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If you pass away intestate, how is your property divided?

My father and his sister inherited some land from there now deceased parents, the land was unable to be divided as the will designated, so they have owned it jointly. His sister passed away intestate. My question is now that she has passed away how would the property be divide...

05/17/2007 | Category » Intestacy  State » OR  #5088
My Husband Died Without a Will

My husband passed away without a will. He told his children they could have the business shop and I have the house. My stepchildren want everything, including all contents from the house and shop. I want to move and I know I am homestead. All contents from the house belong to me,...

10/17/2007 | Category » Intestacy  State » TX  #10411
North Dakota Law Regarding Intestate Estate

A man with no children gets married to woman who has two teenage children of her own. The man has property of his own that has been in his family for years and his parents are still living. Suddenly, the man and woman both die in a car accident. Survivors include the woman&...

11/29/2007 | Category » Intestacy  State » ND  #13053
Will I Lose The Farm My Family Deeded To Me Because They Did Not Leave A Will Upon Their Death

My Grandpa and Grandma put my name on the deed to their farm in 1985. They do not owe anything on the farm. My Grandma has been on Medicaid for 9 years and has been living in a nursing home. My Grandpa passed away last year and now my Grandma just passed away. I need to know ...

12/18/2007 | Category » Intestacy  State » MO  #14051
How Can I Gain Possession Of My Father's Belongings When He Did Not Leave A Will

My father died May 2005 without a will. He left a CD payable upon death to my brother and me from the sale of a farm he had purchased before marrying his second wife that has been paid out. His current wife was to get the house, 2 cars, bank accounts, and retirement funds, etc. ...

01/09/2008 | Category » Intestacy  State » OH  #14598
How is the estate divided when someone dies with no will?

My mother-in-law recently passed and did not have a will. She has an adult child living who has 3 children. Her deceased son has a living wife and 3 children. How is that estate divided?

02/10/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » NY  #15213
What form should be filed for someone who died intestate in Alabama?

What form should be filed for someone who died intestate in Alabama?

02/16/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » TN  #15260
Intestate Distribution of West Virginia Estate with Child Out of Wedlock

I was sent a 'Consent of Beneficiary' to sign after my child's father passed away. We were never married, but have one child together. My ex-boyfriend's mother and father are divorced and he doesn't have any siblings. Who has legal rights as beneficiary? What is he/she entitled t...

02/17/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » WV  #15269
As the only surviving child, does my mother inherit all of her father's property?

My grandfather died intestate leaving 91 acres of land in Mississippi. My Mother is his last surviving child. What share of that land is she entitled to?

02/26/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » IL  #15373
When my husband passes what properties will I automatically inherit?

My husband and I have 2 homes. On one, I am listed in my maiden name; it is now a rental property. The other one that we live in is in his name. He has adult children by his former marriages; we have none together. In Florida, will the properties automatically be given to me?

03/09/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » FL  #15490
How at risk are we as far as losing the family inheritance during probate if my mother has no will?

My widowed mother is living but does not currently have a will. She owns a home, has money in bank accounts and owns various posessions of value. She has opened several CDs for her grandchildren (my children). I am her only child and she wishes that all her posessions pass to ...

03/17/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » MA  #15660
How can my sister or me be determined to be an estate beneficiary to my grandmothers funds?

My grandmother passed away in the 90's. My mom passed away in 2001. My sister and I recieve financial statements for my grandmother. My sister was my grandmothers power of attorney. My grandmother lived in Texas until she moved in with my sister in Colorado till she passed away....

03/24/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » WA  #15739
What is needed by me and my siblings to sell property owned by my deceased parents?

My parents passed away and I was approached by a gentleman who is interested in purchasing the property they own. My father passed away in 1991 and mother in 2006. I was told that since it's been more than two years I wouldn't have to have anything probated. However, I have lots ...

04/09/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » GA  #15925
How can I take possession of the property my grandfather left when he passed away?

My grandfather died in 1999 and left behind property that's still in his name. He has children that I can not locate and someone is paying the property taxes not related to him. It's actually 2 properties. My question is - How can I get ownership of the properties? There was no W...

04/17/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » CA  #16035
What legal rights does a wife have to her husbands estate if she is not in his will?

What legal rights does a wife have to her husband's estate if the husband has not made any legal changes to include the wife in the estate ie the house remains in his name as does all investments, his company, insurance etc.?

05/15/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » MI  #16682
Section 43-8-41 of the Code of Alabama Share of the spouse. The intestate share of the surviv...

My aunt passed away. There was no will. She had no children. She had one brother and 2 sisters all are deceased. The next living kin are nieces and nephews from all brothers and sisters. How is the estate divided. Do each of the nieces and nephews get the parents share and div...

05/22/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » AL  #16758
How Do I Transfer Intestate Spouse's Property to Myself?

My husband inherited the house we live in. Later on we took out a mortgage loan and both our names are on the loan. The problem is he passed away and left no will. What do I have to do in order to preserve the house that I live in. I do pay the property taxes and insurance as wel...

07/28/2009 | Category » Intestacy  State » IL  #17853
What is the Share of a Child in North Carolina if the Parent Dies Without a Will?

my father died without a will. My father's name is on everthing. He was married. What am I entitled to? I am an only child. We have not been to probate yet but probably will on Monday.

02/05/2011 | Category » Intestacy  State » SC  #24158
How is Proerty Distributed in California When Someone Dies Without a Will?

This matter is being handled in California: A distant relative died recently intestate. He left no spouse, children or grandchildren. I was told his estate is in probate and I was told it will go to next of kin. I believe that will be his cousins. My Paternal grandfather (no...

06/30/2011 | Category » Intestacy  State » CA  #25116
How is an Intestate's Property Distributed Under Pennsylvania Intestacy Laws?

My dad was a widower and I'm the only son. He died without a will, and I'm receving bills and checks addressed to the estate. What do I need to do now?

04/20/2012 | Category » Intestacy  State » PA  #25665