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Can a landlord break a verbal lease without good cause?

We lease a house for one year. after the year ended the landlord ask us to stay another year. We said yes he was leaving the country and when he returned, we would sign another lease. 6 momth later he return and said his plains did'nt work out he wanted the house back. can He makes move before the year is over?

11/17/2011   |   Category: Landlord Ten... » Verbal Lease   |   State: Georgia   |   #25549

Can I Enforce a Verbal Agreement to Lease Real Estate?

I made a verbal arrangement with a woman to rent her house from June 08 to October 08. We agreed upon the terms and amount of payment and I wrote her a personal check to cover the agreed upon deposit. Based on this agreement I gave notice to my present landlord. The woman called me the next day and said that she was going back out on the deal. This has put me out because I hav...

04/30/2009   |   Category: Landlord Ten... » Verbal Lease   |   State: California   |   #16483

Is he bound to the verbal agreement during the final walk-through of a lease?

After lots of issues regarding the quality of the apartment and his inaction resolving those issues, the landlord informed me he was going to sell the apartment. When he informed me of such, I informed him that we would begin looking for a new apartment. We found a new apartment and gave the landlord over 2.5 months notice. He was fine with this and never mentioned anything abo...

07/03/2007   |   Category: Landlord Ten... » Verbal Lease   |   State: New Jersey   |   #6884
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