I invested money in a Company but cannot get a financial statement. Can I put a lien on assets?

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I invested in a (so called) business in the US. I am Canadian and I physically met this person in California. He drafted a contract of which we both signed. There has been much communication between the 2 of us in the past regarding business transactions and such. I asked for financial statements with regards to the business and as of now I have not received a single one. I have all the documentation and emails that have were exchanged between us. Is it possible to put a lien on his property or bank account so I can retrieve my money?
04/20/2017   |   Category: Small Business   |   State: California   |   #35995


You need to refer to the investment agreement and if you became an owner to the Corporate or LLC papers such as by-laws or operating agreement. As far as a lien is concerned you would not have a right to file a lien until you filed suit and obtained a Judgment unless your agreement provided otherwise. 

As an owner you can compel an accounting.