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My ex boyfriend is trying to sue me for payment on a loan I did not sign.

My ex boyfriend is trying to sue me for payment on a loan in his name. Can I be held responsible for that loan?

10/28/2016   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: Massachusetts   |   #25786

Can I Bank in Foreign Currencies?

what banks deal in foreign currency and what is the tax,cost per bill and proceedure

05/17/2011   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: New Mexico   |   #24850

Can a person cash a check made payable to a business in Missouri?

Does Missouri have a statute or bank policy that disallows a bank to permit an individual to cash a check made payable to a business.

05/05/2011   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: Missouri   |   #24787

Are Both Spouses Required to Sign to Open a Joint Bank Account?

Before a spouse passes away, can money in a savings account be opened in the other spouse's name as long as the account read Mr. or Mrs.? Once this done, does this new account become community property in Louisiana?

02/12/2011   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: Louisiana   |   #24209

What can I do about money I spent due to a mistake with the credit union?

Credit union made a mistake and deposited my pension check twice automatic withdrawals went through and I like a dumb dumb made withdrawals from ATM. Now my checking account is 2800.00 in the red. I told them I would make payments but they say I made the withdrawals with intent to defraud will take to prosecuting attorney if I don't come up with the money very soon.

12/10/2010   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: Ohio   |   #23799

How can I transfer from a blocked account from wife's estate so we can move overseas?

I am a guardian and same time biological father of my own 2 children, I am a widower. I am residing in California right now and we are relocating to the Philippines next year. My wife left them two life insurance and its a blocked acct. setup. Can i transfer the funds to the Philippines before we move or after we get there in the Philippines?

10/20/2010   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: California   |   #23452

Must I reveal my personal information along with my mothers for banking?

My mother is receiving assistance from the housing authority in Myrtle Beach SC and we have a joint banking account that is linked with my personal savings and checking account. When I filled out her recent renewal I blacked out all my personal information and left her banking information as is. I was told this is unacceptable and that nothing should be blocked out even though ...

10/08/2010   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: South Carolina   |   #23350

How can I legally prove that my wired money is legal in the US?

I am an non-US citizen resident. I intend buying a house worth around 500,000 USD here. I just wonder how can I legally prove that my wired money from Vietnam is legal in the USA? What would be the necessary step I need to take?

09/24/2010   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: Texas   |   #23246

Can One Spouse Remove the Other From a Joint Bank Account Without Consent?

does a bank C.D. in husband and wife name require both signatures to alter ownership to one party?

09/12/2010   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: New Mexico   |   #23148

Do I Need a Beneficiary's Consent to Close a TOD Account?

Can the principal owner of a TOD account terminate the account without permission of the beneficiary?

07/08/2010   |   Category: Banking laws   |   State: Florida   |   #22625
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