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How do I give up my parental rights?

How do I give up my parental rights? What forms do I need to fill out?

01/10/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » CA  #307
How do I obtain information on why someone terminated their parental rights?

I need documentation as to why parental rights were terminated.

01/12/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » CO  #368
Do I have to establish paternity on my deceased daughter to settle her estate?

My daughter died unexpectedly without a will. A man is claiming to be her father and is trying to get me to settle quickly by giving him one-half of her estate. He has no proof that he is my daughter's father. Do I have to settle in this manner with him?

02/07/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » AZ  #449
What type of action can I file to ensure my daughter's father can never take her?

How do I file papers to keep my daughter who has been with me all her life? Her father and I were never married. He left when she was a baby. Now she is 11 and I don't want to lose her.

02/08/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » KS  #500
How do I terminate my ex-husband's parental rights for abandonment?

My daughter has requested to be adopted by her stepfather, my husband, who has been the only real father she has had since my divorce from her biological father when she was 4. We have joint custody, with standard visitation rights for him, but he has not had steady visitation si...

02/13/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » TX  #697
How do I sign over rights to the father once my baby is born?

I am having a baby and I plan to sign over custody to the father at the time of birth. My parental rights were terminated on a previous child in order for the father of this baby not to have any problems with DHS. What do we need to do?

03/16/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » OR  #1605
What obligation does a biological father have if he is on the birth certificate?

If a mother of the child was with someone else (i.e., not the natural father of the child) during the months of pregnancy and 11 months after the child was born, and the child’s father did not have anything to do with the child during that time, will the father have to...

03/16/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » PA  #1628
What are my rights at the custodial parent of my son?

I gave birth to my son in Arizona in February of 2003. I was not married to his father. In 2004, the father petitioned for paternity but failed to keep up on court visits and paperwork. I believe the case was dropped. What are my custodial rights as Josh's birth mother?

03/26/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » AZ  #1031
How do I terminate the parental rights of my child's father?

I live in Florida and my daughter's biological father lives in Puerto Rico. He agrees to sign away any rights he may have as a parent to my daughter. How do I go about this.

03/28/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » FL  #2241
What rights does my son have to his baby daughter if he never married her mother?

My son and his girlfriend have an 8 month old baby. They lived with me since the baby has been about 3 weeks old. I was providing for all of them. They have split up and the mom and the baby left. Since they have left we have had the baby alot. The mother has been working. The mo...

04/16/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » OH  #3129
What are my rights as an unmarried parent regarding custody and visitation of my child?

I am an unmarried parent of a 2 year old girl. Her father and I were together for 4 years, engaged, but never married. We are split now. His name is on the birth certificate and child has his last name. Unknown if he is legitimizing her or not. As the Mother, do I have sole c...

05/09/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » GA  #4322
What are my husband's rights to the child he has fathered outside our marriage?

My ex-husband got involved with another woman during our marriage which led to our divorce. The woman is unfortunately unbalanced and got pregnant to trap him into marriage. He is not going to marry her, so she has threatened to move to Louisiana, to get help from her ex-husban...

05/15/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » TX  #4777
What are my rights to my children if I only have temporary custody without going to court?

I fled from an abusive husband with our two children, ages 4 and 12. We went to a womans shelter and he went to state prison. After the womans shelter we were homeless in our car for two months. With no family support I phoned a couple who lives in Washington state just to vent. ...

08/13/2007 | Category » Parental Rights  State » CA  #7921
How to terminate my ex-husband parental rights

I'd like to know if I can have my ex-husband's parental rights forcably terminated. We have two children, under the ages 12 years old. We divorced when they were 2 and 4 years old. He moved out of state before the divorce was final, and without notice to anyone. He pays child su...

04/27/2009 | Category » Parental Rights  State » ALL  #16174