How do I remove my name from a child's birth certificate if I am not the father?

05/05/2007 - Paternity - State: NV #3818

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I found out that the child that I had custody for 5 years, who shares my last name, is not my daughter, by court ordered DNA. The mother became a prostitute and I had legal custody of the child. She was ordered to pay $100 a month in child support and then decided to tell the truth that the child was not mine. I have the court papers stating she isn't my daughter. The mother refuses to take my name off the birth certificate or change the child's last name, who now resides with her. How do I go about changing her last name back to her mother's and taking my name off the birth certificate. We did not live together and we were not married.


You may contact the following regarding a correction to the birth certificate:

State of Nevada
Health Division
Bureau of Health Planning and Statistics
Office of Vital Records and Statistics
4150 Technology Way, Suite 104
Carson City, Nevada 89706
Telephone (775)684-4242

Please see the information and forms at the following links:

05/05/2007 - Category: Paternity - State: NV #3818

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