Child Abuse Legal Questions and Answers

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Can my mom stop him from visiting me?

I am a 14-year-old living with my mom in Oklahoma. My dad visits me over the weekends. For the last two months, he has been abusing me physically and mentally every time he visits me. I confided in my mom and she has lodged a complaint against my dad. Can my mom stop my dad from visiting me?

01/02/2017   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Oklahoma   |   #29261

The officer in charge of the juvenile home coerced sexual relations with me. Can I sue him for rape?

I am serving time for grand theft in a juvenile home in Indiana. I am 17 years old. The officer in charge of the juvenile home has had coerced sexual relations with me on multiple occasions? Can I sue him for rape?

12/21/2016   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Indiana   |   #28521

I found my son’s music teacher fondling him inappropriately. What is the punishment?

Last week I found my son’s music teacher fondling him inappropriately. When I confronted her, she ran for the door and bolted. My son is deeply affected by the whole episode. He is just 11 years old. I want to take her to court for what she did to my son. What is the punishment that the court can give out to such sick people?

12/08/2016   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Alabama   |   #27728

What is the remedy for child abuse by parents?

I am 17 years old living in California with my parents. Lately, my parents have been ill-treating me and it has affected me physically and emotionally. I do not want to stay with my parents anymore. Is there any way I can file a complaint against them?

11/28/2016   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: California   |   #27263

How Do I Prevent a Stepfather From Harming My Children?

My children's step father has pulled a switch blade on my 12 year old son and told him that he is going to cut him three times now and twice he pulled the knife out and he has told my 7 year old daughter he is going to cut her toes off. This man is a two time convicted felon. The second time was 4 counts of assault. I have called CPS several times now for other issues. They hav...

08/06/2011   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Kentucky   |   #25283

Does Statutory Rape Apply if the Parents Consent?

Is it legal for a 16 year old female to date a 22 year old male with parental permission in the state of Oregon? She is doing good in school, is mature, not pregnant, and the family has know him for 8 years, he is already part of the family and has been for years

05/20/2011   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Oregon   |   #24880

What Are Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Georgia?

My son, 26 years of age now- 16 years old at the time that the alleged offense(s) were committed and told me committed in Carrollton and Paulding Counties, GA, admitted to me having coercive sex at that time with alcohol involved and supplied by a 36 year old woman friend of mine (Perp). My son then claimed to me at the same age of 16 ....that the 36 year old friend of mine fr...

05/16/2011   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Tennessee   |   #24847

What is the penalty for Failure to Report Child Abuse in North Carolina?

I need the North Carolina statute that addresses FAILURE to report suspected child abuse, the statute addressing reporting is 7B-301. I teach child sexual abuse prevention and someday someone is going to pose the question, 'well what can happen to me if I don't report what I suspect?

05/15/2011   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: North Carolina   |   #24837

What Do I Do About a Father Abusing His Children?

If my daughter's father is living in a 1bedroom apartment with 3boys, and a woman who has bitten two of his children. My daughter also has problems going to the bathroom which his 2yr old son has aswell. The father revealed to me that he rims the boy's anus to try to help even though the boy's pediatrician said it doesn't help. How do I keep this man away from my daughter so he...

04/02/2011   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Wisconsin   |   #24553

Will Crimnal Charges be Filed if a Relative is Accused of Child Abuse?

If a Grandfather fondles a 3 year old Granddaughter and is reported to CACU, does he have charges filed against him for this and go to trial? The CACU Detective observed the child being questioned by counselor.

11/29/2010   |   Category: Child Abuse   |   State: Kentucky   |   #23730
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