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What is Unfair Corecion Against a Union Under the National Labor Relations Act?

An office hasrules about visitors which requires visitors to be escourted by an employee when present. An arbitration was to be held. Visitning Union officials were given a private room in which to prepare for the case. When a Union official emerged from the room and walked around the office unescourted, he was told by management to go back to the room and if he needed anyth...

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What is the Legal Term for an Assurance?

What would the legal term be for when a collective bargaining unit (union) pursues a grievance through multiple steps over a period of time? The word I think of is that they gave the grievant (union member who is being represented) ASSURANCE that the union backed the grievance. ASSURANCE does not seem like the correct legal term though.

12/29/2010   |   Category: Unions   |   State: Florida   |   #23899

How Are Labor Union and Business Defined?

what is the legal definition of a businessand the legal definition of a labor union/

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What is a Union's Duty to Procress a Grievance?

labor organizations,who may bargain collectively with the employer on the employees behalf seeking to modify wages or working conditions-my question is name the working conditions.employees covered by the N.L.R.A. are protected from employer and Union discrimination,also known as unfair labor practices. explain them all.The Union may refuse to file or process a grievance for an...

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What Can I Do if My Union Does Act on My Claim?

my question is what is the legal claim/or grounds/statutory on a labor union neglect on representation on a false accusations,wrongful termination,defamation/libel, these accusations and termination where done to one of her/union member by the employer. The union din''t do anything to defend its union member.Employee is now suing the union. Plaintiff needs to instate a claim.

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How Do I Resolve a Seniority Violation in a Union Contract?

UPS in NJ. has a pass practice of seniority violations issues.First .changing senority dates.Second.Only state to have two uoion seniority lists. Also, these violations are a breech of contact with the Teamster Union hand book.

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How Do I Start an Independent Union?

Our Local is currently affiliated with an international union. We are considering a break with the international and establish an independant union. What steps do we need to take to accomplish this? We have been affiliated with the international for six years and are in the first year of a three contract.

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Unfair Labor Practice by Another State in Arkansas Union

How do you challenge another state's activities in our union for the purpose of declaring it a threat to the civilization in your state?

03/11/2009   |   Category: Unions   |   State: Arkansas   |   #15539
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