How Can I Respond to a Treasury Offset Notification?

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I just recieved a letter address from the U.S. Department of Justice, connecticut, U.S_ Attorney's Office 157 Chrurch Street, 23rd Floor, New Haven, CT 06510. Subject: U.s. Department of Justice Administrative Offset Notice. Notice of Intent to Offset. My question is what is my legal options?
06/21/2011   |   Category: Taxes   |   State: New Jersey   |   #25073


The debtor has 65 days from the date of notice in which to present evidence that all or part of the debt is not past due, that the amount is not the amount currently owed, that the outstanding debt has been satisfied, or, if a judgment debt, that the debt has been satisfied, or stayed, before the debt is reported to a consumer reporting agency, if applicable, and referred to the IRS for offset from tax refunds.

If the debtor neither pays the amount due nor presents evidence that the amount is not past due or is satisfied or stayed, the Department will report the debt to a consumer reporting agency at the end of the notice period, if applicable, and refer the debt to the IRS for offset from the taxpayer’s federal tax refund.

A debtor may request a review by the Department if the debtor believes that all or part of the debt is not past due or is not legally enforceable. In response to a timely request submitted by the debtor, the designated salary offset coordination officer will notify the employee of the location and time when the employee may inspect and copy records related to the debt.