What is Allowed By a Zoninig Ordinance for a Convenience Facility?

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Under Special Exceptions in an Suburban Residence Zone It says ' Neighborhood convienience commercial facilities ( excluding gas stations ) with a maximum size of 1000 square feet in building area per each 10,000 square feet of lot area, not to exceed 2000 sguare feet of total building area, which are intended to serve the immediate area in which such facitities are located. The question would be ,what does this mean as far as what kind of facility could be there?Example : covenience store? auto shop? Speciality gift shop? etc.
05/03/2010   |   Category: Zoning   |   State: Maine   |   #21990


The answer will depend on the language of the ordinances involved and all the circumstances involved. Zoninig ordinances often contain a set of definitions that apply to the ordinances contained within the section. It may be also possible for the developer to petition for a special use permit or variance. The most common way of providing relief from the provisions of a zoning ordinance is through the granting of a variance. This is an authorization to use land or to operate a business in a way that would otherwise be prohibited by the zoning ordinance. It is also used to give relief from, or permit reduction of, one or more requirements of the ordinance as applied to a particular site. We suggest contacting the local zoning commission or land use department for clarification if definitions aren't provided. It may be possible to request a ruling on whether the proposed use is acceptable for the area.