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What is needed to make a separation legal?

My wife and I are pursuing a legal separation. What can we do on our own and what do we need a lawyer to handle. We have pretty much decided on custody, child support, and alimony issues.

02/07/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » OH  #454
Does Florida issue a legal separation of marriage other than divorce?

I was told Florida does not issue legal separation of marriage other than divorce. Is this true?

03/17/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #1677
Can I file a separation form when I don't know where my husband is?

Can I file a separation form when I don't know where my husband is? Am I responsible for any of his debts?

03/26/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #2165
If I become legally separated can I be held liable for my husband's IRS debt?

Is it legal for me to get a separation in Florida? I will be receiving a settlement and my husband owes IRS alot of money and they have garnished his wages. I also want to buy a home. What should I do without getting a divorce?

04/02/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #2470
Can my husband and I legally separate but still maintain the same residence?

Can my husband and I (56 yrs married) get a legal separation, maintaining same residence, in order to legal split expenses of maintaining the home and auto expenses. I pay all bills because I STILL WORK AT 75. NOW HE INSISTS ON GOING BACK TO COLLEGE AT 76. I MAINTAIN IF HE HAS ...

04/04/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #2591
Is a filed seperation agreement to show division of debts, assets, and income?

Is a filed seperation agreement to show division of debts, assets, and income required in the state of Oregon to be a legal seperation? Also would a spouse be eligible to receive any of his/hers military income.

04/10/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » OR  #2894
What contitutes a legal separation?

My husband told me weather I sign the separation agreement or not, that he wrote his self, all he has to do is show proof that he has his own apartment with receipts proving we have been separated for one year and after the one year he can file for a divorce. He told em it is the...

04/17/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » VA  #3132
If my wife and I have been legally separated for 12 years is she still responsible for my debt?

If my wife and I have been separated for 12 or more years, does she have any legal financial responsibility to my debt, such as medicaid and nursing home? I have signed a quitclaim deed 10 or more years ago. If the separation was legal, my wife won't be stuck with my health bills...

04/26/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » ND  #3342
What is a legal separation?

What is a legal separation? Can you force the husband to leave the house? We have 4 children and our own business. I work 2 days a week as the bookkeeper of our own business; will I be able to continue to work? Please help me my children are being effected everyday.

04/30/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » OH  #3432
If my son is in the armed forced what state should he file for a legal separation in?

Our son was married in the state of Washington 10 months ago. He went into the armed forces and while he was gone his wife committed adultery. He wants to file a legal separation. He has been in Texas and will be stationed there. Which state should he file in and would that st...

04/30/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » ALL  #3475
Before filing for divorce, must I file for legal separation?

After nearly 13 years of marriage, I am considering a divorce from my husband. He is a good man, and provides for me well, but we always seem to be on two different walks of life. My question to you is: before filing for divorce must I legally file for separation? If so, how lo...

05/11/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » PA  #4455
What exactly is legal seperation?

What exactly is legal seperation?

05/13/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #4591
Can my ex make me refinance our home to remove his name when the divorce is final?

I am legally separated. In the separation papers it says I am keeping the home and must make the payments within 60 days of the due date. It says he will sign a quit claim deed. I had one drawn up and he has not signed it. He says he will sign it if I refinance the home. I c...

05/15/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » NC  #4782
Am I financially responsible for my husband's debt that is incurred after we seperate?

My husband is ill with a serious mental illness and he is financially putting us in great jepoardy of loosing everything, due to his spending habits. If I file for legal seperation and have all of my financial obligations met for example: auto insurance,car payment, credit cards ...

05/22/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » CA  #5583
What is legal Seperation in Florida?

In the state of Florida, Is a married couple of 7 years living in the same household, although not having filed for a leagal separation, but claiming to have no emotional nor sexual ties considered to be separated?

05/25/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #5936

The State of Michigan we do not have anything that is specifically called a legal separation w...

I have prepared a separation agreement between my wife and me. If we both sign the agreement before a notary public, is the agreement binding?

06/01/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » MI  #6109
Can I file my legal separation papers or does an attorney have to?

If my husband and I come to agreement and fill out the legal separation documents downloaded on line, do I have to have an attorney to file it with court or can I do it myself?

06/02/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » AZ  #6123
What are the steps to follow to file a legal separation?

What are the steps to follow to file a legal separation?

07/09/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » CA  #7039
Are you legally seperated if living apart for over one year?

Are you legally seperated if living apart for over one year?

07/15/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » NY  #7196

Before you take any legal steps to end your marriage, you should make sure that you have tried...

My husband and I are having difficulties. He comes home only some of the time. Can I claim desertion and keep him out even though he has everything in his name?

08/11/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » FL  #7863
In the state of South Carolina is it possible to be separated and still live under the same roof?

In the state of South Carolina is it possible to be separated and still live under the same roof?

09/18/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » ALL  #8853
After two years of not living with my husband is that considered a legal separation?

After two years of not living with my husband is that considered a legal separation?

09/25/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » WI  #9065
Once legally separated is dating permitted?

I live in the state of IL and have two children under 18. I have been married for over 20 years. My wife never worked outside the home during our marriage while raising 4 children. If legally separated can I date? I have no issues with paying support, and will continue financ...

09/26/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » ALL  #9069
Where can I find a legal separation form and where should it be filed?

We are looking for a legal separation form. We have no minor children and own no community property together. We do have separate banking accounts and each pay their own bills.We would like a form that releaves each other of personal bills and future claims of each others separat...

11/01/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » WA  #11405
How do I get a legal seperation?

I need a leagal seperation and want my spouse to pay for it . How do I go about doing this He has all the money.

11/02/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » SC  #11507
Are you required to legally separate before divorcing?

I am planning on filing for a legal separation. I don't know if I should just go ahead and file for a divorce or even if I can do that instead of the separation. I know I want the divorce but not sure if I had to go through a separation first.

11/04/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » SC  #11608
What forms would my wife and I need for a legal seperation?

My wife and I have agreed that at this time in our relationship it would be best that we acquire a legal separation. This will be an amiable separation where we already have a meeting of the minds and now require a legal document that meets with the requirements of the state of T...

11/10/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » TN  #12005
I need help locating a form for legal separation.

I need help locating a form for legal separation.

11/13/2007 | Category » Legal Separation  State » CA  #12165
Can I file for legal separation and divorce myself?

I am seeking separation/divorce information in South Carolina. This will be mutual without contest. Marriage is less than two years old, no children, no joint assets, and no maritial acquired assets. To avoid legal cost burdens on both parties, is it possible to file/acquire a ...

12/17/2008 | Category » Legal Separation  State » SC  #14824
If my husband and I legally separated 20 years ago but go back together, are we still married?


02/03/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » CA  #15141
Should my wife and I legally separate before we divorce?

My Wife and I are in agreement on everything. We have been married for 25 years. I'm totally disabled (male) I have been disabled since 11/05/1999. We live in South Carolina, she plans to move back to Michigan. We both are thinking a legal separation or divorce. What would be bes...

03/06/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » SC  #15465
How do I get an immediate Restraining Order in a Divorce?

I need immediate separation with restraining orders, no contact with children, frozen accounts, and theft for her closing accounts.

03/09/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » NC  #15489
Claiming Children as Dependents on Tax Return During Separation

I am separated from husband. He asked me to file my taxes with him and I agreed, but he filed and claimed our two children. Now, I cannot claim either of them. He is supposed to claim one and I claim the other. I asked him to give me the tax money he got for one of the children a...

03/13/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » MD  #15622
Can you legally separate but still live under the same roof with separate assets?

Can you get legally seperated in KS where finances are seperated and protection is afforded to each party, (protection from prior marital debt or personal bankruptcy) remain married and still live under same roof?

04/13/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » KS  #15962
What forms do I need to purchase for legal separation in the state of Nevada?

What forms do I need to purchase for legal separation in the state of Nevada?

04/27/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » NV  #16196
Is a legal separation required when in a divorce before moving on with a third party?

Do you have to have a legal paper stating that you are separated or can you live at separate house holds and be separated and if you are separated are you able to see a third party with out spouse holding this against you?

04/28/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » ALL  #16334
What if you would like to date someone and you have a legal separation in South Carolina?

What if you would like to date someone and you have a legal separation in South Carolina?

05/22/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » SC  #16753
How do I divorce my spouse who is in Puerto Rico where we lived?

My husband lives in Puerto Rico. Can I still file for a separation? We own a home together in Puerto Rico. What can I do with a legal separation? Can I take him off my car insurance policy?

05/30/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » NY  #16825
Can a married couple obtain a legal separation and both remain in the same house?

Can a married couple obtain a legal separation and remain in the same house?

06/10/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » NC  #16917
How Does A Couple Divide Finances Before a Separation is Filed?

I have been married for six months. My wife left me and will not communicate properly with me. I've offered anything to remedy the problem, which she refuses. The marriage certificate is from Barbados and she will not give me a copy. What are my rights and can I have the union d...

06/15/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » IL  #16980
What if you would like to date someone and you have a legal separation in South Carolina?

I am legally separated from my wife but not legally divorced yet. We have no kids. We have already divided the assets, made agreement on alimony, etc. What is my exposure (if any) if I decide to date during the period between separation and divorce?

07/27/2009 | Category » Legal Separation  State » SC  #17821
Can My Husband Throw Me Out of The Home if the Home is in His Name?

I live in Chicago, Illinois, Can my husband kick me out of our home if he acquired it before marriage but is still paying mortgage and it is under his name?Everytime we get in a heated argument, he seems to kick me out of our home.

02/17/2011 | Category » Legal Separation  State » IL  #24239
Can a Legal Separation be Filed Without an Attorney?

My husband and I wish to file for legal seperation after 57 years of marriage, we have few assets and will still live near enough to give some support. Current lawyer is asking $1000 to get this seperation. Question, is there another way to get same results without such cost and ...

05/25/2011 | Category » Legal Separation  State » AZ  #24897