Executive Protection at a hearing in Volusia County. The client was involved in a lawsuit brought against him by former business associates. This Executive Protection detail was successful and the client was pleased. The client requested a referral to a local Attorney so I introd...

07/04/2009   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: Florida   |   #17331

What are my son's options to recover his belongings from his ex-roommates wife?

My son left the service (Coast Guard) where he was stationed in Florida and returned home to Michigan 3 weeks ago. He left behind a considerable amount of property in a friend's home (where he was living). The friend is involved in a bitter divorce situation and has moved from the home; ex wife moved back into the home and is now refusing to allow my son to return to claim his ...

06/08/2009   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: Florida   |   #16905

Can the gas station owner tow my son's vehicle for leaving it in the lot for 2 weeks?

My son left my vehicle in Idaho Falls, Idaho at a gas station. The station had the vehicle towed. I was never notified that the vehicle was abandoned and I had to pay 2 weeks of storage fees. Can I dispute those charges because I was not notified that the vehicle was abandoned?

05/02/2009   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: Idaho   |   #16521

How do I put a lien on some furniture I have been storing for someone?

We have a contract to store property for a client of ours (furniture valued at about $3,000), client is in breach of contract and does not want to pay for storage. My question is What sort of lien do I file on the property and how do I file it?

04/29/2009   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: ALL   |   #16449

Can I claim the aircraft being stored in my hanger if rent is owed for storage?

I have a renter keeping his aircraft in my hangar. He has not paid rent in almost 3 years. We have a written agreement which says he owes me $100/month. I would like to give him notice that I will start selling parts of his aircraft to cover the almost $3,000 that He owes me. He refuses to answer any of my requests and lives out of state. How can I recover this over due rent?

04/28/2009   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: ALL   |   #16305

How long can one abandon property being stored before you can take ownership?

A live-in employee quit and left her belongings for us to store. We have asked her multiple times to pick up her stuff and currently are paying to store it. How long do we have to wait, and what steps can we take to get rid of her stuff?

04/28/2009   |   Category: Abandoned Property   |   State: ALL   |   #16302
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