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Is a cognovit note legal in Connecticut?


04/06/2017   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: Connecticut   |   #35273

Is my home and car attachable assets?

is my home and car attachable assets?

11/05/2016   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: Missouri   |   #26213

What Can Happen if I Don't Pay a Judgment?

I have a judgment on my record from 2006 that I was never served on. Thus a default judgment was issued. The plaintiff was an LLC but is no longer in business. I contacted the attorney of record and they do not want to settle for anything less than everything with interest and can not produce a receipt in the company's name. They want me to pay them and they can disperse the fu...

08/27/2011   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: Texas   |   #25406

If a Middle Name is Missing From a Judgment is it Sill Valid?

If the judgment doesn't show the middle name, is that considered valid?

08/15/2011   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: California   |   #25332

Does a Temporary Restraining Order Need to be Signed by the Judge?

If a temporary order was written and not signed by judge in a divorce case. Is the document valid, and should the document has a start and stop date on the document. Their were two temporary documents written the first was signed by the judge. The second temporary order was not signed by judge. However the attorney had us wait in a different area while she said she would hav...

07/09/2011   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: Texas   |   #25159

How Do I Collect a Judgment After It Was Stricken in Pennsylvania?

I would like to know when a judgment is awarded to a plaintiff and then stricken for not properly serving the recipe for judgment to the defendant what must be done to get this issue back into the courts? Where do I find this issue in the law books?

04/05/2011   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #24570

Will a judgment against me in personal injury case appear on my credit report?

If I have a judgement rendered against me in an auto accident that is fully covered by my auto liability insurance policy, can this judgement still appear on my credit report? I have tried to find a definitive answer in the Fair Credit Reporting Act, but it appears to be silent on this issue.

02/11/2011   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: California   |   #24196

How can we challenge a fraud judgement and pursue actions against the plaintiff?

This is about a Fraud Judgment which we didn't know anything about until several months later because our attorney didn't tell us about it.As a result of a lawsuit stemming from a personal injury case (my daughter and I were the plaintiffs and were injured, the judgment was in our favor, and the jurors decided that we were injured due to the defendant's negligence), but because...

01/07/2011   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: California   |   #23958

Can Attorney Fees and Interest Be Added Until a Judgment is Fully Paid?

I have a judgement against me that I'm almost finished paying and now the collecting firm states that I have interest and attoney fees on top of the interest and anttoney fees stated in the judgement. Now I feel im being taken advantage of. Can they continue to add fees even after the intial judgement?

12/18/2010   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: New Jersey   |   #23836

Does interest accrue on a judgment when debtor defaults on bankruptcy agreement?

Where can I find IN WRITING, that a creditor is entitled to interest accrued to be added to the Judgment amount, when debtor defaults on a BK settlement agreement, when it is written in the Judgment that interest is owed, as well as permissible fees, when debtor defaults on the Settlement Agreement? I am asking where this can be found in WRITTEN FORM? I have learned that the ...

11/03/2010   |   Category: Judgments   |   State: Colorado   |   #23553
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