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Is a Man Made Lake an Attractive Nuisance?

My son was a passenger in a car driven by an unlicenced driver 16 yrs old .The driver was speeding back to a man made lake where there was an underage drinking party.The kid lost control and flipped the car.My son was killed and the 16 yr old ran away with two other teens.There have been complaints filed to the lake owners about these underage part'y's. Is the man made lake an ...

08/08/2011   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Pennsylvania   |   #25299

How Do I Stop a Neighbor's Water From Damaging My Property?

My neighbor has an underhouse natural water source tht he drains down the sidewalk which has caused my driveway and sidewalk cement to crumble. I am trying to find the statutes that tell who is liable etc. We have spoken with him several times but the water cointinues to drain down the sidewalk under our cement. We are trying to sell the house but the cement needs to be total...

07/16/2011   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Oregon   |   #25190

Can an Ex-Spouse Be Charged With Trespassing for Removing Choldren From My Home?

My husbands ex-wife came on the property of my house without my permission or notifying me and remove my husbands kids from the property during my husband___s parenting time. He is dealing legally with her as she in contempt of court___ HOWEVER, Can I also charge her with trespassing independently of that.

01/10/2011   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Arizona   |   #23982

How Do I Raise a Trespass Defense to a Dog Bite Claim?

i have a question about a trespass defense to a dogbite case in Florida. Someone entered my property without consent and was bitten by my dog. Is there some authority in an ALR or somewhere else that you could help to define what it means to be unlawfully on someones property

11/17/2010   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Florida   |   #23655

Is a Landlord Guilty of Trespassing if There is a Hazardous Condition on the Property?

apt. in my home rented to very irresponsible woman. i am very concerned about fire. she leaves heat on high and clothes dryer on when gone. i check on these when i come home if she is not there. she has charged me with aggravated crim trespassing. TCA 39-14-406 other actions of her are causing a water leak and not notifing me. i discovered a damaged ceiling and walls and fu...

01/25/2010   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Tennessee   |   #20594

Can A Group Be Prevented From Loitering in an Airport Lobby?

The pilots at our town's airport have been socializing at our's FBO's lobby for a number of years. New management now says we are loitering and can no longer do this. We own planes there, buy gas, and pay hangar rent to the city. Are we loitering? Can they leagally keep us from using the lobby to socialize? What can we do?

01/09/2010   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Indiana   |   #20359

Owner seeks to evict tenant at sufferance

A grandfather died leaving the home to the widow, the widows daughter has power of attorney to act for the mother, a grandson has been living at the home, paying nothing, and has continued to trash the home. He has been living there for a few years, but still continues to lay around run up electric bills water bills and so on, and completely trashing the home, the grandmother i...

05/20/2009   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Washington   |   #16739

What is considered trespassing in South Carolina?

My housing development is fairly new, about 300 homes built 3 years ago. It backs up to a local school. There is a large section of woods between our homes and the school. There is a wooded path (looks like a short dirt road) that leads to the school from the housing area. I recently verified through the town hall that the property is zoned out to the school. For the past 3 yea...

04/03/2009   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: South Carolina   |   #15865

What Constitutes Criminal Trespassing

I need information on trespassing into a high school football stadium which is also used for the public to jog and walk. The field remains opened and unlocked at all times.

11/26/2007   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Texas   |   #12835

Can I be found guilty of criminal trespassing if I am on the deed to the home?

Can I be found guilty of criminal trespassing if I am on the deed to the home?

09/06/2007   |   Category: Real Property » Trespassing   |   State: Texas   |   #8501
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