If the Government Makes a Mistake in a Tax Bill Can They Bill For More Later?

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The town I live in issued our taxes at a rate of (x amount). The town then realized about a month later that they did not issue the taxes at the appropriate rate. They are now issuing a Supplemental Tax Bill to make up the lost revenue. They are requiring the bill to be paid in one month. Is this legal?
06/16/2011   |   Category: Taxes   |   State: Vermont   |   #25040


The answer will depend on all the circumstances involved, and would probably require a review of all the facts and procedures. However, governments have broad powers when it comes to taxing authority. It is likely they would argue that you haven't suffered a hardship since you weren't entitled to the reduced rate you were originally taxed at. If you wish to pursue the matter, we suggest contacting the taxpayer advocate at the following link for further assistance: