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Does a Party Have to Anwswer an Interrogatory That's Personal or Sexual in Nature?

I have a lawyer and have sent my divorce papers to my husband. But the questions of a sexual manners I really did not want ask but they are in these papers. Does my husband have to answer these question or can he plead to the court not to answer these question if it so please the Plaintiff his wife.

08/23/2011   |   Category: Discovery » Interrogator...   |   State: Alabama   |   #25393

When Can a Motion to Compel Answers to Interrogatories be Filed ?

Family law case. Modification to Child Support. Ex-husband trying to cut support by half. Last modification was in 2007. I'm opposing the modification to show voluntary unemployment and underemployment. Child turns 18 within the year. Jurisdiction is in Utah. Acting on behalf of myself (pro se) doing my own pleadings. Went forward with Discovery (Interrogatories and Req...

12/28/2010   |   Category: Discovery » Interrogator...   |   State: Utah   |   #23891

Can I File a Motion to Compel Based on Objections and Denial Answers to Interrogatories?

Can I submit a Motion to Compel when my ex-husband answered Interrogatories and Requests for Admissions with only objections and denials? I need production of documents for an upcoming hearing in a Child Support Modification case. Is a Motion to Compel only used when they do not answer at all? Without evidence I cannot show voluntary underemployment and unemployment, but hav...

12/20/2010   |   Category: Discovery » Interrogator...   |   State: Utah   |   #23853

What is considered my 'Good Faith Basis' in legal terms?

If I refuse to respond to an interrogatory pursuant to a claim of privilege, I must submit a certified sworn statement of my good faith basis for the privilege claimed. What is considered my 'Good Faith Basis'? What type of form is that? Who certifies it? Request is for a Federal employee EEO disability complaint. I requested a hearing in front of an Administrative Judge in Mi...

05/29/2009   |   Category: Discovery » Interrogator...   |   State: Florida   |   #16820

How do I answer interrogatories for a suit regarding credit card debt?

I live in NJ and had a summons to appear in court on March 9. I tried working with a debt collector to try and resolve a credit card (Capital One) issue. This went on for several months but the they refused to settle for a lesser amount. I failed to show up for the court date and have received interrogatories through the mail with a 30 day cut-off date. Must I answer the in...

04/16/2009   |   Category: Discovery » Interrogator...   |   State: New Jersey   |   #16028
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