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Are there any pro-bono attorneys in the Sacramento area?

Are there any pro-bono attorneys in the Sacramento area? How do I find one?

01/12/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #390
How can I find out if I have any outstanding arrest warrants?

I want to know if there is an outstanding warrant for me.

01/12/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » FL  #410
How do I sue a family law practice that messed my case up?

How I go about suing a family law service and the 3 attorneys? I have all the facts of them completely screwing my case.

02/01/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #1220
How do I report an unprofessional attorney?

I just received a very disturbing phone message from a lawyer. It was vulgar, insulting and definitely unprofessional. I believe that he violated his code of ethics. He is a black eye to the profession and I would like to report him. How do I do this?

02/01/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » PA  #1247
How do I file a complaint against the county district attorney?

How do I file a complaint against the county district attorney?

02/01/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #1371
What steps need to be taken in order to recollect fees from an attorney?

What steps need to be taken in order to recollect fees from an attorney?

02/07/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » IL  #450
Why an attorney would meet with the district attorney in the Judge's chambers without client?

Can you tell me why an attorney would meet with the district attorney in the Judge's chambers without the client being present?

02/08/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #501
Can the old attorney keep the legal file from the new attorney if all legal fees have not been paid?

My nephew has some drug charges. We hired a lawyer for $20,000.00. We were not happy, so we fired him and hired somone else. We need my nephew's file but the lawyer will not give it to us until we pay an additional $1,350.00. Is this legal?

03/26/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » NV  #1022
Is a bar attorney the same as a public defender?

Is a bar attorney the same as a public defender?

03/26/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » IL  #1026
What form do I need to file with the court to terminate my attorney?

I am dismissing my attorney for my Work Comp case. I will no longer deal with him. What is the form I need to terminate my attorney and a copy of the dismissal goes to--Work Comp insurance comany, place I was employed, Work Comp office, Defense attorney, doctor, and who else?

04/01/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #2440
What is the best way to find an attorney who deal in tax issues?

I am searching for an attorney who deals with the IRS and tax issues. The IRS has filed a tax lien against me for more than six times the possible liability.

04/11/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #2953
Where can I find a blank dismissal of attorney?

Where can I find a blank dismissal of attorney?

04/12/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #2991
Can a prosecutor have bipolar and if so does it have to be revealed to the client?

Can a prosecutor have bipolar and if so does it have to be revealed to the client?

04/17/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » AL  #3168
How does a citizen fire a fraudulent attorney?

How does a citizen fire a fraudulent attorney?

05/02/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » UT  #3549
Can my ex-spouse hire an attorney that I have already consulted with about the issue?

If I spoke with an attorney and explained that my son in the Military wanted a divorce and after talking to her intake person we did not utilize this attorney but the respondent did as her father does plumbing work for said attorney and she entered her appearance? Is this legal a...

05/03/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » NM  #3599
How can I get legal aid in Waco, Texas?

I need to find legal aid in Waco, Texas or Hillsboro, Texas

05/06/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » TX  #3938
What is an acceptable amount of time to receive information from your attorney?

We are currently working with a lawyer who doesn't really seem to be all that knowledgable in child support cases. He had assured us that he was. We paid $750 up front and provided all financial documentation. He stated that he charges $75/hr. We went to court once but the pl...

05/08/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » OH  #4147
Where can I find information on collecting for work not performed by my attorney?

Almost 1 year ago I went to an attorney in Knoxville and paid her $1175.00 to file Bankruptcy for me. She took my money and never filed the Bankruptcy, she always came up with one excuse after another why she couldn't file it. I did everything she asked me to do. After all this t...

05/24/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » TN  #5884
How do I report an uncooperative attorney?

I have a 4 year old son who lives with his mother and grandmother across the street fom me. For 3 years of this seperation all well. Recently she filed for divorce, forcing me to retain a lawyer. My lawyer has advised me that---for months-- he has tried to contact her represen...

05/25/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » VA  #5942
If I dismiss my attorney will it dismiss my divorce petition?

I have filed for divorce but I do not want to use my attorney any longer. I have expressed this to the attorney. The attorney has filed for a "Dismissal For Want Of Prosecution Docket." Will this dismiss the filing of the divorce? I have since moved since filing for divorce. ...

09/17/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » TX  #8813

State codes of conduct and rules governinig the conduct of attorneys vary by state. In general...

Can a person with a felony practice law in the state of Arkansas? And what other states allow a person with a felony to obtain a degree in law

10/09/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » AR  #9980
Where could I find a list of ways an attorney can be disbarred?

I needing a list of ways a lawyer can get in trouble or be disbarred? I am a criminal justice student.

11/08/2007 | Category » Attorneys  State » MO  #11883

The attorney-client privilege does not apply to every communication with an attorney. For the ...

I have always wondered. If you go to an attorney for consultation is anything you say to him during this consultation be used later in a court of law against you even if you did not pick him to be your attorney.

01/05/2008 | Category » Attorneys  State » ALL  #14468
Is that fair that I should have to pay attorney fees for a court error that was totally not my fault

I hired an attorney under a contingency from a law firm I originally used to set up my business in Michigan about 6 months ago, to collect a debt owed to me from an ex-partner for services rendered. There was no contract. It was more like a 1099 agreement. But I have ample proof ...

01/31/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » MI  #15111
How do I file a complaint against an attorney I hired to represent me?

I hired an attorney at a $400 rate to bring suit vs a person I sold property to for breach of contact. About one year into the lawsuit, I discovered from the Supreme Court Judge, that my attorney had missed 4 scheduled court hearings on my case. I had to continue to pay the $400 ...

02/07/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » NY  #15188
Attorney Disclosure Duties in Referrals in Pennsylvania

I met with an attorney regarding a discrimination suit and he became too busy to handle it. He referred me to another lawyer who is his sister-in-law and said for me to 'Talk about full disclosure'. What did he mean by the full disclosure comment?

02/18/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » PA  #15277
How can I access my file that my attorney has?

I have paid my lawyer for discovery but when I ask for the discovery package, I am denied. What can I do?

04/14/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » MI  #16012
What to do if I received inadequate legal counsel during my bankruptcy?

My wife had a business debt which was over $100,000 which she was sued for, she filed bankruptcy and received poor legal advice. The bankruptcy filing was denied because it was said she failed to produce accurate business was on the advice of the attorney that she d...

04/28/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » TX  #16229
What type of attorney would handle a claim against my mortgage company for mishandling my account?

My mortgage company has mishandled my account, which caused my credit report to be damaged making it impossible to refinance. I attempted to rectify this problem by contacting the mortgage company numerous times with no success. They either could not figure out the problem or tr...

04/28/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » ALL  #16250
What must an attorney do to clear themselves of a suspension of an attorney by Threat of Harm?

In a suspension of an attorney by Threat of Harm, is it possible for that attorney to continue representation of clients and what must the attorney do to clear themselves of the offense?

04/29/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » ALL  #16364
What type of attorney would I need to start an online email business?

I have idea for new email service on-line. I need lawyer to represent me from day one to protect all concerned. Idea is a winner!

05/03/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » NV  #16525
Is it illegal to impersonate an attorney?

For the past several weeks my wife and I have been deluged with tons of junk mail -- all travel brochures. I'm fairly sure who is doing this and it's becoming a real torment. In desperation, I wrote to 2 of the convention & tourism bureaus in other states. However I led them ...

05/10/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » NJ  #16625
Can I File Pro Se to Remove an Adminsitrator of an Estate?

Do I need a lawyer to file a petition to show just cause to remove my brother as administrator of my mother's estate?

07/30/2009 | Category » Attorneys  State » NV  #17872
Can I prepare legal documents for others if I am not an attorney in Ohio?

Can a 'Document Preparer or paralegal working as a document preparer', (type) prepare the paperwork and documents for a individual acting as their own attorney, for divorce, child custody, etc., as long as the document preparer give absolutely 'no' legal advice.If so, is there an...

01/20/2011 | Category » Attorneys  State » OH  #24041
Is an Attorney Not Licensed in the State Allowed to Argue in Bankruptcy Court?

I have a foreclosure in New Mexico. The Lender I counter sued declared Bankruptcy in Delaware. A Texas law firm hired a Wilmington firm to represent them in the case. The Texas Lawyer will be arguing my claim on Thur. which is based on New Mexico law. Since he is not licensed...

02/22/2011 | Category » Attorneys  State » DE  #24269
How Can a Veteran Get Free Legal Aid in Society?

I am a disablled American Veteran rated at 70 percent by the VA. I live on a fixed compensation. I worry I may need legal assistance but not be able to afford it. Are there any legal aid organizations that help vets in my situation?

05/15/2011 | Category » Attorneys  State » CA  #24836