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Can the landlord tow my vehicle if it sat on flat for three days while I was out of town?

I am on a lease that states a flat tire on my vehicle must be fixed within 24 hours. I went out of town on 12-5-06. I arrived back 12-8 06, and my truck had been towed and impounded for a flat tire. Did I violate the lease?

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How do I legally withhold rent as a tenant due to problems in building and my apartment?

How do I legally withhold rent as a tenant due to problems in building and my apartment being deliberately sabotaged by another tenant on several occasions and management is aware and I am disabled. Management has kept me hanging for over 3 months.

02/01/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » MI  #1211
What legal rights do I have if the landlord will not fix the mold problem?

I have a mold problem and no ventalation at all in the house I rent. The landlord is planning on tearing the property down in a couple of years to build duplexes. He does not want to do any exhaust fans for us in the mean time. I want to know what legal rights I have?

02/01/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » WA  #1212
How can I evict a tenant who is behind on rent?

I lease a building (first floor my business); the second floor is my apartment. I sublet a room to a tenant that stopped paying rent for about two months. How can I evict him?

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What are our options to terminating the lease on a college apartment?

My daughter and I signed a lease for a college apartment on campus. The lease was a nine-month lease and four payments were to be made in the spring semester. They are contending that if a student leaves, the lease is still binding and the spring rental must be paid. 1. Does a l...

02/08/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » LA  #548
What recourse do I have against a tenant who is terminating the lease early?

My tenant of one year has decided to cancel the 2nd year of our two year lease. I believe this is a breach of contract and I would appreciate more info on this subject. The tenant is a single divorced woman and our relationship has been excellent. I could not believe that she wo...

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When serving an eviction notice, for non-payment of rent, how many days to vacate are given?

When serving an eviction notice, for non-payment of rent, how many days to vacate are given before filing with the courts?

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Can I still be sued for rent if the landlord already found new tenants?

I broke a 1 year lease. The owners rented the place out within a two week period of me leaving. Do they still have a right to sue me for the rent for the last month?

03/16/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » WI  #1608
Legally what can I do with a tenant that has not paid rent in three months?

If a tenant fails to his rent for three months what is the best approach to this?

04/01/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » MA  #2424
Is the landlord responsible for rodent control?

I have been renting from my landlord for about two years. There is a problem with pigeons perching at our house. They peck at the house and windows and leave feces everywhere, including cars and clothes left out to dry. They also make there way into our attic somehow. We also ...

04/03/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » CT  #2575
Do I have to pay the penalities for early lease termination if I'm being military transferred?

My husband is active duty with the Coast Guard. We signed a 13 month lease with one month free rent. We are getting ready to have a baby and need 3 rooms and my husband is transferring from his land station to the boat. We are in the process of transferring to military lease hous...

04/18/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » MN  #3183
Can a lease be voided if the landlord violates the terms?

If the lease was non and void due to the dates written wrong by the owmer of the premises, and one of the rules in the agreenment was broken by the owner from the start, and we gave proper notice and moved out does the landlord have the right to keep our deposit. Landlord says du...

05/14/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » FL  #4735
How do I evict a tenant who has not taken care of the property?

I bought my rental units a year ago. I am having trouble with one tenant that was living there before I purchased the property. His grandmother pays his rent (she lives in her own home next door to his rental). She hired someone to do repairs to a wall the tenant damaged. I...

10/17/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » WA  #10441
Is it legal for the landlord to serve us with a typed 30 day eviction notice not from the court?

Landlord served us papers typed by them stating "They are termination our tenancy.This constitutes a proper 30 day notice to "vacate" the property located @... on or before... It's not on a legal form from the courts. Is "Vacate" mean the same as "Evict" if so, doesn't this hav...

11/16/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » MN  #12392
Does the Landlord have the Rights to have me Vacate the Premises Within Five Days for Lease Violatio

My landlord gave me 5 days to move because she said my son violated the lease by smoking in the building, entering the maintenance room, and smelled of marijuana. The tenants in the local building complained to the office and all of these things took place last month. I was fir...

12/11/2007 | Category » Lease Violation  State » NY  #13739
What can I do to force my landlord into making repairs?

My landlord never personally visited the condo property before I rented from her. The previous renter had a small dog in which it urinated in numerous areas leaving yellowish stains that weren't able to be removed by carpet specialists. Along with the yellowish stains, there are ...

12/17/2008 | Category » Lease Violation  State » SC  #14823
Termination of Commercial Lease in California for Failure to Repair

I have paid rent for ten years for an office that leaks every winter and the ceiling has fallen in twice. It is now going to fall again and I have found another office. There is black mold in the office and I am horrified. I have been very ill, but did not know why. I cannot f...

02/28/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » CA  #15389
My lease states the landlord is responsible for heating bill but he says that is a typo and not true

We rented our apartment since March 2008. Initially we were told that the heating bill is payed by the landlord as it is written in our lease (signed by landlord). During the winter period we realized that we pay the heating bill. The landlord denied that. We asked the maintenanc...

04/23/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » MA  #16107
What is the shortest notice of eviction I can serve a tenant

What is the shortest notice of eviction I can serve a tenant who is always late on their rent?

04/27/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » ALL  #16180
What are my options when a tenant is consistently late on rent?

I own a lot on which I am allowing a man to keep his mobile home in exchange for monthly rent. We have a written agreement, which has been signed by him and by his daughter who actually owns the mobile home in which the man and she are living. Our agreement is dated December of ...

04/28/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » AR  #16264
If the landlord fails to notify tenant of changes to the lease, does this void the lease?

By state law of Montana, if there is a change in contract of any sort on your lease of an apartment and the tenant is not notified, does that void the previous contract and does the tenant have a right to get out of the contract with no early termination fees because they were no...

05/16/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » MT  #16690
Is a report of shots fired enought to evict someone for criminal misconduct?

If law enforcement and private security enter into an apartment which had a report of gunshots from inside, then upon entry and search based upon well-fare (safety and security) discovered the apartment empty, but illegal substances were observed in plain-sight on a coffee-table?...

05/26/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » OK  #16782
Can I Break My Lease for Damage to My Apartment?

I had been drinking and locked myself out of my apartment. Called management, who refused to let me in and call police and had me taken to the hospital for detox - an unnecessary action and one I did not consent to. Upon my return my apartment had been trashed. Broken glass was ...

07/21/2009 | Category » Lease Violation  State » CO  #17685
Can the Landlord Force Us to Leave Because We Started a Grease Fire in the Kitchen?

My wife had a greese fire in the kitchen and messed up 2 kabnets. We have not been there a month. The land lord gave us a 30 day notice can he do this. And do I have to pay him the rent becouse he is going to keep my security deposit the house was not inspected by the city before...

03/04/2011 | Category » Lease Violation  State » VA  #24341
Is a Leaky Roof Cause for Terminating a Lease?

I received a security deposit from a prospective tenant 5/31/11. The tenant advised me on 6/3/11 that his home which was in escrow had fallen out of escrow that day. He told me that they wanted to still rent from me. He called me on 6/8/11 and told me that he saw water damage in ...

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