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How can I bring a gold bar to the US legally for sale?

I will be traveling to the United States soon and I have a 1 kg gold bar that I would like to take to the U.S. to sell; I will be carrying it on me. Do I have to declare it? what is the legal way to proceed?

04/27/2009   |   Category: Immigration » Passports   |   State: Florida   |   #16218

How do I replace my child's passport that was lost or stolen while overseas?

A minor child and one parent have traveled outside the United States and the child's passport has been lost or stolen. Can the other parent (who is still in the U.S.) apply and obtain the minor child's passport without the child being physically present at the time of application? Please note that the child is still out of the country.

01/12/2007   |   Category: Immigration » Passports   |   State: Michigan   |   #358
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