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Can a Lawyer be Sued for Deceptive Trade Practices?

Can I file a deceptive trade practice consumer protection act against attorney.DPTA

02/15/2012   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: Texas   |   #25617

Can a Distributor Stop Selling a Product to Us to Sell to a Competitor?

We recently purchased product from a company and now they refuse to sell us again because a dealer in another county does not want us to have the merchandise. Is this restraint of trade? Is there a clause that applies to this case? I was under the impression that once sold that only a violation on part of the buyer would be a reason to cancel a agreement to purchase...Also, ...

08/29/2011   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: Texas   |   #25423

What Can I Do About a Competitor Underbidding Everyone?

I have a small limousine company in texas that has been providing flight crew transportation for a major us carrier for over 15 years. Our service is flawless. A merger is now taking place between this airline and another. The company has received a bid from the largest limousine company in the city. It is so low that no one can go anywhere. It is even below the legal amount t...

05/26/2011   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: Texas   |   #24906

Can the Highway Authority Restrict Commercial Signs?

The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA) operates the entire tollway system in Illinois. The ISTHA recieves no federal funds and the system is supported by tolls collected. On the tollway system, there are 7 oasis facilities (under separate manageent contract)where gas, food and other services are provided. The ISTHA allows these 7 oasis to advertise (blue logo signs...

04/18/2011   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: Illinois   |   #24664

How Can I Cancel a Lease for a Credit Card Machine I Don't Need?

I own a small business in Colorado and in July of 2009 I was told by a sales representative for a credit card processing company (Payment Systems of Carlsbad,CA) that if I leased a credit card processing machine from him for $199 a month he would send me another one just to have as a backup if the first broke. I told him that I only needed one machine but he said he was doing ...

12/26/2010   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: Colorado   |   #23878

When Can a Sole Source Provider Be Used in California?

In the state of California, if an architect sole sourced a product in an effort to restrict competition would this be a violation of the Sherman act?

10/19/2010   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: Georgia   |   #23429

Can I Sue a Business for Preventing My Business From Competing With Them?

Do I have a right to sue for damages which involuntary caused destruction of my personal life and closed my long established successful business because subject corporations made agreement together so my business would not be a competition to another business? (the other business was one of the Corps, and signed such lease agreement with out informing me in advance or acknowled...

10/11/2010   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: California   |   #23371

What Recourse is There Against a Company Spy

mole. a person who uses a long affiliation with an organization to gain access to and betray confidential information. what charges or/ claims can you bring on such an entity. examples such as associates with official ranks as to be called a president,secretary etc. of the different entities in the affiliated corp.

08/13/2010   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: New York   |   #22896

Can I Give Financial Rewards to Doctors Who Lease My Medical Equipment?

I rent (lease) surgical lasers equipment to hospitals, surgery centers, and Doctor office in Southern California. My question is simple.. Can I give money back to doctors in the form of a cash rewards card earned for each time equipment is rented? I know that LLC partnerships with Physicians and vendors is no longer legal.

10/30/2009   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: California   |   #19391

How do I prevent future employees from stealing ideas from my company?

I had a former employee steal a company secret (or device I specifically made and invented) and is now making the product and using it to make personal profit. I had no contract prohibiting this with the employee. How can I protect this from continuing? Is there a law that employees cannot steal secret company information and designs for personal gain?

05/13/2009   |   Category: Consumer » Unfair Pract...   |   State: California   |   #16663
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