What Form Should Be Used For a Medical Power of Attorney?

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I have 2 children over 21 years of age who are single. We need to get a Medical Power of Attorney on each of them...which form do we need?
04/09/2011   |   Category: Living Wills   |   State: Georgia   |   #24604


Living will/health care power of attorney requirements vary greatly among states. It is recommended to have a form prepared that complies with the laws of your state of residence. We offer statutory forms for Georgia that follow the language specified by state statutes. Please see the links to the forms below.

GA-P017 is a Statutory Advance Directive for Healthcare that allows you to choose someone to make health care decisions for you when you cannot (or do not want to) make health care decisions for yourself and for you after your death with respect to an autopsy, organ donation, body donation, and final disposition of your body. You can also use this form to state your treatment preferences if you have a terminal condition or if you are in a state of permanent unconsciousness, and to nominate a person to be your guardian should one ever be needed.