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How Do I Ensure that My Ex Does Not Get Custody of Our Children Since They Are Scared of Him?

I am a mother of four boys, and I am presently going through a custody battle with my ex- husband. He walked out on us in November of 1996, and I filed for custody of the four boys in the beginning of 1997. My ex-husband and I made a type of joint custody agreement by which he ag...

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Does the father petitioning the adoption have to be present at the hearing if he is at war in Iraq?

I'm a Marine judge advocate representing a Marine domiciled in OK who wants to adopt his stepson. Currently, Marine in Iraq; family stationed on Okinawa last two years. Biological father surrendered parental rights years ago. Can Marine proceed with adoption in OK without persona...

01/03/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » OK  #72
Can I have shared custory of my child with my family due to my medical condition?

While living, can I have shared custody with another person other than my child's father? My family is incompetent and I have medical problems that may, someday, prevent me from caring for my child properly.

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Kansas law prohibits simultaneous custody proceedings in two different states, except for temp...

If a child is left with the non-custodial parent for six months and the child now resides with the non-custodial parent in another state and is attending school in that state, does the non-custodial parent have rights to move the order from Missouri to Kansas so that the non-cust...

01/03/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » KS  #84
If my husband gave custody of our son to his family without my consent, how do I get him back?

My husband gave guardianship of our son to members of his family; people I have never met. They are hiding my son from me, and I don't know if he is in Oklahoma or Texas. What recourse do I have?

01/03/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » OK  #99
Can a parent kick a 16 year old out that does not want to follow the rules?

Can a parent who has an uncontrollable teen (16) kick the teen out of the house? What are the consequences according to the law if the parent refuses to let the teen back into the house unless he/she follows the rules?

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How Do I get custody of my niece's baby since she does not take care of her?

How can I get custody of my niece's three month old baby on the grounds that she stays out of town, is on drugs days at a time, and does not provide for the child?

01/04/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NC  #120
What recourse does parent have if ex spouse moved out of state without permission from court?

Party A and party B were divorced, and A has custody of their child. B has visitation rights. Party A took the child and moved out of the state without telling B of their whereabouts. The custody agreement states that A cannot take the child and move out of state without first in...

01/05/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AL  #163
How can I stop my ex-wife from taking my children to Germany with her on military assignment?

I have heard that it's possible to prevent a former spouse from taking the children of the marriage out of the state where the other parent resides. I live in Hawaii. My wife is divorcing me and has taken my children to Germany were she is stationed as part of the military. She...

01/12/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » HI  #366
How does a grandparent seek custody of children who have been taken by the state?

If a child or children are taken from the parent or parents for any reason, can a grandparent ask to be granted legal custody? How would one go about doing so? Are there any web sites where one might go to find out more information on this matter?

01/12/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #387
Where can I find a form for the mother of my children to give me full custody and her visitation?

We are unmarried and we have a 18 month old daughter and a unborn son due in 2 months. I am the father. She wants out of the relationship and has said that she does not want to be a mother anymore. She wants me to have full custody of the childen (my daughter and unborn son when ...

02/01/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » UT  #883
What is the legal age for a child to leave home?

What is the legal age for a child to leave home? If the circumstances are grave for the child, can another parent go and take the child if there were never any custody arrangement between the two parents, and one of the parents took the child out of state without the other paren...

02/01/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » VA  #1202
How do I reply to a change of custody without an attorney?

How to reply to a change of custody when you do not have a lawyer?

02/01/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » GA  #1404
What is the difference between joint and sole custody?

What is the difference between joint and sole custody? If I were to sign over sole custody to my ex-wife, what rights would I be giving up?

02/01/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #1448
How do I have the custody agreement modified?

I got a divorce three years ago and did not have the money to contest custody of my kids at the time. The kids stay with their grandparents. What rights do I have to have the custody order modified?

02/07/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » LA  #447
What can I do if my husband is violating a court order by not returning our son to me?

My son's father, to whom I am still married, has taken my son and won't give him back. We have seen a mediator already and now my husband is violating the court order. Neither the police nor the magistrate will help. We have been separated for eight months. What forms do I need t...

02/09/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NC  #627
Can my boyfriend keep me from leaving with our children if we are not married?

I want to leave my boyfriend. We are not married, but we have two children. He wants to fight me for joint custody. Can he do this? He just does not want to pay child support.

02/12/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NV  #676
How Does Someone File a Motion to Modify for Custody of Children?

My husband lost his rights to his kids two years ago and the judge said we have to file a motion to modify. How do I do that?

02/13/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AL  #691
How do I petition the court for custody of my daughter?

I am tring to gain custody of my daughter. I was wanting to know if there is any form out there for that. I can't really afford to get a lawer right now. Is there something out there that can help me?

03/27/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MO  #2194
Can I decide where I want to live at 17?

If I was to just leave my mom's house and go stay with my my dad at the age of 17, does my mother have the right to take me back? There is no custody between the two and they were never married. Can she do that and can I do that?

03/27/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NC  #2215
What can I do to stay with my dad if my mother is fighting for custody?

My mother is suing my father for kidnapping. She claims that she has not seen me in since August (10 months). She also claims that she's afraid I might get pregnant and that I'm doing drugs and drinking alcohol. She also says she's afraid for my safety because according to her my...

03/28/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » FL  #2269
If my ex was awarded custody but leaves the kids in my care, should I get something from the court?

My ex-husband received primary custody, but he has decided to leave them in my care. Do I have to have a Lawyer to do a motion or can I do it?

03/30/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NC  #2370
Does the physical custody parent have to send sick child to the non-custodial parent for visitation?

1. If a parent has sole physical custody, and joint legal custody, does the parent who has physical custody have to send a sick child to the non-custodial parent because its their weekend with child? 2. I feel misconduct in the court system resulted in the loss of physical cu...

04/01/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NH  #2430
My husband tricked me into giving him custody of my son and now he will not return him

I have joint custody, have had it 5 yrs. Ex husband let my son stay with him, we changed domicile to him. I did not know what I signed, I never even went in the office the papers were brought to me at the car. He will not give him back...

04/04/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » LA  #2649
Where can I find a form for a divorce modification concerning child custody?

I need a form for a divorce modification concerning child custody.

04/07/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #2756
Can I leave my boyfriend with our children without his permission since we are not married?

Me and my boyfriend can no longer get along and I want to move out. Do I need to do anything to get custody of my 2 young children? My mom told me they are mine and I don't have to do anything. Is this true?

04/12/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MN  #3017
Forms for birth parent to give up rights to children and allow new husband to adopt - Child Custody

Are there certain forms I can have my ex-husband sign to give up his rights to our children to allow my new husband to adopt them?

04/12/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #3025
If I have sole custody can I decide who is competent enough to babysit my child?

If I have sole custody of my daughter, who decides who is and is not a competent adult to pick her up? It is his weekend and wants the girlfriend to watch her until he gets off of shift the next day.

04/13/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #3057
What is the difference between sole legal and sole physical custody?

What is the difference between sole legal and sole physical custody verses legal and physical custody?

04/21/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #3249
Can the father get custody if the child is not living with the mother who has custody?

If the mother has custody of the child and that child has not lived with her in over a year can the father get full custudy?

04/22/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » IL  #3258
Who has jurisdiction over my child custody issues if both parents are Tribal members?

I am an enrolled Tribal member with a child enrolled in another Tribe. I am looking to set up a parenting plan with his father, also a Tribal member. The child resides and attends school on my Reservation and learns Native cultural tradition from my Tribe. Where does the child...

04/24/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MT  #3290
Does a fourteen year old have the right to decide with which parent he want to live at?

A fourteen year old boy who lives with his mother wants to live with his father. The parents have joint custody. The father pays child support and has visitation rights on the weekends. The mother has remarried. The father is still single. Does the boy have legal right to dec...

04/24/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NV  #3294
What is needed to prove abandonment by a non-custodial parent?

Under Montana law, what is needed to prove abandonment by a non-custodial parent? What does it take to gain custodial care of my minor children if the current custodial parent is proving unstable and homeless?

04/25/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MT  #3308

Custody issues are the same in both a legal separation and a divorce. Legal procedures for bot...

I have a one year old daughter involved in my separation. I have not separated from my husband at this time. I had found out that he has been cheating on me, and I can not afford a divorce lawyer at this time. So separation at this point seems fit. But I donít know what to do...

04/30/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NH  #3460
Can my sister leave the state with her children if there is no established custody agreement?

My sister has a child w/ a man but they were never married, but lived together for 8 years. He moved out of their home in January after physically abusing her and he has not been providing any financial help since he left. My sister is having a hard time making it financially and...

05/03/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AR  #3665
Should I go through the court to establish a custody agreement?

I have a child by someone that I lived with for twenty years, never got married and we now no longer live together. I would like to have custody papers drawn up. The child in question has lived with me for the past 3 years. Would we have to go to court and have lawyers or can I j...

05/03/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AR  #3687
Does my ex need my consent before taking our child out of the state?

My ex and I share joint legal and physical custody of our 12 year old son Jesse. My question is, does she need my consent before taking Jesse out of the state? She informed me that she wants to take him on a vacation this summer to Hawaii for a week, which would be during a week...

05/04/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #3722
What legal grounds do I have to make my 17 year old return from her mother's home?

My 17 year old step daughter has been at her mother's house for 2 weeks. My husband has custody of her. She is a junior in high school. Do we have legal grounds to make her come home?

05/04/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MS  #3724
What is the legal age for my son to choose who to live with?

In New Jersey is there legal age when he can choose which parent he can live with (my son is 14)?

05/05/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NJ  #3815
How do I get custody of my granddaughter that I am already caring for?

Our son lives with us and has custody of his daughter. He is doing drugs while we are taking care of our grandaughter. He says he is not doing anything and refuses to get any help. His x wife is the same way. Is there any way for us to get custody of our grandaughter? I don't wan...

05/05/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TN  #3817
Can my daughter leave the state with her son without his father's permission?

My daughter lives in Arizona and she would like to move back here to Pennsylvania. She has a son with a guy out there can she leave with her son legally? She is not married to him, in fact, she is married to a guy here. Can she leave state and move to another one with her son?

05/10/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » ALL  #4370
Is it a violation of my privacy for my personal records to be requested for custody hearing?

I am in the middle of a custody hearing, the attorney for the father is requesting financial, cell phone bills, all insurance and personal records from me for depositions. Do I have any privacy rights to refuse to give this information?

05/10/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AL  #4445
If we do not fill out the financial disclosure forms would we be in contempt of court?

We are involved in a child custody case and have been given a disclosure form to fill out. Our lawyer, who has been involved in this case had a conflict of interest and dropped us, leaving us with out any legal recourse. We have seen other lawyers to take the case, but they won...

05/11/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » IN  #4462
Do I have any rights regarding my children moving out of state? - Child Custody

My ex-wife wants to leave the state with my children. I don't want them to move and I would like to know what I can do. Their ages are 3 and 4. She has legal custody. Do I have any rights about my children?

05/11/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NY  #4472

Your ex-wife would be in contempt of court should she violate the court’s order rega...

My ex-wife and I have been divorced for almost three years. She has custody of our daughter. There is a county living restriction limiting her where she may reside with our daughter. My ex-wife has never in the past three years notified me of her moving to another residence. Sh...

05/11/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #4485
How do I notify the court of my intended move with my son since I have remarried?

My current husband has joined the army and we are supposed to move to Louisiana. However, I have a son from a previous relationship and the divorce decree stated that I am not supposed to leave state of Missouri. What can I do and what help can I get to legally move with him?

05/11/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MO  #4501
How do I get custody of my child who is already living with me?

Father has had baby with him for 2 months and mom never came around for her. Now she thinks she can just demand me to give her my daughter. Been paying lawyer and he has not done anything for me to keep my baby. How can I get custody of my child before the mother ends up taking ...

05/12/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » KS  #4549
What are my options for custody of my children if my wife left us?

My wife told me the other day she is not happy anymore and she is moving to FL to be with her family. I dont know if she is coming back or what. I do know that her famliy was very mad because she did not have our two boys with her. They are (3 & 2 Yr). She is easley influnced...

05/15/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » SC  #4857

If parents are unable to agree regarding the permanent allocation of parental rights and respo...

Is there a difference between an ad litem and a parenting specialist?

05/20/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » OH  #5365
If my child is sharing a room with siblings would that be cause to remove her from my custody?

I have been divorced for 10 years. I have sole custody of my 11 year old, who will be 12 in June. My ex-husband has convinced our child that they can appear before a judge at that time and choose with whom she wants to reside. After my child informed me of this I spoke with my ex...

05/20/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MI  #5384
Can I be involved in my fiance's custody battle for the children?

My fiance is going through too much emotional duress concerning the constant legalities involved in the custody/ guardianship proceedings in regards to her two daughters. The ex-husband and his new wife employ intimidation tactics all the time towards my fiance(mother of the two ...

05/24/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NM  #5885
How do I limit the girlfriend of my ex-husband from contact with my children?

What are the remedies, if any at all, to problems concerning a combative and desparaging significant other of an ex-spouse, in relation to the severe negative effects on the children involved? Briefly, the s-o is a 19 year old, dating the 34-year old ex husband. Maturity, alone...

05/25/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #5941

Section 25-408 of Article 1 of Chapter 4 of the Arizona Revised Statutes provides, in part, as...

My husband filed a motion to relocate with my children, and have sole custody. We are in divorce proceedings. He left the state before the motion was granted and I did not agree to his leaving with the children. Can he legally do that?

05/31/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AZ  #6083
After I am divorced, can I move out of state with my children?

My husband and I are in the middle of a divorce in the state of California. We moved out here for his job several years ago. I will retain custody of the children and no longer wish to live here. My family resides in another state and I would like to be near them for their supp...

06/28/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #6776

Like most states, the standard for child custody determinations in California is the overall b...

How can I prepair for a custody case?

07/05/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #6928

"Venue" refers to which type of court and in what locality the case is filed. In California, p...

My children live with my former spouse in a different county than I do. In which county can I open a custody case?

07/05/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #6929

While there is no statutory distinction between physical and legal custody, understanding thes...

What is the legal difference between a custodial parent and the residental parent?

07/09/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » NY  #7020
How do you get custody of a child without a lawyer?

How do you get custody of a child without a lawyer?

08/04/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » KS  #7710
How is custody of a newborn decided if the parents are divorcing?

A mother has a child abuse charge from having marijuana in her system at the time of delivery, and the father has domestic violence charges from beating up his wife. They both want custody of the 2 month old baby. They are not divorced yet. Neither have a job. The baby is allergi...

08/13/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CO  #7920

Your aunt will have to petition the circuit court of your county for an order granting her a t...

I had my daughter in 2002 and I have gone through hard times since she was born. My aunt and uncle have been helping me out with her for the last three years. I still have legal custody of my child, but my aunt is now trying to force me to sign over temporary custody of my daught...

08/17/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » FL  #8007

Minors are persons under eighteen years of age. All persons eighteen years of age and over are...

My daughter turned 18 in the beginning of August and will be a senior in high school. She lives with her dad in North Dakota, but now wants to move to Minnesota with me, her mom, to finish her last year of high school. Is she legally able to move out of her dad's house since she ...

08/20/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » ND  #8062

As long as there is no official order in effect requiring notice or permission, a person is fr...

I have a 4 month old child and the father and I are not married and no longer together. Our fighting became physical and the verbal abuse is horrifying. I want to remove myself and my son by moving and starting over. Is it legal for my son and I to move to another state?

10/02/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » MS  #9487
What is an appropriate amount of time to wait on my ex-husband when exchanging the kids?

My ex-husband and I have standard divorce decree. If he does not pick up the kids at the appropriate time scheduled in our decree, do I have to wait around for him? He has not seen them in about a month to 2 months.

10/05/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #9732
Where can I find free child custody papers if parents are not married in California?

Where can I find free child custody papers if parents are not married in California?

10/06/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #9756
Can I relocate with my daughter without notifying her father who was just released from prison?

I am about to move to Florida with my daughter, I need to know what forms to send my ex-husband so that I can legally move states with her. We have joint custody. I live in Oklahoma, and he resides in Dallas TX.Also the ex got out of prison about 5 months ago and still has not tr...

10/16/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » OK  #10377
What form can I file to take my ex-wife back to court for custody?

I am trying to take my ex-wife back to court to try to get custody. What form do I need or what is it called?

10/17/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TN  #10469
At what age are children allowed to choose which parent they live with after a divorce?

In Colorado, at what age are children allowed to choose which parent they live with after a divorce?

10/18/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CO  #10494
Are there specific laws that everyone with joint custody of minor children has to follow?

I just need to know that, are there specific laws that everyone with joint custody of minor children, has to follow? Or are the laws specific to each case? How can I get a copy of the general joint custody law in califonia.

10/18/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #10516
What age does a child need to be to decide which parent they would like to live with?

What age does a child need to be in order for them to be able to decide which parent they would like to live with and what would the legal steps include?

10/19/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » AR  #10604
If my 17 year old daughter comes to live with me, is her father still obligated financially to help?

My husband and I have been legally separated for almost 2 years with him being listed as the primary care giver of our daughter who is now 17. She is now interested in living with me and her father is stating that he no longer has to help with insurance, child support, etc. Wh...

11/04/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » VA  #11614
How do I gain full custody of my child if her mother abandoned her?

I have a daughter that has been with me since birth and now the mother has left to stay with a woman her lover. As a father, how can I get custody of my child. I do not want her growing up in this type of life style. I know that the mother will want child support and I do not wan...

11/09/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TN  #11978
How do I find out if I have signed away my parental rights or just my visitation?

How do I find out if I have signed away my parental rights or just my visitation?

11/13/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #12158
Chid Custody Case Law Regarding Separation of Siblings

I need recent case law on splitting siblings up in a custody case.

11/29/2007 | Category » Child Custody  State » FL  #13072
Grandparents need Guardianship of grandchildren

My sister (age 35) left her 3 children to move to another part of the state (Hickory). She left 2 of her children with their grandparents (whom herself and all 3 kids were living with prior to her leaving) and left her youngest with the child's birth father. She is providing no ...

12/30/2008 | Category » Child Custody  State » NC  #14887
How does my son keep his ex-wife from moving to another state with their children?

Our Son was divorced in May and his wife remarried in October. They are now trying to move to Texas with the children. What rights does our son have to stop them from moving and what rights do we have as grandparents for visitation?

01/10/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » AZ  #14963
Is there a form we can use for joint custody or should that be done through the courts?

If my partner and I are not married yet is it possible to get a legal form for joint custody? We are trying to work things out for the sake or our child. We're not asking for child support.

02/04/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » LA  #15150
How might my son's grandfather have been awarded partial custody without notice to me?

My ex-husband's father, which is my 14 year old son's grandfather, wants custody of him and has taken me to court. I have just found out through the child support bueau that they had given him partial custody with out my knowledge. Apparently this happened when we had a court ap...

02/18/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » OH  #15288
How do I get temporary custody of my grandchildren while their parents are incarcerated?

I have a daughter-in-law who is going to spend some time in jail. Her husband is currently doing time in California. My question is. My daughter-in-law would like to give temporary custody of the two children to me. How do we do this?

03/02/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #15416
What do I need to relocate with my grandaughter whom I have legal custody of?

I am relocating to Washington. I am the grandmother of a 3 year old but have permanent custody of her. Where do I begin relocating with granddaughter in Washington. What do I need to do to do this legally?

03/05/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » MI  #15448
Does state law where the order for child support was entered or where the child lives apply?

Child support order issued in Indiana.Child now resides in Kentucky and attends college. Since original order was issued in the state of Indiana, I understand that its laws apply as to age of majority where support is concerned (21). However, which state's laws would apply to any...

03/10/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » IN  #15526
Is shared physical child custody possible without going back to court

I have a 2 month old baby and her father is active military. We want to get shared physical custody. Is this possibe without having to go back to court? I went to court but was only granted joint custody and I got awarded primary residential custody.

03/12/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » ALL  #15577
What form is needed for me to act as my step son's guardian at appropriate time?

My wife and I were married in March 2003. She has a son Tyler (age 14 in July) who's biological father had his parental rights terminated when Tyler was a toddler due to abuse issues, for which he went to prison; he is no longer in the picture in any way. My wife and I have bee...

03/15/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » MO  #15633
Is there a way to force my ex-boyfriend into returning my son to me?

Is there any way to demand the return of my 10 month old son for my ex boyfriend? He is listed on the birth certificate as the father but paternity has not been formally established. He took him for me the weekend and refused to give him back when I went to get him on Sunday.

03/18/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » FL  #15673
Should I file for full custody before relocating with my children?

I am trying to determine which situation to put more weight on in order to better my chances of relocating. My mom and sister along with her 9 and 10 year old are moving to Georgia for better cost of living next year. I too would like to move soon after with my 8 year old son. Wi...

03/22/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » VA  #15719
What can my son do since he was denied visitation by the mother if they are not married?

My son has a three year old who he loves deeply, pays support for regularly, and was seeing him regularly every week. The mother has sole custody and the agreement was that my son would finish college; which he will this June. He has since married a wonderful woman who also loves...

03/23/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » WA  #15725
Am I required to send my kids to Thailand for visitation with their father?

I have primary custody of our 2 boys, ages 10 and 11. Their father was granted 1 weekend monthly and summers. He has since moved out of the area. Now, he has resided in Thailand for months. He hasn't seen the boys since August 08. He habitually hasn't shown up for his allotted vi...

03/23/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #15735
What are my legal rights to my son and not returning him to his mother because of abuse?

My son has been physically, and emotionally abused, also neglected by his mother and new stepfather. My son is with me for spring break, he is 9 yrs old. His mother and I have joint custody with her being the primary. This abuse and neglect happened in White County, Arkansas. I h...

03/27/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » KY  #15783
What rights do I have to relocate with my son if I am only legally separated?

My husband and I separated in January, and WITH his consent, my 15-month old son and I moved to Texas. We got married in Texas, and Texas was my home of residency when I joined the navy. However, my son was born in Florida and that is where we lived for 8-months after I got out...

03/29/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #15808
What is the law regarding a school keeping updated emergency contact information?

What is the law for Public Schools about releasing children to family members not included in the final decree, and keeping their emergency contacts updated with the correct information when the parents are divorced ( almost six years)?

04/02/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #15859
Are there any legal ramifications for taking my daughter to another state?

I have a 10 year old with a man I was never married to. Neither of us has ever filed anything through the court system. She resides in my home and sees her father on weekends. I have been given the chance to relocate to Texas where the cost of living is half. I grew up there and...

04/13/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #15980
At what age can a child decide who they want to live with?

In Idaho is there a set age to where if a child wants to live with the other parent they have that option and how?

04/14/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » ID  #15984
Can an alleged father file to have his child return to him when there is evidence of neglect?

Can an alleged father file to have his child return to him when there is evidence of neglect? This young man is 9 years old and my daughter is incarcerated in Arizona. The alleged father is not on the birth certificate, he has filed Forpre-Decree, temporay order without notice fo...

04/14/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #16009
What forms are needed to show the modified terms of custody that have been reached?

I am divorced, we have 2 children: girl 13 and a boy 12. We have joint custody, my ex wife is the primary managing conservator and I am the possessory conservator. I pay child support for both children. We have come to a mutual aggreement that it is in the best interest of my son...

04/18/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #16044
How would a father gain custody or visitation if he and the mother were never married?

The mother is living in a cohabitation environment with another man and father (which were never married). The father is being denied visitation of his child and needs legal advice on custody. The mother is living in Florida in a cohabitation environment, unmarried and is denying...

04/26/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » GA  #16138
Am I getting fair visitation on my daughter once my wife moves?

My wife and I are almost in full agreement. However, she is moving back to New Jersey with our 3 year old daughter. I would have 50 days of visitation. There is absolutely no fault. Am I being naive to let her leave like that?

04/28/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » NJ  #16239
What to do if I was coerced into giving custody of my children to my ex husband?

A situation arised in that a parent had filed for protection order for a child against an ex's girlfriend. These occurred in two different counties. She was granted a temporary order in her county. Due to concern for the saftey of the child, she withheld visitation, as the girlf...

04/28/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » ALL  #16255
Consent Agreement Form for Relocating with Children after Divorce

Do you have a consent agreement form for relocating with children after divorce?

04/28/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » ALL  #16272
Who is responsible for child care when my ex husband is suppose to have the kids but is working?

My ex husband is going to work for a dealership where he will work nights and Saturdays. Some of these days are times the children are scheduled with him but he's telling me that since I'm the custodial parent that I will need to provide child care for the children. Is this true...

05/01/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #16517
Do I have to return my daughter is there is no custody order in effect and we are not divorced?

I caught my wife in an emotional affair two weeks ago. She ended up moving out to her mom's house which is over an hour away. My daughter had been staying there the weekend I found out since I had drills for the National Guard and my wife had to work that weekend. After I found o...

05/01/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » WI  #16518
Does my husband have the right to keep me from seeing my children?

I have left my husband and am living in another city because of the nature of the pending divorce. I go home two to three times per week and take the children shopping, make pizzas, to the book store and just in general, have fun with them. I do not live at home and will not. ...

05/03/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » WI  #16523
What rights does my wife have if she abandoned my daughter and I?

My wife and I have been married for 3 years and have a 2 1/2 year old daughter. One day my wife sends me a text message saying that she is not coming home and wants a divorce. I come to find out she left my daughter and I because she is seeing another man. We have now been withou...

05/19/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » CA  #16722
At what age can a minor choose who they want to live with?

Can a child who is 16 years old live with any member of his family that he chooses? A boy wants to live with his grandparents who have raised him but his mother is trying to force him to live with her after 15 years of separation. He resides in KY and his mother is in GA.

05/28/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » KY  #16803
Do I have the right to choose who I want to live with at 15?

I am a 15 year old boy. My parents were never married and there was never custody decided in court. I have lived with my paternal and faternal grandparents more than I have my mother and step-father. I now would like to live with my blood father and my mother says no. Do I hav...

05/29/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » ID  #16814
Can My Ex-Husband Take My Child and Keep My Child From Me?

I had my daughter two years before we were married in 1999. In 2002, he took off with her to Michigan and has threatened if I come for her he will take off with her again. I need to know if he even has any rights since we were not married at the time of her birth.

06/23/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » OR  #17158
Can My Spouse Force A Child To Change Residence by Bribery to Lower Child Support Owed?

After 11 years of collecting $260.00 a month in child support I recently requested a review to increase. We met at the A.G. office and found out that he will be paying over $900.00 a month. He refused to sign the papers and hired an attorney. He has our 14 year old daughter with ...

06/25/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #17183
How Do I Get Custody from Abusive Parent?

How do I obtain emergency custody of children from unfit parent to non custodial parent in Texas. I need forms for pro se to get immediate custody of my children. They are in danger and I don't want to involve CPS. I need an emergency hearing.

07/30/2009 | Category » Child Custody  State » TX  #17869
Can a Mother Relocate a Child Out of State After Divorce?

If parents have joint custody and the daughter lives with her mother the majority of the time, in a state bordering the state the father lives in. If the Mother gets married to a Soldier and he is relocated over seas in a non-combat area, would the daughter be able to move with t...

01/31/2010 | Category » Child Custody  State » KS  #20702
Can we agree on all the terms of custody and visitation without involvement of the court?

We are Man and Woman who were engaged for 6 years. We have decided to split up. We have 3 small childeren together. We want things to be as easy as possible. The mother will be the custodial parent. The Father can see his childeren whenever he wants. The mother and childeren will...

05/05/2011 | Category » Child Custody  State » AK  #24785
is a Private Agreement for Visitation Going to Cause Problems?

I had a child with my boyfriend in Arizona. We broke up and I moved to Alabama with my child. Before leaving, I got his written consent to leave the state with our child. We had no money for a lawyer at the time. We also wrote out a visitation agreement of sorts and had witne...

05/15/2011 | Category » Child Custody  State » AL  #24838