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What is the statute of limitations on a bad check?

When there is a bad check written and you file charges with the police, is there ever a statue of limitations on the bad check charge?

01/09/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » PA  #289
Are you responsible for a bad check made to you if you cash it?

If you cash a check made out to you, from another party and a lending company cashes it, are you responsible, if the check bounces or the person who wrote the check?

03/16/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » WA  #1598
If a non-sufficent check in the amount of $2800.00 a felony?

I received a NSF check for $2800.00. Is this a felony? What type of legal action may I take against the individual?

03/19/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » WI  #1739
At what point is a bad check considerd a felony?

At what point is a bad check considerd a felony? How much time would a person do?

03/26/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » WV  #2176
What is the penalty for a bad check in the amount of $35,000?

My brother is in jail for a bad check of $35,000. What is the most he can get out of it if the check and court cost is paid?

03/26/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » MI  #2180
What can I do to collect on a dishonored check?

My son's father-in-law sold a vehicle for us. He took the buyers check to their bank and cashed it, he then wrote us a check from his business acct and it bounced. He told us he would get the money to us, but we are leary as to when if ever that will be. What can we do, the check...

04/06/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » IA  #2732
What is the statue of limitations for collecting on a bad check?

What is the statue of limitations for collecting on a bad check? I made a payment on it in April. If I send them a cease and desist letter can they still take me to court? Can any collection agency take me to court if they receive a cease and desist letter or does the account rev...

04/30/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » IL  #3482
What will happen when I go to court for a bad check I wrote?

I wrote a check that bounced and now I have to go to court for this the check was $61 and return fee was $40 what should I expect to happen will I go to jail?

05/08/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » OH  #4232
Will charges for bad check remain on my record even if I pay all fees associated?

I was arrested today, I apparently had a warrant(state) for a year and a half that I was unaware of until today for writing a bad check. This is my first offense of anything. My record was clean until today. I am fully prepared to pay any fees involved, but I would like to not ha...

05/08/2007 | Category » Bad Checks  State » MO  #4254
Any chance of being sued for writing a check I could not cover?

I wrote some checks to a friend, but I didn't have that amount in my account and the bank returned the checks. Any chance to be sued and to go to prison if my friend doesn't take action?

02/04/2009 | Category » Bad Checks  State » IL  #15155
How Do I Collect on a Bad Check?

A check was given to my wife; which she cashed, but the check was returned. The total charges is $85.00 for check and bank fee of $10.00, what is procedure?

03/08/2009 | Category » Bad Checks  State » NJ  #15485
What can I do to have a contractor return my overpayment for work done?

I issued a check to some one and realized it would not be honored by my Bank. I immediately contacted the person and sent them a replacement check drawn from another bank. This individual cashed both checks because the first bank transferred funds from my credit card to cover t...

03/17/2009 | Category » Bad Checks  State » NC  #15671
What is the penalty for someone who passes a bad check?

I got a check for $2,500.00; it's bad. What will the charge be? I want him to go to jail.

04/09/2009 | Category » Bad Checks  State » IN  #15936
What are the statue of limitations for writing bad checks?

What are the statue of limitations for writing bad checks?

04/13/2009 | Category » Bad Checks  State » CA  #15965
Is my friend required to appear in the state in which she wrote the bad checks to pay them?

My friend wrote three bad checks in MA in 1992. Since she is unable to renew her doctors licence due to this matter, she is ready to make good on these checks. She lives in Michigan, has very limited funds, has no car (no license), and she works full time, etc. A MA lawyer tell...

04/15/2009 | Category » Bad Checks  State » MI  #16023
Can I Be Forced to Pay for a Bounced Check From a Customer?

We had a customer post date a check for a final payment and we were not aware of this and deposited the check. It bounced their account and want us to pay the $700 that bounced their account. Are we legally responsible to pay this??

05/02/2011 | Category » Bad Checks  State » VA  #24763
What is the Statute of Limitations for a Bad Check in South Dakota?

I had a gambling addiction & wrote a lot of bad checks 8 years ago.I was prosecuted & sentenced to 6 years probation.I have been off probation now for15 months.My crime was committed in South Dakota.A month ago a check collection company called & said I owe them for c...

05/31/2011 | Category » Bad Checks  State » SD  #24937
Can I Get Lost Wages as Part of a Civil Bad Check Claim?

I purchased a pool from a local pool store. There were six missed install visits where the installer did not show up and the store did not notify me they wouldn't be there. I took six different days off work, once for each no show. I finally asked for a refund and the store ow...

06/02/2011 | Category » Bad Checks  State » AR  #24953
What Can I Do About a Bad Check in Illinois?

I provided cattle trucking for a trucking Broker in Lena, IL. He sent payment (checks) and stopped payment on all checks. The amount is $19,400. What recourse do I have? Can this be considered check fraud? Is Civil Court my only recourse?

10/15/2011 | Category » Bad Checks  State » IL  #25521