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What is the statute of limitations for child molestation?

What is the statute of limitations for child molestation?

02/01/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » IN  #998
What is the legal definition of child molestation and gratification of lust?

I need to know the legal definition for child molestation and gratification of lust. Is gratification of lust considered a lesser charge? What constitutes the differences between the two charges? If someone goes before the grand jury on child molestation charges and the grand j...

02/01/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » MS  #1390
Can my stepson be tried as an adult for molesting his 7 year old sister?

15 year old stepson molested his sister when she was 7 years old. We just found out. What are his chances of prison time and can he be tried as an adult since he is now 19 years old?

04/12/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » WV  #3011
What is the possible sentence for one count of child molestation?

I am trying to find out what kind of sentence someone who has been charged with one count of child molestation will be sentenced to serve.

05/08/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » LA  #4257
What kind of notice does a child molester have to give when moving into a neighborhood?

I was wondering if or what kind of notification a convited child molester needs to give. If one moves close isn't someone suppose to notify us, either landlord or police. Also can they live close to a school? Just wanting to know what my rights are as a parent with a child mol...

05/13/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » IN  #4633
Is there a Statute of Limitations on Child Molestation?

Is there a statute of limitations on child molestation?

05/17/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » IN  #5109
What is the legal difference between molestation and rape concerning children?

Please explain the legal difference between molestation and rape concerning children. It has always puzzled me as to why a person is charged with molestation instead of rape..

11/20/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » NY  #12569
What Constitues Molestation

A friend's 16 year old daughter drove her mother's drunk boyfriend to the store and he rubbed on her leg. He did not touch her genitals or other private areas, just rubbed her thigh. Is that considered molestation? He doesn't remember the incident, but he remembers her driving...

11/30/2007 | Category » child molestation  State » VA  #13102
Statute of Limitations for Statutory Rape Charge in Missouri

I have a friend who was molested when he was 12 years old; he is 26 now. In the state of Missouri what is the statute of limitations on statutory rape?

12/13/2008 | Category » child molestation  State » MO  #14799
What is the penalty for Sexual Molestation of Child in Maryland?

I have recently been accused of child molestation and I admitted to what was the truth. It's the first time that I have ever been accused of such a thing and the first time that I am having legal problems. I don't know much about what can happen now. I took a polygraph because at...

03/12/2009 | Category » child molestation  State » MD  #15607