Is parental consent of absent parent required for the name change of a minor?

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Is parental consent required for the name change of a minor from a parent whose parental rights have been terminated? Is physical presence in Oklahoma required, or can an agent with a power of attorney appear in court on behalf of the minor (residing overseas military) for a name change?
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A parent, guardian or next friend may change the name of a minor by filing the appropriate petition in the District Court. It is not necessary for the child to agree to the name change? However, the court may consider the wishes of a child old enough to express their wishes in considering whether to grant the petition.

There is no specific requirement that the parent(s) agree to the name change. Their objections could be considered by the court in determining whether the petition should be granted.

A parent could grant a power of attorney to another adult authorizing him/her to sign the petition on behalf of the parent. However, a minor can not grant a power of attorney.