How do I change my son's last name to his father's name once we are married?

05/03/2007 - Name Change - State: NV #3655

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I have a 3 part question for you: 1. When my son was born I gave him my last name on his birth certificate. The father and I plan to get married and I would like to change my son's name to his father's last name. Does it make it easier or less expensive to change it before or after we get married? 2. I also want to know if I were to purchase the legal forms from this site (US what would be the simplest way to process those forms. 3. Does this process change the social security card and birth certificate? If not, what is involved with changing those documents?


The process for changing a minor's name should cost the same whether you are married or not, but you can call the clerk of courts for filing fees, which vary by local area.

Please see the information and forms at the following links:

05/03/2007 - Category: Name Change - State: NV #3655

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