Can I sue for the damage done to my vehicle in an accident and the inconvenience it has caused?

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I had been to a supermarket close to my residence. I had parked my vehicle out in the parking lot of the supermarket. While shopping, I heard glass shatter accompanied with a loud thump. Everyone in the mart ran out to the parking lot. A customer who was backing out of the parking lot had rammed into one of the lamp posts and toppled it. The lamp post landed on the roof of my vehicle and shattered the rear windshield. My car is the only mode of commuting to and fro from work. Since the vehicle is at the workshop for repairs, I am compelled to commute using public transport for over forty miles a day. The commute is tedious and a huge personal inconvenience. Can I sue the person who caused the damages and for the inconvenience that has been caused?
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The straight forward answer would be yes, you may sue the person who caused such inconvenience by damaging your vehicle. You may bring a personal injury lawsuit over such an accident that has caused you damage and inconvenience. In personal injury lawsuit, the intent is to compensate for the loss incurred due to the accident and to make it “whole” again from a monetary perspective.
In a case of personal injury, the insurance company of the person who caused the injury has the liability to pay the injured person for the following:
  1. Medical expenses
  2. Loss of income due to the accident
  3. Physical disability or disfigurement
  4. Emotional damages like depression, stress etc.
  5. Damage to property
  6. Loss of social, family or educational experiences.
In your particular case, you can file a personal injury lawsuit and claim three kinds of damages. The first being damage to the property i.e. the expense to repair your vehicle. Secondly, you can claim compensation for the impact on your income i.e. the expenses you had to incur using the public transportation as you had no other choice to commute to and fro from work. Finally, you can sue for the amount of stress you had to endure because of the public transportation commute over forty miles daily