Can my ex-girlfriend take my car to a mechanic without my permission?

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Can my ex-girlfriend take my car, that is in my name, without my permission, and get a mechanic friend of her's to place a mechanic lien on my vehicle in an attempt to obtain my car from the break-up? I'm currently still making payments on the car, and her name is on nothing! The car was put in her mechanic friend shop totally without my permission.
10/28/2016   |   Category: Fraud   |   State: Texas   |   #25829


If this was done without your permission, express or implied, you may have a case of fraud or conversion. If the mechanic shop was involved in the fraud they may be liable as well. However, if the girlfriend had implied permission and you are complaining after the fact there may be an issue.  Also if you knew of what was happening with the car and did nothing that could also affect the case.