What can I do to collect the funds I paid on my prepaid credit card if I am not at fault?

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I purchased a prepaid visa card on 3/14/2007. I returned home the same day to activate the card so I could begin using the card. When I called the company they said I could not activate the card because it was already activated on 2/14/2007. I then returned to the store where I purchased the card. The manager said he could not do anything for me to get a refund that I would have to contact the company. I contacted the company 3/14/2007 and explained what happened. The company said they would have to get their lost management department to investigate the situation. They said it would take 48 hours to resolve this situation. I called the company after 5 days; they said I needed to fax the receipt and card with activation number to receipt research department. On 03/23/2007 I faxed the information they asked for. On 3/30/2007 I called to receive my money. They said they did not receive the fax, so on 3/30/2007 I re-faxed the information now to loss management. I called on 3/30/2007 just to make sure they had received my fax that day. They said they received it. I waited until 4/6/2007 to once again receive my money. At this time I was told I would have to wait 1 business day and I was given a key number. I called again on 4/10/2007; I was told I would have to wait 2 business days. I have called at least 3 times every week up to today and I am still getting the run -around from the first day. After all this I still have not received my monies and now when I call they put me on hold and then the phone just hangs up. The last time I was on hold for 7 hours and no one returned to the phone. What can I do?
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You have done a good job of keeping records on this matter. You might try to contact the consumer fraud division of the LA Attorney Generals office and see if they can assist or refer you to the proper division or governmental agency who can take some action to assist.