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Can I Sue a Lawyer for Disclosing My Personal Medical Records in Court?

i believe my personal medical record was mailed to my old address where my personal medical records were in the letter. during a custody preliminary. The oppositions lawyer divulged that they were in possession of such record and divulged to the court material pertaining to the medical records. Can one persue action under the hipaa laws as well federal theft of mail actions aga...

08/09/2011   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: North Carolina   |   #25304

How Do I Get Medical Records of a Deceased Relative?

I am in a quandary, I have filed a compliant in Orange County, Ca over the administering of my parents trust,by my brothers who were co-trustees. I have not received an accounting on the trust nor my potion of the real property I was to be beneficiary through a quitclaim deed as tenets in common with my brother. We are currently trying do a petition to partition and an account...

08/03/2010   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: Oregon   |   #22818

Does a Parent Need to Consent to Psychiatric Treatment of a Minor in Idaho?

Can a Doctor (Psychiatrist) question a minor without parental consent?

06/07/2010   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: Idaho   |   #22329

How Long Do Medical Records Need to be Kept in Massachusetts?

In the state of Massachusetts how long must medical records be kept?

05/16/2010   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: Massachusetts   |   #22130

When are medical records considered published?

When are medical records considered published?

05/23/2009   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: Ohio   |   #16761

How do my daughters obtain medical records of their deceased mother for insurance purposes?

My Daughters mother passed away, my ex wife. My daughters have been trying to get medical records and send to her life insurance. The doctors and hospital won't release and information. She got married 4 months before she passed way. He stopped them from getting any information. We believe the had something to do with it. My daughters are the only ones listed on the policy. He...

04/29/2009   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: ALL   |   #16440

Can my medical records be subpoenaed for a case with my landlord?

I am in litagation with my landlord. I have disclosed some medical history. They have issude a subpoena for my medical records to the doctors I disclosed. Can they get access to records of mine that I did not disclose? More specificly I received treatment at Haight and Ashbery a free clinic in San Francisco I did not disclose this information. Under the HIPPA law don't the free...

03/14/2009   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: California   |   #15627

What form is needed to obtain health records in New York regarding my son's health?

What type of form do I need to obtain health records from New York State doctors regarding my son's past health? He has given me power of attorney to try to get the records I have written to them but get no cooperation. They tell me they are covered under law to refuse to give records, notes, tests or other information. can you direct me to the necessary information and forms...

04/04/2007   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: Florida   |   #2593

Do I have the legal right to physically receive my medical records?

My doctor of six months has decided to recuse himself from providing medical care to me. He stated in a letter that he would be willing to provide copies of my medical records to my next choice of physician. Those medical records consists of 14+ years of documents, created by other doctors, that he had no part in creating. I gave those records to him by hand when our profession...

03/30/2007   |   Category: Medical Records   |   State: Georgia   |   #2395
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