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What should I do if my car was repossessed?

i purchased a 98 dodge neon in march 07'. I only owed 600 more dollars on the car. I had only had the car for only two weeks before they came and repossessed my car. Then after that they gave me a hard time regarding the car, they wouldn't answer any of my calls but the minute i sent them a text message they were quick to answer it. What I need to know from you is do you think...

05/25/2007   |   Category: Automobiles » Repossess   |   State: Texas   |   #5929

Can I repossess a car without the courts?

I sold a car to a friend of mine and now he is late with his payments. It has been over a month and he has sent me one bad check and one that was in the mail that I never received. Can I repossess the car without the courts? What are my rights?

05/15/2007   |   Category: Automobiles » Repossess   |   State: Florida   |   #4846
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