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How Do I Respond to a Motion for Summary Judgment?

What is the name of the form I need to respond to a Motion for Summary Judgment if I do not agree with the motion?

03/05/2012   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Idaho   |   #25626

Can I Ask a Judge to Modify a Trust and For Declaratory Relief at the Same Time?

Under Indiana law, may a beneficiary petition the Court under Indiana Code 30-4-3-24.4 or 30-4-3-26 and simultaneously request a declaratory judgement, under Indiana Code 34-14-1-11 regarding the administration of the trust, under one cause number or are these two separate causes of action?

09/28/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Indiana   |   #25506

When Do I Need to Tell the Other Party Who I Plan to Call as a Witness?

I am pro-se and want to send interrogatories to wtinesses I would call. Does the opposing party have to know if I only plan to submit to the custody evaluator prior to her report?

07/28/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Minnesota   |   #25246

How Do I File a Motion For Continuance?

How do i file a motion and order for continuance to the Prince George's County Circuit court. Just founnd that I was not botified that there will be a hearing but i will be on travel and unable to attend.

06/14/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Maryland   |   #25021

Can a member represent the LLC in civil court or must it hire an attorney?

I am the majority shareholder (83%) in Quantum Labs LLC. Quantum Labs LLC is being sued by FedEx Freight for late payment in Civil Court for $10,830. I personally filed a response to the suit claiming 'Unjust Enrichment' since the last statement from FedEx Freight we received was only for $4,400. Now the Plaintiff is requesting a Default Judgment on the basis that I personal...

05/20/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: California   |   #24879

How can we get a hearing delayed until new legal counsel is secured?

My son's attorney just withdrew from his case because he said we have no confidence in him. He's right. This is a custody situation and the other side has called a court hearing. The problem is the attorney who my son wants to hire ( she has verbally agreed to take the case) is out of town for another 3 weeks or so. The hearing will take place before she returns. We really...

05/06/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Utah   |   #24788

How Do I Get the Gas Company to Repair the Damage They Caused on My Property?

Last year I purchased a house. I came home one day in November and the gas company, Vectren, had jack-hammered a big hole in my concrete driveway and torn up my lawn to replace risers in the neighborhood. I was not notified of this and they just filled the hole in with gravel and left after they were done. I called three times and was given told that the hole will get fixed by ...

04/21/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Indiana   |   #24694

What Are the Due Process Requirements for Adequate Notice?

What statutes and codes clarify stipulations, requirements that a notice of hearing in a VA Court must contain the following time, place, date of hearing? If different times appears on any court notification which create conflict has proper notice been facilitated?Example: 23 persons receive a court time of 9:30am and 1 person (pro se) litigant received notice of time as being ...

03/12/2011   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Virginia   |   #24385

How can voicemails be used as evidence in court?

How does a person get a voicemail message that was left on a cell phone, turned into submissable written evidence? Is there a way to legally get the voicemail transcribed into writing?

09/11/2009   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Illinois   |   #18573

How Do I Get a Continuance in Florida?

I need immediate assistance for an extension on a PFA case against me with court 9/10. My husband has unfairly accused me. He has left me homeless and peniless. Has used the courts to his favor.

09/08/2009   |   Category: Civil Actions   |   State: Florida   |   #18519
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