How Do I Defend Against Overpayment Notice by Social Security?

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I need to file a civil suit against the Social Security Administration regarding their claim of $80,000 in Disability over-payments. Other then the Civil Cover Sheet what else do I need to file pro-se until I can locate an attorney? The 60 day SSA deadline is July 22, 2009.
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The forms you require will depend on the reason for the claimed overpayments and whether you seek a reconsideration or a waiver. A person may appeal for a reconsideration if it is believed the amount of the overpayment is wrong or the reason SSA gives for the overpayment is wrong. If a person agrees the amount was overpaid, a waiver may be requested if the overpayment was not the recipient's fault and he or she can't afford to pay the money back.

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