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How must interest does a $750 Security Depoist amount to?

How must interest does a $750 Security Depoist amount to?

04/09/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » MD  #2807
Can landlord keep deposit to repaint and replace carpet if it was not needed?

A tenant moves into new home on lease agreement; 3 occupants and 2 dogs are listed. No pet deposit requested by landlord or listed on lease. After 1.5 years, the tenant moves out, landlord wants to keep $3,000 security deposit to paint walls and replace carpet, can he?

04/25/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » KY  #3318
Can I use my security deposit for last month's rent if I have already given my notice?

If I plan to leave my room that I am renting in 30 days, and have given my landlord notice, can I apply my security deposit for the last months rent?

05/01/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #3512
Has my security deposit aquired interest since I have been living in the apartment 10 years?

I am going to be moving out of my apartment that I have resided in for 10 years. I would like to know if my security deposit I paid should accumulate interest? If so, at what rate? Is this a law that a landlord has to pay interest after so many years?

05/09/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » PA  #4303
What are my options for keeping the deposits due tot he pet urine odor and replacing of carpets?

I am a landlord who rented a home to a couple with 2 dogs and a cat. They paid a pet deposit of $200 and a security deposit of $500 when they moved in April of 2005. They where very good tenants and I had no issues with them. When they moved in as stated in the move-in ins...

05/09/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #4318
What can I do if my entire deposit was not returned without explaination?

We recently rented a house in Lantana, TX for 8 months. We had a walk through with the landlord and gave him a list of things wrong with property which listed that the carpet was not clean at move-in. Upon moving out on March 29th, we again had another walk through to which the...

05/10/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » TX  #4404
If I do not receive my deposit in a reasonable amount of time am I entitled to damages?

I recently moved out of a condo that I was renting. I was told by the property managers that I would get my deposit check back within 30 days. It has been a month and a half and I have not seen anything. I contacted the managment company and they state that it was sent out 3 week...

05/10/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » NV  #4426
How do I collect my security deposit if the landlord is withholding my funds?

I was on a month to month lease. Gave notice on 01/15/07 to move out on 02/15/07. Actual move out was on 02/05/07. Property manager and I did walk-thru of apartment. She mentioned nails in walls, nothing else. I gave a forwarding address. On 03/17/07 received certified lett...

05/11/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » FL  #4476
Am I entitled to the return of my full security deposit?

We have to contest a claim made on our security deposit at the end of our lease, which we did not break but moved when the annual lease had ended. The landlord has claimed $150 for misc repairs he "states" he did, but has shown no receipts for prices nor proof that the work was c...

05/12/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » FL  #4546
What can I do to collect my security deposit from my previous landlord?

I recently moved out of an apartment in FL after completing my 1 year lease. It has been 1 month since I moved and my landlord still has not given my security deposit. He hasn't even given written notice that he was making a claim towards it. The home was returned in excellent co...

05/14/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » FL  #4726
What constitutes ordinary wear and tear in relation to a lease agreement?

Are there guidelines to what constitutes "ordinary wear and tear" in relation to a lease agreement? The landlady wants to withhold deposit money for carpet cleaning for "spots." Sounds like ordinary wear and tear to me. $200 at stake.

06/01/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » IN  #6106
Can my security deposit go towards my last month's rent?

I moved into my new house and I am not renewing my lease due to the fact I purchased a home. I paid a $600 security deposit that is due back if the house is in compliance; which it is. I will be moving into the house I am buying. Can I use the $600 and send them $250 to clear...

07/11/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » AL  #7095
Can the landlord hold my deposit if something was damaged after inspection and house was empty?

After I move out of a renter how many days am I responsible for damage to a water leak in the wall? Water line to ice maker. Do I have to pay for carpet and pad. Carpet most is almost 15 years old. I rented there for all most 5 years. House was inspected by the owner 4 days after...

09/20/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #8910
Am I entitled to keep the deposit since the tenant moved out before the end of the 30-day period?

My contract states that the tenant is entitled to have their deposit returned if they give me (the landlord) a 30-day written notice. My tenant gave a 30-day notice and then moved out before the 30 days had elapsed. Am I entitled to keep the deposit since the tenant moved out ...

10/04/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » NC  #9664
Can my formed landlord sue me for malicious prosecution since I sued him for my deposit and won?

I filed a small claims case against my old landlord for unlawfully holding a portion of my security deposit. I had him served by a licensed process server, based off information provided to me by a licensed private investigator. The court date came, and my old landlord did not ...

10/17/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #10483
Process of getting Security Deposit back for Residential Lease

How do I get my security deposit back from my landlord? I have contacted him three times since we gave our 30 day notice. The 30 day notice was given on August 30, 2007. We have asked him three times where our check is and he continues to tell us it is in the mail, but we have no...

10/22/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » IA  #10741
Am I legally required to return the security deposit to the tenant?

I am a landlord. A tenant that an East Tennessee Housing Authority case was renting from us on a voucher. She has no children, works full time, and had her boyfriend living with her. ETHRA came and inspected the residence, she signed a lease, and moved in. She lived there a y...

10/23/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » TN  #10826
What action can I take to have my security deposit returned?

On October 21 2007 I was diplaced due to a tenant fire. The building's 3rd floor was completely destroyed. I lived on the 2nd floor. I did not have rental insurance. The ownership of this property had been changed a few months ago and I have been awaiting a new lease agreement f...

10/25/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » PA  #10930
On what grounds can a lardlord keep the security deposit?

Can a landlord keep a $750.00 security deposit for "There is no security deposit to be returned as it was applied to the plumbing repairs caused by your turning of the heat in February. I lived in a little school house that was 12 feet by 40 feet.

11/18/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » VA  #12470
What amount of time is the landlord suppose to return a security deposit?

What amount of time is the landlord suppose to return a security deposit? We moved August 1st and still have not recieved our security deposit. The landlord keeps telling us "I'll send it to you in 2 or three weeks". It's been 2 or 3 months now. What should I do next?

11/27/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » GA  #12911
Do I need to Return Security Deposit to Tenant who backed out of the Lease

I'm a landlord and I had a tenant that signed a one year lease for a home and gave me a security deposit on November 14. I met with the new tenant today to turn over the keys and he backed out of the lease agreement. He said his current landlord is allowing him to purchase the ho...

11/30/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » OH  #13116
Is it Florida law that if you terminate a lease early you automatically lose your deposit?

Is it required by Florida state law's on rental contract that upon breaking a lease term a tenant and/or resident will loose security deposit and forced to remain payment of remaining lease term of six months?

12/01/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » FL  #13160
What are the Tennessee Laws Regarding Return of Security Deposit

Is there a time limit in which a landlord in the state of TN must return the security deposit or inform by mail as to the reason they are not returning the deposit?

12/02/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » TN  #13207
What is the amount that a tenant can sue for failure of the Landlord to return security deposit?

What is the amount that a tenant can sue for failure of the Landlord to return security deposit in a timely manner, meaning more than 30 days. Including filing fees, court cost, and attorney fees?

12/03/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » AR  #13291
When Tenant Moves Out Without Notice, Is He Entitled to Security Deposit

If tenant moves out without 30 days notice at the end of a one year lease, lives there for another 10 days into the next month, and leaves without notice, do we have to give them the security deposit back?

12/08/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #13568
How long does Landlord have to return Security Deposit

I was given a 30-day notice to move from my apartment on October 1 with no reason given. I moved out and returned the premises to the owner on November 1. By November 30, I still had not received my security deposit back. I called the owner asking where it was and left my forward...

12/10/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » MT  #13643
How Long Does A Landlord Have To Return Security Deposit

How long does a landlord have to return a security deposit and are they required to pay interest on the deposit?

12/20/2007 | Category » Security Deposit  State » VA  #14172
Am I Entitled To A Refund For Rental Deposit If I Never Signed A Contract

I gave $400 dollars to a landlord for partial deposit with a balance of $500 but we could not agree on terms so no contract was signed. I have only a receipt stating that I gave her $400 dollars for partial deposit. I did not move in the place at all. Am I entitled to my money back?

01/04/2008 | Category » Security Deposit  State » OH  #14453
Do I return the security deposit since tenant vacated early with improper notice

The tenant in my Florida condo terminated early and I relet the unit three weeks later. Within the 30 day time period required by Florida statute 83.49(3(a) I sent her a certified letter as a notice of my intention to impose a claim for damages against her sequrity deposit for th...

03/11/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » FL  #15546
Landlord's Failure to Return Security Deposit in Virginia

The lease called for property manager paid by Landlord. We had one for two months and the landlord then fired property manager. The landlord is holding $7,000 security deposit with lease saying money must be placed in FDIC account at interest. Landlord refuses to provide bank inf...

03/18/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » VA  #15674
Is my landlord entitled to wear and tear after 15 years?

If you live in an apartment for 15 years, are the landlords able take money from the deposit for normal wear and tear when your inspection says every thing was fine?

04/27/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » ALL  #16156
The tenants moved out taking the unit's washer and dryer

My tenants moved out and removed the washer and dryer from the property. Should I file a police report? If they decide to return the appliances, should I accept them back or should I just deduct the cost from security deposit?

04/28/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » ALL  #16338
Can the security deposit be applied to unpaid rent?

My tenants lease expired (1 year term) on December of 2007. An extension for month to month was sent for signature and return by January of 2008 and to date the amendment has not been signed and returned. The rent for January was 26 days late and no rent has been paid to date f...

04/29/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » ALL  #16456
When mus the security deposit be returned?

I am the main renter of an apartment. When my roommate moved in, she gave me a security deposit, which as was said in an oral agreement she would get back when she moves out provided that the apartment is clean, the bills are paid, the keys are returned and that there is no dam...

04/29/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » ALL  #16467
What is the law regarding the 30 days a landlord has to refund a security deposit?

The North Carolina Security Deposit Act states that landlords must return security deposits Within 30 days. If the landlord processes the check on the 30th day and places in the mail are they still compliant? Or, must the tenant have possession of the security deposit by the 30t...

05/30/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » NC  #16828
Can A Landlord Deduct From A security Deposit In California Despite a Good Faith Failure to Comply W

I advertised my duplex as a year lease. My tenant signed a year lease. In less than a week they wanted to make it a 6 month lease. They lasted just over 4 months, gave 15 days notice to move out just to the next town. I informed them of their duty per the lease they were respon...

06/18/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #17059
Does a Landlord Have to Pay Interest on a Security Deposit in Illinois?

I am a tenant in an association complex of more than 100 units. The landlord owns 4 of the units of which I am one of the 4 tenants. The landlord has held a $2,400.00 security deposit for 4 years. Question: Am I entitled to interest (what percentage) on the held security depos...

07/01/2009 | Category » Security Deposit  State » IL  #17293
Can I Claim Further damages By a Tenant Discovered After the Security Deposit Was Returned?

I rented to a tenant with 3 cats. I noticed urine odor strongly in a few areas of the house upon doing the move out inspectection and had them treated. I returned her deposit within 21 days but am now noticing more areas that are damaged from pet urine and stink very badly. Can I...

03/16/2011 | Category » Security Deposit  State » CA  #24418
Is There a Legal Limit on the Pet Deposit a Landlord Can Require?

is there a limit of how much deposit a landlord can require for a pet ?

04/16/2011 | Category » Security Deposit  State » FL  #24654