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Can I sue the doctors who performed a surgery that caused my husband’s paralysis?

My husband is paralyzed below his neck after he went through a surgery. About 5 months ago, he was diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. The doctors had not warned us about the risk. They never specified that paralysis is the probable outcome of the surgery. Also, we were not informed of all his treatment options. There was a possibility of operating only on the part of ...

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Can a doctor be sued for his negligence during a surgery which resulted in an infection.

My colleague was diagnosed with acute appendix pain last week. His doctor advised that he get it removed surgically. This is not the first time I had come across appendectomy as it is a fairly common surgical procedure. However, during the appendectomy, the appendix burst due to the negligent use of surgical clips by the surgeon. This caused peritonitis which is an infection th...

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Can I Sue the Landlord for Flat Tires from Nails in the Parking Lot?

I rent an apt in CA. (An unincorporated city). I park my motorcycle in my garage, and my van in my assigned parking space. My son, who is also on the lease, parks his truck in guest parking, as per the lease. I got a screw in the tire of my van, another in my motorcycle, and another in my sons truck, as well as at least one neighbors car. The apartment maintenance guys work ou...

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What remedies can be pursued for negligence for injuries to unrestrained minor passenger in a car?

My childcare provider neglected to put my 12 year old in a seat belt and instead chose to place him as well as 6 other children plus herself into a 5 passenger jeep. The jeep was T-boned and rolled over. My 12 yr old was ejected from the vehicle and my 2 yr old was trapped inside the crushed door, now the 2 yr old was properly buckled however her negligence on my 12 yr old is i...

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How Do I File A Negligence Case Against a Hospital

I am going to file a lawsuit against a hospital for negligence. I have no legal training. Can I count on you to advise me what form to file every step of the way? If so, how long would it take? Once I file the law suit, the hospital will respond. I need someone to tell me what form to file next. For example, I might have to produce a summary judgment, etc. Can you advise...

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Can an Employer be Sued for Not Notifying Employees of a Tuberculosis Exposure?

My employer knowingly allowed fellow instructors and students to be exposed to TB. Four students so far from class of 36 are positive for TB exposure and one instructor. The first positive case was student exposed at hospital during instruction. That was 6 mo ago, incident was documented and he continued to attend class and clinic. Now 5 are positive. I am awaiting my results, ...

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Can the Insurance Company Sue

I take care of my daughter's (she is 25 years old) car without ever charging her. I also buy her cars without charge. I do some repairs myself and pay for others I can't repair. On 1/6/10 she called me and said that her car was overheating. When I checked it I told her it could not be driven and needed towing. I said that I would tow it with my jeep and either fix it or get ...

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Can an Electrician Be Sued for A Fire Due to Faulty Wiring?

My 53 year old disabled son lives in a Resident Owned Mobile Home Park. His mobile home burned down. He had work done on his place by a Board Member who advertised he was an electrical engineer, but we now find he does not have a license. The fire appears to have been caused by faulty wiring. Does my son have any recourse in this matter? He lost everything in the fire.

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What can I do about propoerty stolen from a storage facility?

My storage area was burglarized before or during a move to a second storage area. Before and after photos are available. The storage area claims I signed a waiver. Yet Nevada law requires insurance to be available and in at least 10 point print. Over $10,000 in documents and other materials appear to have been stolen including letters to the FBI and SEC relating to the largest ...

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