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How can I place lien on someone's property that owe's me a large amount of money?

Someone owes $30,000 to me and I want to place a lien on his property. How can I do that?

02/08/2007 | Category » Liens  State » CA  #515
How should I file a lien when the contractor did not pay me for work?

A contractor is refusing to pay for services I performed on a building. Should I file a lien and where do should I start?

02/08/2007 | Category » Liens  State » WA  #560
What is considered a fraudulent lien in the state of Florida?

What is considered a fraudulent lien in the state of Florida?

05/02/2007 | Category » Liens  State » FL  #3556
How many days do you have to file a property lien from the date of invoice?

How many days do you have to file a property lien from the date of invoice?

07/03/2007 | Category » Liens  State » TX  #6879
Do you have a labor lien form to file with the county clerk's office?

Do you have a labor lien form to file with the county clerk's office? A hospital owes a substantial amount of money for us cleaning their laundry at our cleaners.

09/28/2007 | Category » Liens  State » OK  #9247
How do I secure a mechanic's lien for some plumbing work I have not been paid for?

I need a mechanics lien form. Do you have one for Plumbing (work we did on a home and have not been paid for it)?

11/08/2007 | Category » Liens  State » OK  #11898
Can a lien be placed against my home for credit card debt?

I have a creditor (department store) that, because I was 5 months behind on payments, gave the debt of $3,300.00 to a law firm/collection agency. They are threatening to sue and file a lien against our house if we do not pay or arrange payment in 30 days, which we do not have (w...

01/10/2009 | Category » Liens  State » PA  #14962
Can you put a lien on leased property?

If someone owes me money for helping them out and they have no real property except horses and a horse trailer that is under lease, how would I use a lien against that person or could I?

02/13/2009 | Category » Liens  State » WA  #15240
Can a lien be placed on my deceased mother's homestead for investment properties in foreclosure?

If my mother passes away with investment properties in foreclosure, can a lien be placed on her homestead property to satisfy the foreclosure liens?

02/26/2009 | Category » Liens  State » FL  #15374
Loaing Money to Friend and Putting Lien on land

I am loaning a sum of money to a friend and would like to secure the loan by putting first lien on land owned by the person. If the loan was defaulted on would I be able to sell the land to settle the loan? Would the lien be filed in the country where the land is located or the s...

03/12/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #15583
Contractors Submitting Lien Notices Within 90 days

I live in Georgia and hired a Pool contractor to build an in-ground pool. He in turn hired several sub-contractors. I have paid the contractor the full contract price plus cost for some change orders. The work was completed around June 30 2008. I recently received a Notice that t...

03/12/2009 | Category » Liens  State » GA  #15599
How do I put a lien on a oil and gas production company?

I need to learn how to put a lien on a oil and gas production company.

03/27/2009 | Category » Liens  State » TX  #15790
What form is needed to place a lien on a business I invested in?

I have invested money on the business and now I would like to put the lien on the business. I do have written agreement that if owner does not pay my payments I may put the lien on the property. What forms would I need ?

04/02/2009 | Category » Liens  State » MD  #15860
Can a property development association file a lien of some sort against a property owner?

Can a property development association file a lien of some sort against a property owner within the development if the owner has not paid his/her water/road annual assessment due to a dispute?

04/10/2009 | Category » Liens  State » MO  #15950
How do I get a mechanic's lien for a customer who has not paid their service bill?

How do we get a mechanic's lien for a customer who has not paid their service bill at the dealership?

04/17/2009 | Category » Liens  State » NC  #16038
Can the mechanic put a lien against my vehicle for repairs and storage?

I have an automobile at a mechanics shop in Alabama. The shop is trying to charge for the repairs and storage. How many days of storage can they charge me for and do they have to file a lien to keep me from getting my car?

04/21/2009 | Category » Liens  State » AL  #16075
I signed a bond with my property as collateral and now the bonding company wants to take my property

I put up property apperance bond with a bail bonding company and it was explained to me if the person did not appear a lein would be placed on my property. I was told the person failed to appear. The bonding company told me unless I could come up with 35,000.00 dollars they were...

04/27/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16216
How do I collect my down payment money or complete the sale when the seller is in jail?

I paid $2000.00 down to hold a motorcycle until I could get to the bank and get the rest financed. The owner owed money on it and the bank had the title. While I was getting the financing arranged, the guy got busted for growing marijuana and the police confiscated everything and...

04/28/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16286
Can I put a lien on the vehicle my friend still owes me for?

There is an individual that owes me money, but he is sick right now and is not going to be able to pay me. Can I put a personal lien on a dump truck he has that is paid for?

04/28/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16294
Can I put a lien on a home that is for sale to satisfy my judgement?

I have a judgement against someone for money owed. They are selling their house soon and moving out of the state. Can I take a certified copy of the judgement to the Register Of Deeds and have a lien put on their property? If not what else can I do?

04/28/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16313
Can I place a lien on my wife's investment property if she owes me for the down payment?

What form can I use to place a lien on a house for a personal loan given to the borrower to use as the down payment for the purchase. There is a first lien already for the first mortgage on the property. The house is owned solely by my wife. I loaned her the funds from my own p...

04/28/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16343
Can a credit card creditor put a lien on my house if they were dismissed in my bankruptcy?

Can a credit card creditor file a lien on your home after bankruptcy dismissed the creditor and you have filed for homestead before the lien was placed?

04/29/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16391
What recourse does the HOA have to collect dues each month?

I live in a condo complex, which has 20 units, so we have 20 members. The association fee is $65 per month. We have a member that refuses to pay his monthly fee, so the assoc. filed a lien on the property through an attorney. The member had property up for sale then took it off t...

04/29/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16395
Can I put a lien on a property that I designed but was not compenstated for?

I am a building designer who provided a residential design or plan to a developer about 7 months ago. They put a 'stop payment' on the check they gave me for the final payment of $1,800.00 for no good reason. They used the plans for submittal to the City. Can I as an individual...

05/01/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16511
What forms should be used for a lien release?

I am a home builder. I failed to submit a notice of commencement to the county superior court on two homes I started in May 2007. I hired a cabinet company in Septemeber 2007 to install cabinets for these two homes. They purcahsed the cabinets from their vendor (a cabinet manuf...

05/04/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16535
How can I obtain a lien against a property owner for dues owed to the HOA?

How can I obtain a form to file a lien against a homeowner for dues he owes the homeowners association?

05/04/2009 | Category » Liens  State » ALL  #16550
Where Do I File a Lien Claim on mining equipment?

I am attempting to put a lien on some mining equipment. Can I use an Arizona lien form for a lien on the above if the equipment is in California and Montana? I am/was employed as consultant and now find the client is having difficulty in paying me for consultancy and expenses.

06/20/2009 | Category » Liens  State » AZ  #17088
Can I file a lien on a property in escrow if I was not paid by the contractor?

I did some air conditioning work on a vacant property. The contractor did not pay me and the property is now in escrow according to the real estate agent. They are saying that they are not responsible that they paid the contractor. I have tried contacting the contractor and he d...

06/24/2009 | Category » Liens  State » CA  #17166
How Do I Release a Lien Against Someone Wrongfully Named?

I have received a claim of lien on real property. The company claiming the lien has listed the owner of the real property as 'John' which is correct, but they also list my neighbor whom has no relationship with the person claiming the lien. the 120 day limit expires June 27th. Is...

06/24/2009 | Category » Liens  State » NC  #17171
What Form is Used to Sell a Vehicle After Being Unpaid for Work Performed On It?

We are in the welding business (incorporated). We recently did some work on a trailer for another corporation and they are over 90 days past due. We recently acquired the trailer from another company and and have it at our shop. We need a form that says to pay up or we will se...

06/30/2009 | Category » Liens  State » TX  #17268
How Does a Material Supplier Get Payment from a Contractor?

As a corporation and a material suppler to a subcontactor, what form or forms do I need to secure payment for plant material supplieded to a commerical Building and general contractor?

07/30/2009 | Category » Liens  State » TX  #17871
How Do I Get a Lien on a Relative's Property?

How do I put a lien on a relatives' house, if they agree to the debt, or can I?

01/28/2010 | Category » Liens  State » CA  #20671