Can a bank charge of fee to cash a check drawn on that bank if person cashing does not have account?

04/21/2007 - Banking laws - State: CO #3246

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If a check is presented at the bank on which the check is drawn, can the bank refuse to cash it unless the holder pays a fee to the bank? I can understand a fee if the check is drawn on a different bank, but I thought a negotiable instrument was an unconditional order to pay a specific sum of money to the person specified or to the bearer when presented. (The bank had no problems with the checks themselves, and in fact cashed them without the fee when I made them payable to my spouse who has an account with the bank). (BTW, my "state" is the US Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands--CNMI).


Yes, a bank is allowed to charge non-customers a fee to cash a check.

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04/21/2007 - Category: Banking laws - State: CO #3246

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