What is the law regarding roommates?

11/03/2007 - Landlord Tenant - State: NH #11524

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Landlord moved into our kid's apt, for a few days. Told them to move out, a few days later, none of anything is in writing. She interfered with them moving out, called police. She was told not to interfere, but we were told by police that she IS a roommate, as her clothes and sleeping linens were there(air mattress the kids provided her.)The kids were foolish to let her stay,but what could they do?, they thought it was a few days guest situation. She had already made mail, and utility transfers days prior, she knew she was no "guest",as she let them think. Rotten behavior, any recourse?? Kids do have another apt, and most of their stuff out. Kids don't have any wherewithal to fight, and it's not worth it, but what is the law regarding what constitues a roommate?, I think the police were wrong there.


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11/03/2007 - Category: Landlord Tenant - State: NH #11524

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